Abbildungen der Seite

Senseless trees, they cannot hear thee; But thon shrieking harbinger,
Ruthless bears, they will not cheer thee; Foul pre-currer of the fiend,
King Pandion, he is dead;

Augur of the fever's end,
All thy friends are lapp'd in lead :

To this troop come thou not near All thy fellow birds do sing,

From this session interdict
Careless of thy sorrowing.

Every fowl of tyrant wing,
Even so, poor bird, like thee,
None alive will pity me.

Save the eagle, feather'd king

Keep the obsequy so strict.
Whilst as fickle fortune smiled,
Thou and I were both beguileu.

Let the priest in surplice white,
Every one that flatters thee,

That defunctive music can, Is no friend in misery.

Be the death-divining swan, Words are easy like the wind;

Lest the requiem lack his right. Faithful friends are hard to find.

And thou, treble-dated crow, Every man will be thy friend,

That thiy sable gender mak'st Whilst thou hath wherewith to spend :

With the breath thou giv'st and tak'st, But if store of crowns be scant,

'Mongst our mourners shalt thou go No man will supply thy want. If that one be prodigal,

Here the anthem doth commence : Pountiful they will him call :

Love and constancy is dead; And with such like flattering,

Phønix and the turile fied " Pity but he were a king.

In a mutual flame from hence. If he be addict to vice,

So they lov'd, as love in twain Quickly him they will entice;

Had the essence but in one; It' to women he be bent,

'Two distincts, division none : They have him at commandement;

Number there in love was slain.
Put if fortune once do îrown,
Then farewell his great renown:

Hearts remote, yet not asunder;
They that fawn'd on him before,

Distance, and no space was seen Use his company no more.

'Twixt the turtle and his queen ; He that is thy friend indeed,

But in them it were a wouder. He will help thee in thy need,

So between them love did shine, If thou sorrow, he will weep:

That the turtle saw his right If thou wake, he cannot sleep:

Flaming in the Phoenix' sight!
Thus of every grief in heart

Either was the other's mine.
He with thee doth bear a part.
These are certain signs to know

Property was thus appall'd,
Faithful friend from flattering foe.

That the self was not the same;

Single nature's double name

Neither two nor one was callid.
If music and sweet poetry agree,

(ther, As they must needs, the sister and the bro- Reason in itself confounded, Then must thy love be great'twixt thee and me, Saw division grow together;

Because thon lov'st the one, and I the other. To themselves yet either neither Dowland to thee is dear, whose heavenly touch Simple were, so well compounded;

l'pon the lute doth ravish human sense : Spenser to me, whose deep conceit is such,

That it cried, how true a twain

Seemeth this concordant one!
As passing all conceit, needs no defence,
Thou lov'st to hear the sweet melodious sound

Love hath reason, reason none,
That Phoebus'lute, the qneen of music, makes,

If what parts can so remain.
And I in deep delight am chiefly drown'd, Whereupon it made this threne;
When as himself to singing lie betakes.

To the phonix and the dove,
One god is god of both, ils poets feign;

Co-supremes and stars of love;
One knight loves both, and both in thee remain. As chorus to their tragic scene.

Take, oh, take those lips away,

That so sweetly were forswom;
And those eyes, the break of day,

Beauty, truth, and rarity,
Lights that do mislead the morn :

Grace in all simplicity,
But iny kisses bring again,

Here inclos'd in cinders lie. seals of love, but seald in vain.

Death is now the phenix' nest;
Hide, oh, hide those hills of snow

And the turtle's loyal breast
Which thy frozen bosom beals,

To eternity doth rest,
On whose tops the pinks that grow

Leaving no posterity :-
Are of those that April wears :

'Twas not their infirmity, But first set my poor heart free,

It was married chastity.
Bound in those icy chains by thee.

Truth may seem, but cannot be :

Beauty brag, but 'tis not she;
TYR, 1801.

Trutb and beauty buried be.
Let the bird of londest lay,

To this urn let those repair
On the sole Arabian tree,

That are either true or fair;
Herald sad and trampet BA,

For these dead birds sigh a prayer.
To whose sound chaste wings obey.



ADJECTS, the most servile and Born, yeast : 12ed in the mid. Bothed, fooled out of, cheated. Brorek, a thaket with a pin fred Bwest of rijects

and counties, 24 ia Ireland -46. to botch, orttage Ay, to pay dear for, to suffer, and Scotland

Birt, a bus to hold saire, or Broecard, adorned. Abysa, a hyes, frith the Freach Barncc'es, a kind of simple,

Brought, attended. ame, now sine growing on the bottom ef ships Berboldens

Broto, i.. of youth, the height of docue, call or wymnons. Barne, a child

Boiteret, belastel, negrimed

yonth. Arocin, wolfbane,

Barl, full of impediments. Banna.barch, wuuden recep. Brnbill, a kind of baltic-19 Adan, the name of an outiaw, Bats, a kint of jouse Loreeches. tacle into wluch the meal is affited to a stick Dutet for his skill in archery. Hatta 'tis enough.


Bromirt, a foilover of Brown, Marttia. 14. Arrile or contention. Barlant, a barrel.

1 secturian. Aden ('wped, aa allesion to the Hut!n, the instrument with which Penn-rabas, ladies of pleusare. Druing irons, an allesion to the same person

beat their coarse Byrer, stabs, or wounds,

ancient mace, Adres ready, prepared.


Borne in handt, deceived, im. Bruit, nise, or report, deertising. Attentive. Maties, to grow fat

posed upon.

Brush, i, o, otrime, day by time. Aery, or Avry, 4 besi.

Havin, ben tweed, which, fired, Boski, wandv: bosky acres are Huckle, to bend, or yield tu pres. Agire the letter, to practise alli. barns farcely, but is not.

fields divided by lied ge-pows Ceration

Bancock, perhaps tron beau and from bascus and bosquet. Bu, bogbear. Alex, affections of $146ioas.

eg, e jolly cuek, or cock of the Bols, woras in the stomach of a bug, nonting-lord. Agreret, a law. term for con.

horse A bets big upon, an Huli, body ornet Bay rial, a bay rocked horse. imprecation

bumid, large sessel for hold. 4d, betrothed

Day letnores, boy windows Ballet spider, a large bloated, ing driak tard, Jointed by affinity. bielyman, chaplass, or persons

Rosy spider

Bung, a cal purse. front, sometimes

i face or maine ined by Charity to pray Bowles, sittet, of refine! Bunfter, the time of a bird, confrunt.

fr their benefactor

Berm, bondary, ur rivalet di. Burgeat, a helmet. 44.tbetroth in marriage. Bear a brain,t have a perfect viding land.

Bural, to break, or brokea, Arld.baly, dimativa brink reemrance

Dose, yake

Hwy, woully. sot esr edingit sice the taxol Bere, a salottina made with the Buri(bumber

Bell an arrow to shoot at a ponti fri!! herd; in the North, it meals Berlin, or bowlines, ropes by

buts with dante, ackdowledge, confess, curtain

which the sails of a slip are Barom. under good eommaud, Becomend, he coming

governed when the wind is obedient oliery, ahuekso? eagle's best. Hobesti, comoda

unfasoarable Airy lame, verbal enligiom. Bell, thawi at.

Boling, or the smoothness of Cadlirgarter, a kind of worsted Aider liefert, prescrito all Helme, jant mother.

a hewing green

Barter things froin love or leje, dear, Irel, became

Bezstrings, ie, bold ar eut, arcides, worsted lace. and ador, of all. Helongings, eurements.

all events.

L'ode, barrel. flife, at lite. Be mele, benetre

Brare. the armour for the arm Cadene, falling druzeniaa chen, chain withont Bemund, bedraogled, beinired. warlike brire, state of refence

Cage, a prison. a heard.

Besmirel, tn foul or dirty Brack, a kind of hound; or used Cair.cotad red, yellow; Crio wus ames are, the lowest chance of Bestrande distracted

an a terin of contempt.

represented if that culoar in che dice. Betrem, to give or bestow, or to Brack, to su

old pictures. Aciert, saak, dispirited permit, deign, or enter Breul, crafty or deceitful.

Caitiga prisoner, slave, or scous. dincima?, an ensign, or standard Bery, a Cumpany, or ember, Krainore, tears

dre bearer.

arieinally applied to larks. Brate, an instrument of tortare, calculatt, in foretell or prophesy. Angle. aishing rod Preray, beíray, discerer.

or a thicket or fariebnsh.

faliter, a right kind of mr.sket stree, cares ani deng.

Hezantan, a term of reproach, Brands, * part of the andırone, Caill, a bad woman or witch dypeach, to imeach

from its i, a needly person. on which the wood for the fire Celting, appellation. Anon, species of apple that Big cheek, #welling one like the ** snpported

Coracle, a place where king Ar. aill keep furt* years; 10

bias of bowl.
Brasier, a manufacturer in brass,

tour is elpposed to Dave kept French, acus. bid the base, to challenge in a or a reservoir for charcoal

his coert Ap*t, approbation, or some. contest

Brape, to make fue: bravery Carsrire, the name of a brosk, tines, of copormation Hiria, a kind of eap, wora now was the old term for elegance Highe dance dowe, probabiyare'sangh. only by children.

of dress,

Canker, the caaker.rose, dog. drabran biri,' he ploruit. Berry, the whole berry. Brarely, splendidly or gallantly. rose, or brp. Argentine guddess, regent of the Bilva, Spanish blade, posible Bravery, finery

Clict, candlestiek. silver moota and elastic; the best of which Brenda kint of dance

Cormele, a corner or piece of any Arrir, Algi3.

are made at Bilbos.

Breyird, an epithet applied to the Argsses, ships of great bor. Bilbors, a bar of iron, with fet. und of the trumpet, barsh, Castons, naed for cantos icry annered to it, by which grating

Canras.c'imler, one who climbs Arotul, avent, or begobe. motinussailors sere anrient. Break, to begin.

the mast to furi the cabras, Akrapul, a giant ly linked together; derired Deto carve.

a ship boy. Ascanneke side, side-ways. from Bitboa, which was faneous Bread itd, to break the matter 19. Capped, saluted by taking of the Asperson, spriuiling for the mannfacture of instru. Brenal, voke.

сар. Away, to take the anty. applied ments of steel. The bilboes Breath, speerh., K. John 77. Capable impressure, hollow mark to those who tasted wine for may be seen in the Tower of

Exerrise, Troilues and Capucchia, a sol, or Hall, beavy princes. London, among the spoils of Cres.

A slight exercise of gall, from the Italiaa cepec. srimey o an ass driver, a foolish the Spanish armada.

arms, Bid.

ckie feiluw

Bill articles of accasacion, Breathing courtsy, a verbal com. Capriciour, lasciviong. sistnager, a gentleman falcouer: Bill, the old weapon of Eglish pliment

(**», for capacions. from austerous, a goshawk.

infantry, sull' used by the Breeched, foully sheatlied, or C'arach, a vessel of great baik, At pain, completely arned. watchmen in some towns.


Caracts, characters dorses, minute particles dis Bin, is

Breeching, liable to school dis. C'erbonndo, a piece of neat cut cernibie when the breaks Berit. all, a short thick arrow cipline

crossways for the gridiron. into a darkenert trum.

aithont a point, need to kill Briteanuck, a back sent for a Card, ser chart, Ateiled, taken to task, censured. rooks, and shot from a cross. bribe.

Carded, mixed Atel, attentive.


Bridal, a neptia feast ; a word Carieres, i e, to pass the rarieren, Bius, blind yet niet in the North

a military phrase. Means that Bnerare, proverbial word, of Black cornered night, night which Brire, short roant, a contract the common bounds of good docial meaning: perhaps

ia be are as a dark corner. hastily performed person behaviour were pverpassed fra barealare, ngant Blake, arning made of stuit bries, is the greve origlasie of Cartaneh, kiad of necklace or Bai, bane rain, misturtune. o different coloredyed black the feurial tines.

chain Baldrick, belt.

Blank, it of the eye, the white, Bring, attend or accompany. Carl, clown, heebandman. Balei, either bathed, or piled or the white mark at which Iringent, bring forth

Cariol, a peasant or churl: from arrows are discharged. Prize, the pad, or horse.Ay.

rarl Buning, i e. band-deg, a village Blank and level, mark and aim, broech. to put on the suit, to Carna, sanguinary. dog, or mastitf. terms of gunnery. transhu

(3, drink Barely 1 metaphor from tennis Blase ie of youth, the spring Pirock, the badger

Carpet mih, a term of reor urb, playing, to exchange smartly of early life

frus, a kind of shoes.

spoken of voe kuighte ja Barning: cursing commonly Blench, to start of th My n. Breton, conmunicate

time of peace, and on a carpet, used in Scotland.

Bleaf, blended, mixed tether. Liroken weuts, a month that has on some festire seeasiva. Bans, curses. Blind. Norma, the Ciecin, or lost part of its teeth.

Carriage, import. karbason, the name of a dæmon. alow.worm

Braten tears, tears which are in. ('Hue, skin, intside.
Barbe, a kind of veil.
Block, the thing on which a hat terro; ted.

Cand of Hura, ieet of lives, ar Ber Aeromonyor, one who can.

18 frmed.

Proter, 1 matchmaker, a prosorts with barbers, a low fel. Blurted, or blart, as expression

pair of anything Carees

Cote lor, lioa irtibatud of tempt Broker, deals as a broker.




the garne.

Casques, helmets.

Clipl, twined around, era braced., Cayatrii, a tuward cock, * pal. Disappointed, weappointed, saOsseca, a horseman's loese coat, cliul, the white mark at which try fellow

prepared Cust, to empty, to throw or re. arhers took their im.

Cuséer, a tailor, from con; or Disrandy, to melt to sweets, tu ject, Clouled, strengthened with clout, a cobbler, or souter,

dissolve Cest lips, left of lipe.

Crack, a child.

Discearke, retros.
Cest the water, to find out dis. Cutrk, to clasp, or grasp.

Crack af deon, dissolution of na. Diskatite, dis dged. orders by inspecting the Consting, conciliating, inviliug.

Dimmers, Fr. tenths. unne.

Cub.ioal, crasty, uneves, kib. Oranking, crankling, applied to Lineared, wanting natural al. Cataian, a liar; the frst adven. bouw loaf.

the rush of a river.

fection. terers who visited Cataia, or Coet and pye, a popular adjara. Cranks, windings.

Dipark, to throw down the China, were notorious liars, tion.

Crare, a small trading vessel.

hedges as Paulo and Mandeville. C-cardul-time, twilight,

Crash, to be merry over.

Diaperge, to sprinkle. Catling, small late string Cockie, a word which prows ap Cratea, a degenerate, Hispirited Dispore, to wake terma. made of catgut. with corn

cock. Cowardly, make cor. Disputable, disputatints. Caralero.justice, a cant term Cuckled, like the fish called a


Dispute, talk over, reason spoe. Cavalera, an airy, oprightly. cockle.

Credent, creditable, probable. account for irregalar fellow

Cocklebat. cockle-shell bat, each resorts, a light set upon a bea Diesel, displace. Caviare, too good for, or foreign as pilgrimswire.

con, from crosette

Distaiset, anstained. te.

Cocktacy, a well-known terun of Crisp, curling, winding; or for Disiate, t corrupt. Cariare, a lurerings Russian reproleh

crypl, saulted.

Distemperature, perturbation, diab, made of the roe of the Codine, a motone,

Crane, old worn.ost womau. Distraight, distracted stargeon

Codpiece, a piece of dress. Cross-gartered, an arudle of pa. Diverted, terged ost of the course Cautel, sahtlary, or deceit. Cothra, ancient term for the ritanical dress.

of waterc. Cautrious, arttal, tindiripus. raised crust of a pie.

Crow keeper, a scare-croe. Division, phrase in music, the Cantering, berniug, or bliec , falsify the diee, to lie. Cremonet, last purpose.

parts of it. tering Cweging, lying

Cruel, worsted. Leer, applied to Dest. See Dep. Cearment, the wrapping of an Cvigne af vantage, convenient garters.

Dole, ains, or distribution, en balmed body

Creta, to drink.

Dr, to do on, put on
Ceau, deceang, dio.
Cuignes, corners.

Crusade, a Purtuguese coin. Dal, da ont, extieguish.
Conser, brasiere.
Coil, bastle, stir.
(ry, a pack or troop.

Doel, a feather Certes, certainly.

Colícctior, consequence or corol. Coltran, i.e. beat, one whose Loen.gyved, hanging dove like Cras, measure, tax, or subsidy. larv.

dogs are drawn dry.

the loose cinctere which we Celiced, 1. e. flowers, with cups, Culied, black, smutted with Cuisver, armour for the thighs, fines the letters round the from calir. coal, diacrloored. cuises, Fr.

ancle. Challenge, law term, the right of Collier, a term of reproach, from Craning, knowing, skilfal, in a Draught, the Jakes. refusing joryman. the in positions of coal.

good meaning

Drew, sometimes used for with. Chamber, Linden was auciently dealers.

Curs, to bend and trackle, from

draw ralled the king's chamber Conari, a bargain.


Drexes, swords drawn Chamber, a piece of ordnance. Cambrinate, betruthed,

Curied, ustentativasly dressed. A drear fos, one which is trail. Cambrers, meu of its righe. Comforting, abetting.

Curious, scrapeluna.

ed over the ground, and deChangeling, a child subalitated Connend, cummit

('urrents, occorrences,

ceives the basis for one stolen, Cyrilled, lain with

Curl, shrewd, mischievous. Dressings, semblances or habil. Channel, kennel

Comodity, sell interest. L'urtail dog, one which minges meals of virtue. Country, litile chapel in A ca. Commonly, a co wody.

Driver bed, one for which the thedral Corpuntes, computions

Curte are, a cutlass, broad. feathers are selected by arising Character, handwriting Coops sex, rond.


with fan. Characts, characters, Cengosture, como position,


coinnon woman Drumble, to act as confesed as Characters, the matter of which Cancupy, a caat word from con. Old ge, or one who visits sucb. etapid. characters are made. capiscenre Cut, horse.

Dacdaue, duc ad me, the sepe (heres, task wurk. Conduce, condeeter.

Cut and lung toil, a phrase from posed burther of a sang Charge touse, free school Cuney.catched, deceived,cheated. dors, poor ur rich

Dudgeor, the han or band.e of Chartest, from chary, the most Conject, conjectore.

Cullic, a kuife used by sharyers. dacker. calitious Content, used sonietimes for will.

Dell kentle soothing. Carian caution.

Continent, that which contains Dar, or Dalf, to pet of Dullard, a person stupidly Charles-bain, valgar name for or encloses.

Damn, condemn.

cancerned the constellation called the Contraction, marriage, contract.

Dank, wet, rollen.

Dumbs, makes silent.
Control, confute.
Darkling in the dark.

Dump, a moarnfal elegy
Charneca, a kind of sweet wine. Conreats, agrees, is convenient. Darraiga, range, pur in order. Dane, an obecene Ford, preba
Casos, a term in tesbis.
Canonlel, summoned.

Dauberry, counterfeit, disguise. bly part of a proverb
Chuteiron, entrails.
Convertile, a convert.
Day-hed, a cosch

Duncy. of dang, earthy. Chrater, for escheatour, an of. Convey, stcal, conveyance, theft. Deall, fonght by proxy.

Dapped, did up, pet ep. oponen fice in the Exchanger Conteyers, thieves.

Deur, sometimes means inmedi. Durance, some lasting kind of Carck, command, control. Conveyed himself, derived his ate, cun sequential.

stod. Cheer, cuntenance

Dearn, direfal, bure, solitary. Cherry.pit, pitching cherry. Convicted, overpowered, baffled, Derashed, debauched.

Lager, sour, harsh stones into a little hole.

Dack, of cards, a pack.

Eamlings, lamba just dropt Cheverel,, soft leather. Conrine, ta feast.

Deched, sprinkled

Ear, to plough CArtoet, or chnet, a pie, & Doisy. Cuparcia hat, hat with a co. Decline, as in grammar, to run Ear kissink, whispering ehattering bird, or å fat paddical crown.

through from first to last. Xary, slight, ia considerable. Capped, rising to a trp or head. Deem, opinion, surmise.

Ecke, eke out. Chide, resound, reecho.

Coragte, an exclamation of entirfault (in the), 4t need. Ecstasy, alienation of misa. Child, sometimes applied to couragement,

D feel, to free, to diseun barrass, Edreerd bordeboards. Edward knights and leroes, Cerky, dry, or withered.

Derature, alterating of features. Vith's shillings, used at sbat. Childing, pregnant,

Corollary, surplas, one more Defence, the art of fencing. fle board. Choppine, a high sbrie or clog. than enough

Defriy, adroitly, destervonly. Effects, afects, affections, Mere Chopping, jabbering, talking Corporal, corporeal,

Delighted, spirit, accustomed to for Nea. Actions, How plibly Corrigible, corrected.


Eftest, or Destest, re-diest. Cough, a bird of the Jackdaw Costar, á head.

Denise, grant.

Eld, old person or person. Mer kind Couter.monger, a dealer in cos. Denny, denial.

Wiv. 'Decrepitude, diea for Cruien, or chrison, « chris- ters, or costarda, a kind of Denayed, denied

Nca. tened child


Deaclements, indications, disco. Element, initiation, previous Chrystuls, yes. Cote, to overtake


practice, Chuck, chicken, à term of en-Couch, to lie with,

Derude, strip, divest.

Eif, done by tres or fairias. dearereot.

Counter.caster, one who reck Depart and part, often synony. Elvish marked, marked by elves Cans, rich, avaricions perple. ons by cuynters


Embaliing, being distisgaumed Circ Prel, walled round Curstercheck, an old term in the Deprier, disinherit,

by the ball, the emblea of Circunstaure, circumlocutiua, frame of chess.

Derarisate, farce up by the roots. royalty. Lircumstanced, treated accord. Counterfeit, sometimes used for Derogati, degraded.

Embare, expose, display to view, og lo circausta aces. * pertrait.

Descart, a term in musie, or to EmbarquerrNIS, impedii meats, Ctal, recita. Counterposts. counterpanes, harangue opon.

hiederances Clack.diak, a beggar', dish, County, ancient term for a goblo Deserred, deserving.

Ambossed, enclosed; when a deer Clamour, when bells are at the mau.

Despalches', berel.

is ran bard, and foams at the height, in order to ceave them Coursier's hair, alluding to the Detected, suspected, or charged. muuth, he is said to be ca. the repetitio of the stroken notion that the harta borsa Determined, sometimes for cur. bossed Swolleu, puffy becomes much quicker than dropt iato a corrupted water,


Experientiek, ius exipirica! before, which is called cla. will turn to an animal

Dibule, an instrument in garden

kind, quackish. mouring them. Course, the mainnail and fore- ing

Leapery, domision, sovereign Clap in, lati to

Dicken, Richard

command Clapped the dout, hit the Court.cupseard, sideboard. Diet, to put onder a regimea, to Endors, often used ia abad white mark

Concel, restrainer, or made eow. oblige to fast, ar to loathe. sense fut enviou.. Claw, to flatter,


Dyused, wild, inregalar, extrava. Esantares, laws.
Clean kec, awry.
Cewer, to sink by bending the

Encace, bide
Clearral, purest.


Digression, tramgressing. End, elit an md, generally C'epe, to call.

Coal taff, staff for carrying a Dildas, the burtheo nf a song En coj, to invest with pati C'erkly, like a scholar.

large tab or basket with two Directitude, discreditade, or dis- mon. Cting, to dry » shrink ap handles,


Engaged, deliverea un a heslag Clinquant, glittering, shining Coyet, evadescended reluctands Disable, undervalue.

Engross, to fattes or paper





Engrataments, 3:01

Portacoes, affectea, foolieb Franklin, a fresh alder, « yen. Bardiment, bardiness, bravery. Datuke, or kirtie. U ste fell

Atuntntes. Arred, enclose tben sil, trim. Fap, hesten er drank.

Frers, the stops of ansical Harlacks, the name of a plant, taking birds or fishes with Fr. extensively,

instrument, which relate probably the bordock. mieabes.

Y* panty. guilty in a re the vibrations of r*** Harlots, sumetimes applied to ENROK, to force to lie in cover; Ekote degree.

Frippery, shop where old erats of the male sei, a terminalendry Fareed stuffed.

Clithes were suld.

Hiatry, vulgar, filthy. Enring, bordered, or perhap#, Farthel or fardel, a baadle, al Frontla, part of a woman's Harass, armour for exraga berthen.


Hartuse, to Cubqaer, tr sgbrue. Kasconce, to secure in a sale Fashia, the farcens, or farey, Fr, to break, or broine. Larry, to burt, to ne roughly. place

Farour, after tor countenace Faidan, a caut term for false Huck, to eat, or engrave. Eraimed, greasy. Papours, features


Haring, estate or furtune. Ahlidl, concealed, masked. Fear, sumetimes to affright. Frome, obscene.

Haugal, haughty, enterparl, immerned, Frar, diner.

Furnishings, colours, external Hay, tena in tencing. Entertainment, pay, Cor. Oth Frat, tu furm, to model.


Hearted throne, the hear: in Receive into service. Jul 125 Fest, ready, destes

Futilarian, from fusty, a cant which the wast enthouse Extreatments, favours, or objects Pretracy, a careierate.


Hennin, berbane. u entreaty. Fee furos, kiss in jee farm. a

Herred, bearert, agitated. Envy, often esed for aversion, long and onbonded bas, from Gaberdine, the course frock of all, hearing malie. a law phra.e.

Peasant, or a lone cloak Hel, cast name for a dungeon Ephesian, a cant term, perhaps Forders, los debencher servants. Gud, a sharp pogled instru. in prison tur a toper

Feding sabstanie, ur mala. ment: Done upon the 04. Hence, henceforward. Er Aile, a little while ago.


suddenly, capriciously. Henckman, page of houder. Erring, wandering, ertant. Feere, a companion, a husband. Gailiurd, an ancient dance

Hent, to selte or take posses. Europe, illegitimate child. Fell, skin. Guiliares, a kind of shipe

slon, to take hold of. Escoíet, paid; from escol, shot, Fell wair, hairy part.


Herb of grace, rue.
or reckoning
Perre, skill in fencing.

Galimenfry, a confused beap of llermís, Learlamen.
Eril, or Emni, a river
Fcodury, an accomplice.

things together

Hest, for bebest, cota mand. Esperance, the motto of the stately, hasily

Galios, to sare, or frighten

Higie, called Perry family

Festival terms, splendid phra Gallw.glasses, fuel suldier Hilding, or hilderiang, a lux Esviais, spies

Among the Irish

Essential real, existent.
Fre, fethed, derived.
Garlai's, commotions.

Haar, hoary, moel. y.
Estimare, ie ron.ler. esteeming Fre, fig, of fun.

Garieb, gandy, showy

H25.10), let it happen or not. onder, or esteem and under Feder, in the field.

Garnered trented ap.

Hoid, e, rumene, to believe it. Estimate, the rate at which I Fix, to insult.

Catted, frighted.

Hutaking, bear handiak value File, a list Canal, thin, lejn, of meagre.

Hoodman-blind, blind man's Edimation, conjecture. Fied, defiled. Gard, « bauble, or trifle.

bar Estridges, catriches.

Pick <*, & term of reproach; Gear, a colloquial expression for Haruloges clock Eterne, eternal a touch's egg is regarkably things or inalters.

Howes, to her, or hongh, to eat Ern, to make eves, or represent

Gek, tool.

the hamatrisk Plain

Pine, to make showy or ope biernets, or jernets, Spanish Hall, to drive to and fro upea Eren Christian, fellow Chris


the water, without sale or Fiaer, for finan. German, akin.

rudder. Erils, jakes.

Pine issues, great consequences. litrmina, seeds which have began Humming, overwhelming. Ented, Hispateit, or don'ited. Fincesa, unuoup led, en less. tu gerninater sprout.

Hust.counter, bluudeler, worth. Excellent dijous distin. Fire.drake, a serpent, 4 will.n. Gese, a stage, porney

less fellow, probably builiff Ruished excellenctes. the wisp. a freak 6, bare for a cat.

Harta.up, a UTLINK bouting Aacrament, the beard. Firrorex, Just on the ironis, quite City lets, waua weuche,

trne. Escente, sometime for use, new

Gimmai, a ring

Hurly, Reise or employ Firt, tochastise

binal bil, a bit of which the Burile, to dash, or push rie. Esecutors, tecationers.

First beuse, chief branch of the parts played with an ther, ently. esempi, independent, not ouder farrils

G12, an old word tot

Hych, layana. the control of Firstling, first place.

Gird, a sarcasm, or kibe: 70 Esercise, en ortation, lecture. Fit o' The fa e, grimace

wird, to be sarcastical. stile, breathe your last. Piso the gras, its disorders. Glenre, a sword

Jauncing, faunting
Es Atsition, allowance
Fute, pcation.

Glarra, gazed apon, looked Jay, bad wonais.
Elixent, end
Flap.dragon, an inflaminalle fiercely

Icebrook, i. e, temper, tempered Erurris, in Shakspeare. ge- obstance swallowed by trpers, Glerk, to loke or sco.

by being plunged into an ice. herally nieans the raising i Flapjack, a kind of pancake

GHS, to lib, or geld.

bruok. #pirits Flat, a sudden gust of wind, Gloeming, kloomy

Jessex, straps of leather died Espect, expectation. Fleckel, spolied, dappled, filoze, eu erand, or erplain.

about the foot of a hawk, U Expediente, erpedition.

Glut, to swallow

huld her in banit Expedient,'often fur espeditious. Flert, for Moal.

God'ild you, God yield you, or Jer, to strat, to walk proudly. Espediently, expeditionely. Aleximent, performance A reward yo.

Inomy, ignominy. Epostulate, inqnire or discuss. yoonk soldier fleshes his sword Godt sorties, the abbreviation of Willy à ludicrous dialogue in Eusu ficate, bottle like. then he first draws blood with an ancient oath.

bietre. Estaru, a degree of madness.

Gangariun, for Hongarian, used insure, to lay open or expose Extent, to seize. Plexed, deep monthed, applied as a term of reproach.

Immanity, barbarity, savageEstert, violence.

to bonds
Good new, Rud evening.

Estern, sutward.
Fubbertiga 5:1, a fiend

Good.jer, frum gaugere. what the immediacy, proximity without Estremity, calamity. Plickering. Auttering, andula

intervention Eyas.neket, tromblesere tion, the motion of fame. Liørsellied, fat and curpalent. Impvut, tu sapply the deficien. puppy, infant Lilliputjad. Flore, wave.

Gorpeled, of precise of puritan

ry, a phrase iron falausty. Eyas and musket, are young Flourish, ta ornament, sanetian

Impair, nosoitable to the dige haxhe. Ploutta ware idly, to wave in (ass, farie

nity Eyuss, young nestlings.


Gostomer, the white eskalatiess Impown, to engage; the ma. Eye, a shade

Flush youth, youth ripened to which fly about in sammer dern word is to commit one's Kylieds, eyes; from aillades. manhoud

Gougeers, the Frenen distemper.

sell Pr. Fonan, an enemy in war.

Gourd, an instrument of gass Imuperrons, sometimes used for Fin, to make a thrust in fenc.

in penal Gouls, drops. F.

Imperseverans, ill perseverent, or Puerroydı, a face not to be Pation, plentv.

Gira merry, grand merci, great perseveral meddled with Poison plenty, plenry, to the thanks. Fr

Impress, a device or mott, Freel, turned ap with facings. utmostalnodance

Grange, a solitary farm house.

Incarnardine, stained u Mesh Precinorous, wicked. Fond, valued prized, some. Gratulate, to be rejuiced in.

colour, or red. Fotios, active. times fno ish. iudiscreet. Grise, as lirie, a step

Tsciips, embraces Faruity, exercise of power, Fond done, foolishly doue. Groundlings, the lower sort of Incony, hne, or tretty: alene Fik, to suit or it. Foof, to grasp

people, who stoud or **' on the et engeatment Fadings, a dance Forage, to range abroad.

ground, in the old theatres. Indent, to bargain, or artic.e. Fiin, too. Purdone, uvere me or destroyed, Groerdus, reward

Indua, subdees. Fair, sometimes for fairness, Foredasmeil, anticipated tseir Guerdoned, rewarded.

Iméard, inbred, of formed by beauty.


Guies, a term in keraldry, red. nature. Failors, traitors, rascals. Forelended, prohibited, forbid. Oxat, to taste

Indurance, delay. procrastas Foll, often used as an active Forelow, t'be dilatory.

Gyre, to catch, to shackle.

tion. verb: At fall, alan ebb. Forgetice, from forge, isven Gyves, shacklea.

Inhibet, for inhabit, or to forbid, Palking, a thing that's falsified, cive, imaxinative.

or decline, as a person refusing or false, Forted plagwe, an alinsloa to

a challenge Falsely, illegally, illegitimately the cuckold > horus,

Haggard, a kind of hawk. Inkoopea, eoclosed, consed alta. Sor" Néa. Dishonestly. Porme capacity, pot Halcyont a bird, otherwise called Iciliate, young, Just initiated. treacherously ranged, or out of form

the king-Asher.

Ink bore male, bukman. Familiar, a demon

Forwet, sometimes for fore. Haluam sentence at the day of Indie, «pecies of tape, or Pancies and Goodnights, little


worsted. Driems al called

Parapuken, contradicted, spoken Hansen, corrupted from Herr. Inscuiped, engraved. fanry, often used for fore.

ag vindt.


Insca, to fornly.
Panx. tn reize, or pe
Forreurd, worn ont.

Hammers, that part of the girdle intention and intentively, for at
Predsstical, i fancy, or imagi- Presupold, fretfel, peevish, or belt by which the sword tertion, ettei lively.
Frank, stye.

was suspended.

Interessed, interested.




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sirencheni, that which canot Lordiegs, the diminutive of lord. Muck water, the drain of a dong. Peern, a kind of dance
be cut
Loitr, sometimes, used fuf mis

Pescas palabria, few woras, eer. ixr-, intricate of intrisse. tress.

Mufler, * part of the female pupiled from the Sp. pecus pire cate, raveller, a sorry fellow Dan dress

Irrar Tamara, tneumes for aa in. Lorini, treated with contempi, Ndert, a leueil, Hispirited Por, pet, or during, 1 spoiled tinuate. Loc, a worthlesa tel.

y, the iquor that reas child Jouraal. daily. Lunes, lunacy, frenty.


Petliar, belonging to an iadiI, to the reasy. Lurch, tu poruin, tii deprive. Mundos, worldly.

widual. IT Kos lawless, i crtions. Lu24, a dar flif et lour. Mare, wall,

Peer-unt, appear est, er pery Inicitat, or revention. Lustir. cheerfal, pleasant. Jurky, dark

out. Janj, whetame tu agree with, Defe

was, a recable.

Perruả, sometimes for foolish. tuil.

Lym, or lyne, a bloodhound. Marine, les instiny, ora mutinous te se, to weigh, to keep as Jurire, fire


pene. Fr
June*, yuang mas.
Mlace, sceptre.

Peking, kometimes for paltry,
Begol pie, mapie
Papless, threrdhara

Perman, eni Hat
K24, a.omp of mass of a low Magmaco, a chiet man in Vegeurd, a watch ord, or a byt. l'eds, voeuf le forløre kupe.
Airl, too.


F. berne, light.armed soldiers. Alatier, wrap up. bundled up, No, the month.

Perdoredde, lasting
See lialicholaus.
Cswered with mail,
Veelne, heestes

Perdy, a corruption of the Freorto Archid. no cold as itu, a key Moisi desery, the main body is entertavit, iur neglect.

cath, par Dr. of which is need to stop small descried.

Ver, Ont.

Perfect, sometimes need fur cerblue liga. Mule, niale parent, Veter.stecka, stockings.

LATD, or weil as need Korkuykty, a ludicrous name Malick, a wicked art Spaan tett, the eft

Persepts, charnis wou about the twite

Martin, kitencil wen,
or Nint, sonetimes for nearest.

nech. Kulesie, the place into which Beniton, a trull.

Vice, sometimes for uly, tri Per fellow, a compan. cols are put under a stre. Murs, tiplers

Petre, male, Corianies Kirtie, & surt of garment. Wummering, hesitating, stam- Virk, rechaning or cart Parur, to plugue, or toe. *, to break hitt. mering

Tv mick, to set the nark of foliy ra pheese you, I'll cuab your Ka, figures into which part sorked, cutiu pieces o garden and bred Mac, puppets

Viktorale, frolic of the night.

Pia art, the membrane aut A3, smetices for been de. Alasage, convece, administra.

protects the substance of tbe qualsted.

Nine mera murris, figares eut

Mandragora, a plant of sopori. out in the tar fur game

Pics, sometimes for to putcb. Lacel multon, cant name for A

fic virtue.


Pietes, hods. conriesan.

Mandrake, a root, sopposed to Vanle bunch, true metal unal. Firsthetk, an ocious para Laskeying, Anating backwards have the sbape of man, and loyed. Suci . *

to gruan when patied from the case, for the serce, c.n parpase. Piere, sometimes tserl as an opt. 1.tre le-end

Voor tide prick, outde point

ilet of crotiterpt. atin. lady in, or little lady. Bankind, i. e. witch, a masch. on the dial

Piesei, shaved Inert, lanceites

line vitet

Null.palem, roond.headed, cropt. Pian pitilied, fixen Lun, probably banisa Manner, with the man aer it the Norum, a kane at dire

Pucher, le there wheath. Irim the land.

Noutlet arstie a fondling

I'Wed, that which has lost the La rakers, warlerers on foot Aare pane, a kind of sweet con Yonca, a lead

hair. Laad in time, having saticred fection, ur biscuit

Nurture, education.

P'tiei esteemed, probably for vile. tine to slay

esternied. Marches, borders, confines. Näideod, a cslcbpole. later, iis lay hold of Merlies, the latter spring

Thed, pillaged. Lali, besiel, benigated Matei, contunde!

Olderen, the interval between pinjoland. Lutten, ly, thith.

11 errock, morons, dastly tweve at night and one in the Pixs eyne, relleyes. L', dance. Mestel, apabled, or inngled.

Pin die, ale ty sigerfed a Lund, 1.1. Mean, lehr

Od kwa, Gold'emy wity. ship of smil burdes. Ly, water.

Mleasure, a sulemn dance. Delinds, glances of the eye Fr. Pur, the bus in which one Laser, a name for a emp. Meatles, lepers

Des, circles.

crated waters were kept. Leash falscheed. Medicin, polysician, Onvers, robably frowers

Placte, a pettical. Learni, matareil, prepared. Moveitan, Guickness of eatin.pal, a trecias stue, finst Plache, fist, Huish., physician.

Biastic thought
all colours

Planniy, oeury, tree from cob. Leer, teatre, complexion, on Weinry, penple P.

Operenal, active

teainetit Crunr. Alcul to medte with

Opinion, sumetimes for self.con. l'lanobea, made of beards of Lut (mart.leei, * pretty coort Venery, Someu mes used for me ceit

planks. of stice

Orbs, Cairy circles

Plantage, plaintain, or any kısa 14x, beisaare to my father. Mend, the means, the wbere. Ordinance, and

planta:nect tw the inte. Lumpulg, lbeness, uimtenees witbal,

Orxuluk, prond. F

ence ut the out Lever, i medeat, or resident. Mere, sometimes for absolute, Ostent, ostentation or denisa. Puls, test, from the Lat. ambasador. entire, total.


Flat, silver puney Leni, a inter, or mistress. Mered question, the sole question. Orercrows,, overcomes, triumpha Platjures, plans or schemes Leuten, short and pare. Neeed, contined.


Plausite, kracious, pleasing, pe I'muray, a tern borrowed from schet, a truatie,

Orererstched, whipe, or carted, pular. the old Freeb poetry. Miching rialiecho, a secret mis. ated to low prostitutes.

Plached, folded in each other Lenert, sometimes means idle. chier

Chephes, fairies

lot, a piece of portieb. Linhard, le pard.

Minute-jacke, Jack o'lautern, Onsciocock, supposed the cochwal, tu puisi erectly, onLiberty, tur libertines, or liber. Mirrote, illekitimate, sparions,

black bird,

Mirprizei, tistskens

Out.ridd, doleated. a term in the Porniserise, esetly.
Lifete, dearest.
Mapring, despising, contem old kane felnek,

Peire, werkt er innent. Liirr, a thie!

uwe, metimes used for own. Poleck, de iubabicant of Po. Limbeek, venset to emit fasoen Missingly, at intervals, occasion. Orelp, the greater cuwslip. and rapoti

Politiet repard, a stylunk. Linho-putrum, lo confrement. Mairt, messengers.

Pach, to make a bargain, or act Pulled, hand or cleared Limed, cosaared, as with bird. Matemgered, dokty, erntentiis. collusively

Ponder, a pertened ball wers Site Misel, i. e, eyes ready to tw Padongs, trauda.

iu tines of Ipia119. Lims, estimates, or outlines,

with tears

l'oseid, beaten, dubbed. He. Pomater, astees of ample rugb shetches. Motod, veiled or unfited.

I. Isi Part, sien, Peeraer, baka, dried 'tari, delmente, Bloddel, metimes firmuoad


sumetimes dumintoos, saited List, genealogy Mustern, sometimes fur absurd, bunndarins.

Popinay a parrot
Link, a torch, ased to make old

Pall, to wtay, or invest

Port, show or appearance
has black
Mornie, niudel.
Palled, vapid, des dyed,

Portage, open space, or sale or DA, the staff ta which the Ale to make months. Palmers, pilgrims who visited

rival at a purt strh a fired, whea orriance Aldist star, the moon

holy places

Fortune, Age. is fred. Mume, a dull, noul, hinckheari. Palmy, vietoriens.

i cenes, someumes for to take List, the band or limit. Mementary, shurt, nulenkty. i'alter, to shuttle

wunderstand Ilker, flexible, yeding Bonster, to make munst"9. Paragused, peerless, without Pelet, ta peab roughly er nie. 1.-ek, very small fish, etceed. Bloomish, variable


tently ??ny prolific. Hope, to be stupid or foolish. Parcel Sud, half bawd

Pfexts, potratates Ix","evithet implying doll. Mories and mores, wry fures and parre'l, sametines to reckon. Posler, peteret. ness and incurity.

The kings
Parrell.l. parsiy guit

Potteet bat, 4 Vos celsithen Lock, a parebealar fork of hair, Mort, i. c of the deer, a rune on Paris Paritore, sficers ***

work. Fr. called a leeloci. the death of the deer

the spiritual court

Prunk, to adoro, te deco et Locerin, a kind of lines. Mortal, abounding,

Parle, disput by worls.

I're risinn, who pretende ! Lot alai, leading star, the pole Mortifid, reiigioos, retired, Parlous, jers, keen, shrewd gresi sanctity

Purlisar, a pike.

Prerades, treested, freked. Loggata, a game played with Motiva, sometimes for puppet: Puan, heid

Presuminate, siready Dame bow! and is

puppetshows were called me 2. pah, bu buti, or tribe with Pride, e back of the secona Lusging, foi luogel, wiehed, us tion


year desine

Molite, sometimes for assistant, Passel, melmes tur varpussed prip, to fich. Longly, longingly. or mover

Prime, prightliness of youth, Locle, bronght close to the wind. Noulderarp, the mole

all presti.

Permanent, a kied of dance. Prart, more importart J.ouw, a base tellus Nort, pieces of Bolet

'Á, 4 va

Ho, a garde at cards Loepel, full of printe. Maca, umetimes an expression i'a', to wait

Prisus, A Canced opel Loy, the branche

of admiration or disilain. Parints, tusad brou. plates Proba, probable

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