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Página 280 - ... in the mode of operating its road and conducting its business is reasonable and expedient in order to promote the security, convenience and accommodation of the public...
Página 283 - Before proceeding to make such examination in accordance with such application or petition, said Commissioners shall give to the petitioners and the corporation reasonable notice in writing of the time and place of entering upon the same.
Página 280 - Into any neglect or violation of the laws of this State by any railroad corporation doing business therein, or by the officers, agents or employes thereof and shall also from time to time carefully examine and inspect the condition of each railroad In the State and of Its equipment, and the manner of its conduct and management with reference to the public safety and convenience.
Página 289 - Commissioners for permission, to introduce upon both of said roads some system of interlocking or automatic signals or works or fixtures, rendering it safe for engines and trains to pass over such crossings without stopping; and it shall be the duty of said...
Página 281 - Commissioners in the performance of their duties, or who may refuse to give any information within their possession that may be required by said Commissioners within the line of their duty, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall be liable, on conviction thereof, to a fine of not exceeding one thousand dollars, in the discretion of the court...
Página 285 - Board in relation to such switch, shall be subject to a penalty of five hundred dollars, to be recovered in a civil action in the name of the State.
Página 281 - September, such returns, in the form which they may prescribe, as will afford the information required for their said official report ; such returns shall be verified by the oath of the officer making them...
Página 280 - Secretary, with any station agent, clerk, treasurer, or any director of said corporation; and a report of the proceedings shall be included in the annual report of the Commissioners to the Governor.
Página 281 - It shall be the duty of any railroad company, when within its power so to do, and upon reasonable notice, to furnish suitable cars to any and all persons who may apply therefor for the transportation of any and all kinds of freight, and to receive and transport such freight with all reasonable dispatch...
Página 154 - For mileage operated by road making this report (trackage rights excluded), the operations of which are included in the income account.

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