Contributions to the Edinburgh Review, Volume 1

Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1846 - 733 páginas

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Página 400 - is fought ; His work of glory done. " It was not in the battle ; No tempest gave the shock ; She sprang no fatal leak ; She ran upon no rock. " His sword was in its sheath; His fingers held the pen, "When Kempenfelt went down, With twice four hundred men.
Página 493 - 13th. I went out to Charing Cross, to see Major-General Harrison hanged, drawn, and quartered ; which was done there ; he looking as cheerful ! as any man could do in that condition. — 18th. This morning, it being expected that Colonel Hacker and Axtell should die, I went to Newgate,
Página 285 - to be composed. An oak-tree is planted in a costly jar, which should have borne only pleasant flowers in its bosom ; the roots expand, the jar is shivered ! A lovely, pure, noble, and most moral nature, without the strength of nerve which forms a hero, sinks beneath a burden which it cannot bear, and must not cast away. All
Página 179 - Rotterdam. He stopped F. Gwynne, Esq., going in with the red bag to the Queen, and told him aloud he had something to say to him from my Lord Treasurer. He talked with the son of Dr. Davenant to be sent abroad, and took out his pocket-book, and wrote down
Página 179 - and had a bow from every body but me. When I came to the antichamber to wait before prayers, Dr. Swift was the principal man of talk and business, and acted as a master of requests. lie was soliciting the Earl of Arran
Página 150 - vase — the British empire ; for I knew that, being once broken, the separate parts could not retain even their share of the strength and value that existed in the whole; and that a perfect re-union of those parts could scarce ever be hoped for. Your Lordship may possibly remember the tears of joy that wetted my
Página 305 - Haifa dozen of them, when met to work with their needles, used, when they got a book they liked, and thought I should, to borrow me to read to them ; their mothers sometimes with them ; and both mothers and daughters used to be pleased with the observations they put me upon making. '• I was not
Página 179 - for,' says he, 'the author shall not begin to print till / have a thousand guineas for him." Lord Treasurer, after leaving the Queen, came through the room, beckoning Dr. Swift to follow him: both went off just before
Página 422 - we think they must immediately feel the propriety. " I have heard before of a room, with a floor laid upon springs, and such like things with so much art, in every part, that when you went in, you was forced to begin a minuet pace, with an air and a grace,
Página 402 - of it at this moment. Talk not of an inn ; mention it not for your life. We have never had so many visitors, but we could easily accommodate them all, though we have received Unwin, and his wife, and his sister, and his son, all at once. My dear, I will not let

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