Introduction to 2-spinors in General Relativity

World Scientific, 2003 - 204 páginas
This book deals with 2-spinors in general relativity, beginning by developing spinors in a geometrical way rather than using representation theory, which can be a little abstract. This gives the reader greater physical intuition into the way in which spinors behave. The book concentrates on the algebra and calculus of spinors connected with curved space-time. Many of the well-known tensor fields in general relativity are shown to have spinor counterparts. An analysis of the Lanczos spinor concludes the book, and some of the techniques so far encountered are applied to this. Exercises play an important role throughout and are given at the end of each chapter. Sample Chapter(s). Spinor Geometry (238 KB). Contents: Spinor Geometry; Spinor Algebra; Spinor Analysis; Lanczos Spinor. Readership: Postgraduate level students and researchers.

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Spinor geometry
Spinor algebra
Spinor analysis
Lanczos spinor
Appendix A Aspects of general relativity
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