Journal of the House of Representatives of the State of Michigan, Volume 3

Morse & Bagg, printers to the Legislature, 1899
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Includes extra sessions.

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Página 2245 - The promotion of the interests of Individuals, either in respect of property or business, although it may result incidentally In the advancement of the public welfare, is, in its essential character, a private, and not a public, object. However certain and great the resulting good to the general public, it does not, by reason of its comparative importance, cease to be Incidental. The incidental advantage to the public or to the state which results from the promotion of private interests and the prosperity...
Página 2579 - To fix at any standard or figure, whereby its price to the public or consumer shall be in any manner controlled or established, any article or commodity of merchandise, produce or commerce intended for sale, barter, use or consumption in this state.
Página 187 - All specific state taxes, except those received from the mining companies of the upper peninsula, shall be applied in paying the interest upon the primary school, university and other educational funds and the interest and principal of the state debt in the order herein recited, until the extinguishment of the state debt, other than the amounts due to educational funds, when such specific taxes shall be added to, and constitute a part of the primary school interest fund.
Página 223 - The term corporations as used in this article, shall be construed to include all associations and joint stock companies having any of the powers or privileges of corporations not possessed by individuals or partnerships.
Página 2193 - An act to provide for the appointment and to fix the term of office, duties and compensation of circuit court stenographers in the State of Michigan," approved May 29, 1897, being section 396 of the compiled laws of 1897.
Página 2245 - If it be said that a benefit results to the local public of a town by establishing manufacturers, the same may be said of any other business or pursuit which employs capital or labor. The merchant, the mechanic, the innkeeper, the banker, the builder, the steamboat owner are equally promoters of the public good, and equally deserving the aid of the citizens by forced contributions. No line can be drawn in favor of the manufacturer which would not open the coffers of the public treasury to the importunities...
Página 2245 - We have established, we think, beyond cavil, that there can be no lawful tax which is not laid for a public purpose. It may not be easy to draw the line in all cases, so as to decide what is a public purpose in this sense, and what is not.
Página 2401 - An act entitled an a<ct to prevent persons from unlawfully using or wearing the badge of the Grand Army of the Republic of this state.
Página 110 - No. 148, entitled A bill to amend section 11 of act No. 152 of the session laws of 1885, entitled "An act to authorize the establishment of a home for disabled soldiers, sailors and marines in the State of Michigan.
Página 2578 - An act to revise the laws authorizing the business of banking, and to establish a banking department for the supervision of such business," the same being sections 3208a, 3208bl, 3208b3, 3208b7 and 3208fl of Howell's annotated statutes (Vol.

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