A Concise Historical Sketch of the Progress of Pharmacy in Great Britain: From the Time of Its Partial Separation from the Practice of Medicine Until the Establishment of the Pharmaceutical Society. Intended as an Introduction to the Pharmaceutical Journal

J. Churchill, 1843 - 108 páginas

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Página 4 - ... smiths, weavers, and women, boldly and accustomably take upon them great cures, and things of great difficulty, in the which they partly use sorcery and witchcraft...
Página 69 - That the gentlemen whose names are appended be requested to act as a Committee (with power to add to their number) for the purpose of carrying out the previous resolution and of reporting to an adjourned public meeting to be held during the second week in October next.
Página 50 - That nothing in this Act contained shall extend, or be construed to extend, to prejudice, or in any way to affect the trade or business of a Chemist and Druggist, in the buying, preparing, compounding, dispensing, and vending Drugs, Medicines, and Medicinable Compounds, wholesale and retail...
Página 4 - ... and nothing meet therefore, to the high displeasure of God, great infamy to the faculty, and the grievous hurt, damage, and destruction of many of the king's liege people, most especially of them that cannot discern the uncunning from the cunning...
Página 11 - ... other chemicals, which were rare at that period, and which he sold in different parts of the country during his travels. His laboratory was a fashionable resort in the afternoon on. certain occasions, when he performed popular experiments for the amusement of his friends. It opened with glass doors into a garden, which extended as far as the Strand, but which is now built upon. Four curious old prints of the laboratory in its former state are in the possession of its present proprietors, Messrs....
Página 61 - ... use, exercise, and carry on the same trade or business in such manner, and as fully and amply to all intents and purposes, as the same trade or business was used, exercised, or carried on by Chemists and Druggists before the passing of this Act.
Página 98 - I think the reason is easy to be assigned; for there is a peculiar string in the harmony of human understanding which, in several individuals, is exactly of the same tuning. This, if you can dextrously screw up to its right key, and then strike gently upon it, whenever you have the good fortune to light among those of the same pitch, they will, by a secret necessary sympathy, strike exactly at the same time.
Página 62 - The meeting was attended by several professors and other scientific men, and a society was established "for the advancement of Chemistry, and those branches of science immediately connected with it ; for the communication and discussion of discoveries and observations relating to such subjects ; the formation of a library of scientific works, and a museum of chemical preparations and standard instruments.
Página 51 - Resolved unanimously, That the thanks of this Meeting be presented to the Right Honourable Lord Lascelles, for presenting the Petition of the Chemists and Druggists to the House of Commons, and for his constant attention to their interest" Second Resolution, Reconsidered and amended, and carried unanimously.
Página 4 - That no person within the city of London, nor within seven miles of the same, take upon him to exercise and occupy as a Physician or Surgeon, except he be first examined, approved, and admitted by the Bishop of London, or by the Dean of St. Paul's, for the time being, calling to him or them four Doctors of Physic, and for Surgery, other expert persons in that faculty...

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