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to meet at the armory of the twenty-fourth regiment at half past eight o'clock to-morrow morning, in full uniform so far as possible.

Resolved, That the proceedings of this meeting be published.

Maj. JOSEPH EGOLF, Chairman. Capt. T. B. EATON, Secretary.


At a meeting of the discharged and present officers in the city, convened for the purpose of paying the last tribute of respect to the remains of the late President, a motion was made and unanimously adopted, generally inviting the officers and enlisted men of the city of Troy and elsewhere to participate.

WILLIAM E. White, late Capt. 430 N. Y.




The funeral train conveying the remains of the lamented President reached Albany at eleven o'clock on the evening of the twenty-fifth of April. Escorted by an immense and imposing procession, the coffin was borne to the Capitol, where, at half past one o'clock on the morning of this day, it was opened, and the dead features of Abraham Lincoln were exposed to the reverent gaze of thousands. From this time until two o'clock in the afternoon, a guard of honor surrounded the coffin in conjunction with the military ompanies detailed for special service on this occasion.

The body lay in state in the Assembly Chamber, which was tastefully draped, and from the floor of which the desks and chairs had been removed. In the centre of the space thus made, was a dais covered with black cloth beautifully festooned, and adorned with heavy silver mountings. Upon this dais the coffin was placed. The military companies, three in number, were on guard alternately, for two hours each. The guard of honor was composed of the officers named in the following order:



Albany, April 25, 1865.
The following officers have been detailed as a Guard
of Honor to the remains of the late President of the
United States :-

First Watch 12 m. till 3 A. M. Brigadier General John F. Rathbone, Colonel B. F. Baker, Colonel W. H. Young, Colonel J. J. De Forrest, Colonel R. C. Bentley, Major W. C. Beardsley.

Second Watch 3 A. M. till 6 A. M. Brigadier General Darius Allen, Colonel Ira Ainsworth, Colonel A. S. Baker, Colonel C. S. Peak, Colonel John Hastings, Lieutenant Colonel Chas. H. Thompson.

Third Watch6 A. M. till 9 A. M. Brevet Colonel Frederick Townsend, Major H. C. Pratt, Major George Pomeroy, Brevet Major H. A. Swartwout, Captain F. P. Muhlenberg, Captain George H. Weeks.

Fourth Watch 9 A. M. till 12 m. Major General John T. Cooper, Colonel James Hendrick, Colonel Charles Strong, Colonel George Beach, Captain M. L. Norton, Assistant Surgeon James H. Armsby.

Fifth Watch12 m. till 2 P. M. Major General T. R.

Pratt, Colonel J. B. Stonehouse, Colonel B. C. Gilbert, Colonel S. E. Marvin, Colonel M. A. Farrell, Major John Manly.

Jno. C. Robinson, Brev. Major General.

The preparations in Troy, which had been in progress several days, for attending the obsequies at Albany, were renewed at an early hour this morning. Soon after nine o'clock the Twenty-fourth Regiment, New York State National Guard, formed on First street, its right resting on. Congress street. The field, staff and line officers of this regiment were as follows:

Colonel, Isaac McConihe Jr.; Lieutenant Colonel, John I. Le Roy ; Major, George T. Steenbergh ; Surgeon, Le Roy McLean; Chaplain, Rev. Henry C. Potter; Engineer, Captain Martin Payne; Adjutant, Gurdon G. Moore; Quartermaster, Henry S. Church; Assistant Surgeon, Nathan H. Camp.

Co. A. Captain, John M. Landon; Lieutenants, Henry A. Merritt, William A. Daniels; Junior Second Lieutenant, James E. Curran, commanding battery.

Co.H. Captain, William F. Calder; Lieutenants, Charles E. Hawley, Gabriel T. Winne.

Co. G. – Captain, James W. Cusack; Lieutenants, Gurdon G. Wolfe, John M. Cary.

Co. F. - Captain, John H. Quackenbush ; Lieutenants, Wallace F. Bullis, Ezra R. Vail.

Co. E. - Captain, Michael Timpane; Lieutenants, William O'Brien, Patrick Conners.

Co. B. — Captain, Timothy McAuliffe ; First Lieutenant, John Duke ; Second Lieutenant, vacant.

Co. I. — Captain, Moses A. Upham; Lieutenants, John Myers, Michael Riley.

Co. D. Captain, I. Seymour Scott; Lieutenants, Sidney T. Cary, Minott A. Thomas.

Co. C. - Captain, Edward A. Ives; Lieutenants, George S. Thompson, Le Grand Cramer.

Co. K. - Captain, Christian W. Rapp; Lieutenants, Albert E. Berger, Philip Dorr.

The regiment numbered seven hundred and twelve men, rank and file, and its fine appearance elicited the comment and admiration of all. Preceded by the regimental band, under the the direction of Charles

Doring, and the drum corps of Henry Perkins, it marched up First street to the wharf at the foot of Broadway, whence at ten o'clock it embarked for Albany on board the steamboat Vanderbilt, which had been chartered by the city for the occasion. On the same boat, as the guests of the twenty-fourth regiment, were nearly thirty veteran officers who had seen service in the field, and who were commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Charles E. Brintnall; besides officers of other regiments that had served or were now serving in the war, together with representatives of the navy service. By the same conveyance a number of the members of the Troy Young Men's Association proceeded to Albany to take part in the services of the day. The rest of the company on board consisted of members of the press and a few specially invited guests, the whole number of civilians being about two hundred.

The battery of the twenty-fourth regiment, consisting of four brass howitzers with their caissons complete, under the command of Lieutenant James E. Curran, of the artillery company A, went by the road to Albany.

The mayor and common council and the board of fire commissioners of the city, together with the board of supervisors of Rensselaer county proceeded to Albany in carriages. The members of the Loyal League and the fire companies and other civic associations, besides hundreds of citizens not connected with any organization, went by rail.

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