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Done at the city of Washington, the twenty-fourth day of April, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-five, and of the independence of the United States the eighty-ninth. By the President:

ANDREW JOHNSON. W. HUNTER, Acting Secretary of State. *



Monday, April 24th, 1865. Members present :- Hon. Uri Gilbert, mayor; Hon. John Moran, recorder, and Aldermen Cox, Fales, Fitzgerald, Hay, Hislop, Haight, Harrity, Kemp, McManus, Morris, Prentice, Stanton, Smart, Starbuck, Sears, Stannard.

The mayor stated that he had received an invitation from the Albany common council for the board to take part in the obsequies of the late President Lincoln, on Wednesday next; that he had communicated with the authorities at Albany, and tendered an invitation, as requested, to Col. McConihe, of the twenty-fourth regiment, which had been accepted. He had called the board together to take further action.

On motion of the recorder, the invitation of the

* The first day of June was afterwards substituted for the day recommended in this proclamation.

Albany common council was accepted, and a committee of five was appointed to make arrangements for the board to attend the funeral. Aldermen Kemp, McManus, Morris, Prentice and Hay were appointed as such committee. Mayor Gilbert was added to the committee, to extend invitations to any distinguished guests whom it might be desirable to invite.

On motion of Alderman Starbuck, the mayor was desired to request citizens to close their places of business from twelve to four o'clock on Wednesday next. Then, on motion, the board adjourned.

JAMES S. THORN, City Clerk.


Officers who have served in the war, with those at present in the service, and private soldiers who have taken part in putting down the rebellion, are to form a guard of honor next Wednesday at the obsequies. The Albany officers held a meeting, this morning, and resolved to invite Troy officers and soldiers to take part with them. All who accept the invitation are requested to meet at the City Hall, Albany, on Wednesday, at ten A. M. Officers to appear in full dress uniform, and side arms.


In accordance with the request of the common council, set forth in their proceedings on the twentyfourth instant, the mayor of the city published the following


To the Citizens of Troy:

In respect for the memory of the illustrious dead, whose obsequies will take place in our neighboring city of Albany, on Wednesday, April twenty-sixth, our citizens are respectfully requested to display the usual emblems of mourning, and to close their places of business from twelve to four o'clock on that day.

URI GILBERT, Mayor. Troy, April 25th, 1865.


, , }

HEAD QRs., 24th Regt., N. Y. S. N. G.,

1865 The commissioned officers of returned regiments, together with all officers of the army and navy in this city and vicinity are cordially invited to accompany this regiment to Albany to-morrow. Those so desiring will please report at the colonel's quarters, regimental armory, at nine o'clock A. M.

I. MCCONIHE JR., Colonel. G. G. MOORE, Adjutant.


TROY Young Men's AssoCIATION.


Troy, April 25th, 1865. Present — Clarence Willard, Esq., president, in the chair, and the following members: Henry Galusha, Wm. W. Rousseau, J. Spencer Garnsey, T. Henry Bussey, Josiah L. Young, Martin L. Hollister, Geo.. C. Baldwin Jr., Jas. S. Thorn, H. C. Folger, J. E. Schoonmaker, Wm. E. Gilbert, Benj. D. Benson.

The President stated the object of the meeting to be, to take action on an invitation which had been received from the Albany Young Men's Association to our association, to take part in the obsequies of the late President Lincoln at Albany.

Mr. Galusha moved that the president appoint a committee of as many members of the executive committee as could attend the obsequies, to represent the association. This motion was adopted.

The president appointed Wm. E. Gilbert chairman of said committee, with authority to select his associates from the members of the executive committee. On motion, adjourned.

T. HENRY BUSSEY, Rec. Sec'y.


At a' meeting of the veteran officers held at the Mansion House, on Tuesday evening, the meeting was organized by calling to the chair Maj. Joseph Egolf and the appointment of Capt. Thomas B. Eaton as secretary. Maj. Egolf stated the object of the meeting.

Capt. McConihe offered the following resolution, which was adopted :

Resolved, That we, the old officers of the volunteer army and navy, fully sympathize with the public in the death of our lamented President, and that we appear in a body at the obsequies at Albany on the twenty-sixth instant.

An invitation was presented from the adjutant of the twenty-fourth regiment to the veteran officers of Troy and vicinity, to accompany said regiment to Albany and return on the steamer Vanderbilt. On motion their invitation was accepted, and Capt. Eaton was instructed to inform the adjutant of the fact. On motion,

Resolved, That the veteran officers of Troy and vicinity be requested to wear the usual badge of mourning for thirty days.

Resolved, That all the veteran officers. of the army and navy in Troy and vicinity, not present at this meeting, be requested to participate in the obsequies of the late President, and that all veteran officers who design to join in the solemnities of the day be requested

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