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appropriate word for every man. With an even balance he maintained the affairs of the nation in its life struggle. As an exponent of American principles, a man occupied the seat of power who was incapable of being a tyrant, and his virtues commended him to the people. His fame has become universal, and I do not know but it may be said, that he was the centre of observation for all foreign nations and countries. He had the sympathy of millions upon millions who only judged him by his acts. No deeper gloom ever fell upon any people than has fallen upon this nation on this occasion. No deeper sorrow ever filled the universal heart of the country than that caused by the death of our beloved President. The heart of the nation has been pierced to its very centre.

But there is a class who feel this death more keenly than all the other classes combined. It is the colored people. None mourn or lament more sincerely than they. None feel that they have lost so true and tried a friend as the millions of bond and freed men of the south. He was hailed as their great deliverer. So deeply had he taken the cause of the oppressed into his heart, and so clearly did this fact appear to the mind of the slaves, that they declared him their savior, sent to set them free from the cruel yoke of oppression. The rebellion was the direct out-growth of slavery, and the murder of the President, is only the intensified spirit of slavery personified. It was slavery that killed our President, and the blood of the murdered President will cry out against slavery as long as there is a bondman to sigh for freedom.

But pause a moment. Cast your thoughts back to the home of our departed President, on the eve of his leaving for Washington. Behold the immense assemblage who have gathered to bid him farewell. Well might he look forward with deep apprehension and say, “ A duty devolves upon me which is perhaps greater than that which has devolved upon any other man since the days of Washington." How well he understood that duty, how conscientious he was in discharging it, how fully he relied upon that Divine assistance without which human effort is vain, all know who have traced his career and watched the progresss of events. If the American people have reason to rejoice in the life and labors of a Washington, then the colored people of our country have a much greater reason to rejoice that Abraham Lincoln was permitted to occupy the executive chair, as Chief Ruler of this nation.

Let the name of Abraham Lincoln ever be dear to the colored race, for he, above all other presidents, dared to open his mouth for the down-trodden and despised. Let his acts, his noble deeds, be stamped upon your inmost minds. But you are not alone the recipients of these benefits bestowed by this great and good man. He was the world's benefactor, Heaven's gift to mankind. In the death he died, he has drawn all mankind to behold the deeds he has

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done. Abraham Lincoln still lives, though murdered
by the foulest spirit of the lowest pit. Let us pray
that the mantle of our beloved and lamented Presi-

his successor. And let the prayers of all good men ascend to God for the thorough healing of the nation. Amen and Amen.

SERVICE AT THE JEWISH SYNAGOGUE. The synagogue of the Jewish congregation, Anshe Chesed, was draped in mourning. A large audience assembled, comprising all the Hebrews living in the city and a great number of Germans of other denominations. After the introductory prayer in Hebrew, the Thora (Law scrolls) were unfolded, and the Rev. Dr. H. G. Salomon, the Rabbi of the congregation, delivered a most solemn sermon, in which he set forth the virtues of the late President and directed attention to the fact that the whole north, though divided in political views, was united in bewailing the loss of the Chief Magistrate of the nation and in expressions of respect for his character and patriotic conduct. He alluded to the law of Judaism, which made it itcumbent upon every one professing that faith to pray daily for the welfare of the chieftain of the country, and to the effect produced by this injunction in making Israelites true and loyal citizens. He closed by drawing a picture of the desolation and anarchy into which the nation would have been plunged if the designs of the conspirators had not been checked by providence.

Mr. Frank Hartsfeld then ascended the pulpit and addressed the audience in substance, as follows. He said there was no parallel to be found in history to the great crime over which we mourn, except the assassination of Henry the Fourth of France, by Ravaillac. Lincoln ruled at a time when the United States were divided by conspiracy and rebellion. Henry reigned when France was torn in pieces by dissensions. When the former was inaugurated he was obliged to guard his way to Washington, the seat of the government. The latter was compelled to take Paris by force before he was crowned a king. Each was a chieftain who was full of love for his country and strove to reconcile contending parties and establish peace on a firm and lasting basis. When Henry was assassinated he was riding in a carriage through one of the public streets of Paris accompanied by several of his friends, and surrounded by gentlemen on horseback and running footmen, any of whom would have sacrificed life for him. Lincoln was shot while seated in a private box at a theatre, in company with a party of friends and surrounded by hundreds of people who would have defended him unto death. So sudden was the attack on Henry, that those with him did not perceive the state of the case, until he fell forward after the second blow was struck. The fearful fate of Lincoln was not recognized until after the murderer had escaped. Ravaillac was put to the most frightful tortures and

was condemned to the most horrible death. Booth died miserably, but before the decrees of the law could overtake him, and the spot desecrated by his foul body is unknown. Lincoln was acknowledged to be a good man, even by his enemies. Henry possessed the love of all classes, even of the Jesuits who opposed him. It was Henry's wish, often expressed, that every peasant in France might have a chicken in his pot. Lincoln's regard for the people was ever manifesting itself in deeds of mercy and love. As France dates its greatness from the time of Henry's reign, so will the United States come out of the struggle now ending, in which Lincoln's name has been preëminent, the first nation of the world. Washington's name is identified with our liberty and independence. The name of Lincoln will be identified with our nationality and greatness.

At the close of this address, prayers were read in Hebrew, for the immortal part of the dead. A translation of these prayers follows. The prayers by the mourner, were read by the Rabbi..

Mourner. O Lord our God, King of the universe, who art merciful and gracious to the living, be merciful and gracious to the soul of thy servant Abraham Lincoln, who has been called from this world to appear before the throne of thy holiness. Remember him with a good memorial before thee. Visit him with the visitation of salvation and mercy. Let him dwell amongst those just and pious who dwell in the secret

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