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Página 197 - Do thy diligence to come before winter. Eubulus greeteth thee, and Pudens, and Linus, and Claudia, and all the brethren.
Página 125 - Namely, that going to church at a country village, not far from Lewes, I saw an ancient lady, and a lady of very good quality, I assure you, drawn to church in her coach with six oxen; nor was it done in frolic or humour, but meer necessity, the way being so stiff and deep, that no horses could go in it.
Página 125 - Master Huggett and his man John They did cast the first Can-non, until the rise of the Swedish industry in the Thirty Years War.
Página 2 - When the court, soon after the Restoration, visited Tunbridge Wells, there was no town : but, within a mile of the spring, rustic cottages, somewhat cleaner and neater than the ordinary cottages of that time, were scattered over the heath. Some of these cabins were movable, and were carried on sledges from one part of the common to another.
Página 219 - Ye gentle birds, that perch aloof, And smooth your pinions on my roof, Preparing for departure hence Ere winter's angry threats commence ; Like you my soul would smooth her plume For longer flights beyond the tomb. " May God, by whom is seen and heard Departing man and wandering bird, In mercy mark us for His own And guide us to the land unknown ! " Thoughts soothing and tender came with those touching lines, and gayer images followed.
Página 107 - Soldiers and servants with torches searched in vain under the solid table to find the cause of its convulsions, till one of the conscience-stricken knights suggested that it was indignantly refusing to bear the sacrilegious burden of their arms. So ran the popular story ; and as late as the fourteenth century it was still shown in the same place, — the earliest and most memorable instance of a " rapping," " leaping," and
Página 134 - It is the fashion to run down George IV, but what myriads of Londoners ought to thank him for inventing Brighton! One of the best physicians our city has ever known, is kind, cheerful, merry Doctor Brighton!
Página 114 - Mr. Leach Made a speech, Angry, neat, but wrong : Mr. Hart, On the other part, Was heavy, dull, and long; Mr. Parker Made the case darker, Which was dark enough without : Mr. Cooke Cited his book, And the Chancellor said — I doubt.
Página 132 - I can say with great truth, that in a free and frequent conversation with him, for above two and twenty years, I never knew him say an idle word, that had not a direct tendency to edification : and I never once saw him in any other temper, but that which I wished to be in, in the last moments of my life.
Página xxi - She spied thirteen imps all dancing in chains, She up with her pattens, and beat out their brains. She knocked the old Satan against the wall, — Let's try turn her out, or she'll murder us all.

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