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General statement..

Table 1.--The total population, the school population, and the adult male population..

Table 2.--Density of population, urban population, nativity and race classification, value of manu-

factures, illiteracy, and relations of the adult male population and of the school population....

Table 3.-School ages in the several States; State school censuses.

Table 4.-Number of pupils enrolled in the common schools at different dates and the relation of

the enrollment to the school population....

Table 5.-- The school enrollment of 1906-7 classified by sex; percentage of total population enrolled

at different dates......

Table 6.-Per cent of the school population enrolled in the public schools, for a period of years.

Table 7.–The average daily attendance at certain periods, and its relation in 1906–7 to the enrollment.

Table 8.-Average length of the school term at various periods; aggregate number of days' schooling

given to all pupils; the same compared with the school population and the enrollment.

Table 9.-Length of the school term; the aggregate number of days' schooling given compared with

the school population.

Table 10.-Number and sex of teachers.

Table 11.---Teachers' wages; number of schoolhouses; value of school property; private school


Table 12.--School moneys received...

Table 13.-The school revenue compared with the school population and the adult male popula-

tion; percentage analysis of the school revenue..

Table 14.--Progress of school expenditure..

Table 15.-The school expenditure classified..

Table 16.-Expenditure per pupil; average daily expenditure per pupil; percentage analysis of

school expenditure....

Table 17.-Amount expended for common schools each year since 1869–70...

Table 18.-School expenditure per capita of population; same per capita of average attendance.

Table 19.-Wealth and school expenditure, 1880 and 1890.

Table 20.-Wealth and school expenditure, 1900 and 1904.

Table 21.--Permanent school funds and school lands.

Diagrams illustrating educational statistics..

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