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of his distinguished services in the late naval operations on the coast of Syria.

June 19. James Earl of Elgin and Kincardine and John Earl of Stair, knighted by letters patent.

June 22. Brevet, brevet Major G. Gibson, 92d Foot, to be Lieut.-Colonel in the Army ; Capt. J. L. Nixon, 1st West India Regt. to be the Army.- Ralph Hutchinson, of Muston, co.York, gent. youngest son of the William Hutchinson of Hunmanby, by Ann, sister of the late Christ. Russell, of Muston, gent. to take the name of Russell after his present name.

June 25. 66th Foot, Capt. C. E. Michel to be Major.-Unattached, brevet Lieut.-Col. T. L. Goldie, from 66th Foot, to be Lieut. Colonel. - Hospital Staff, Deputy Inspector-General of Hospitals H. Franklin to be Inspector-General of Hospitals : Deputy Inspector-General, with local rank, J. Kinnis, M.D. to be Deputy Inspector-Gen. of Hospitals; Staff Surgeon of the First Class A. Fergusson, M.D. to be Deputy Inspector-Gen. of Hospitals, with local rank.-Brevet, Capt. T. P. Vandeleur, 3d West India Regt. and Capt. W. Colt, 30th Foot, to be Majors in the Army.

Park, Courth but nows of St. Leonarewell, of

Member returned to serve in Parliament. Derby.-Hon. Fred. Leveson Gower.

GAZETTE PROMOTIONS. May 19. South Herts Yeomanry Cavalry, the Earl of Verulam to be Lieut.-Colonel ; the Marquess of Salisbury to be Major.

May 22. Vice-Adm. the Earl of Dundonald to be G.C.B.; Lieut.-Col. C. W. M.' Balders, 3d Drag. and Lieut.-Col. George Congreve, 29th Foot, to be Companions of the Bath.Edward Kelly, esq. Lieut. R.N. to be Harbour Master for Mauritius, - Royal Cumberland Militia, J. K. Wilson, esq. to be Lieut.-Colonel.

May 28. 87th Foot, brevet Major J. Campbell to be Major-Staff, Major F.H. Robe, 87th Foot, to be Deputy Quartermaster-Gen. at Mauritius, with the rank of Lieut.-Col.-Westmoreland and Cumberland Yeomanry Cavalry, Sir G. Musgrave, Bart. to be Major.---Montgomerysb. Yeomanry Cav. Major-Gen. H. A. Proctor to be Lieut.-Colonel (supernumerary, without pay); Capt. P. B. Williames to be Major.

May 28. The Duke of Northumberland to be Constable of the Castle of Launceston.

May 31. John Wm. Birch, esq. of Henley Park, co. Oxf. Clerk Assistant of the Parliaments, fourth but now second surviving son of the late George Birch, of St. Leonard's Hill, Berks, esq. by Mary, dau, of Thos, Newell, of Henley-on-Thames, esq. and niece of Wm. Newell, of Adwell, co. Oxf. clerk, to take the name of Newell before Birch, and bear the arms of Newell in the second quarter.-Edward St. John Neale, esq. (Vice-Consul at Alexandretta), to be Consul at Varna.

June 4. Brevet, Capt. C. K. Macdonald, 1st Life Guards, and Capt. G. Johnston, of the Cape Mounted Riflemen, to be Majors in the Army.

June 7. John Morgan, esq. to be Consul at Rio Grande do Sul; Assaad Jacop Kayat, esq. to be Consul at Jaffa.-Royal Artillery, brevet Major T. 0. Cater to be Lieut.-Colonel.

June 8. Charles Anderson, esq. to be Chief Commissary of Police for Mauritius, and T.J. Hugon, esq. to be Protector of Immigrants into that island

June 11. Sir Henry Edward Fox Young, Knt. (Lieut.-Governor of the eastern districts of the colony of the Cape of Good Hope) to be Lieut.-Governor of South Australia.--Coldstream Guards, brevet Major Lieut. and Capt. J. L. Elrington to be Captain and Lieut.-Colonel.-85th Foot, Lieut.-Gen. Sir J. W. Guise, Bart. and K.C.B. to be Colonel.-Brevet, brevet Lieut.-Col. M. Close, of 79th Foot, to be Colonel in the Army.-Warwickshire Militia, Major J. M. Boultbee to be Lieut.-Colonel.

June 17. Major-Gen. Sir George Arthur Bart. K.C.H. sworn of the Privy Council.

June 18. Rear-Adm. Sir Charles Napier, K.C.B. to accept the insignia of the grand cross of the Order of the Tower and Sword, conferred by her Majesty the Queen of Portugal while in her Most Faithful Majesty's actual service: the cross of a Knight of the Order of Maria Theresa of Austria ; the cross of the

ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. Rev. G. H. Bowers, to be Dean of Manchester. Rev. J. Kincaid, 'Drumholme V. and Preb.

diocese of Raphoe. Rev. G. Trevor to be a Canon of York. Rev. J. Acres, Kenn P.C. Somerset. Rev. R. Allen, District of Gray's-inn, St. Pan

cras P.C. London. Rev. G. L. Alsopp, St. Margaret's, Ilketshall

V. Suffolk Rev. W. H. Anderson, St. Margaret's V. Leic. Rev. J. Atlay, Madingley V. Camb. Rev. E. Baillie, Lawshall R. Suffolk. Rev. J. Couchman, Thornby R. Northampton. Rev. D. Davies, Claverton R. Somerset. Rev. F. Evans, Parham V, with Hacheston V.

Suffolk. Rev. E. Forbes, St. George, Douglas P.C. Isle

of Man. Rev. T. V. Fosbery, Sunningdale P.C. Berks. Rev. H. Gibbes, All Saints', Sidmouth P.C.

Devon. Rev.G.C. Gorham, Brampford Speke V.Devon. Rev. J. Greaves, St. Peter P.C. Birmingham. Rev. F. Gretton, St. Mary, Stamford R. Linc. Rev. A. Handley, Christchurch, West Ford

ingham P.C. Dorset. Rev. H. E. Havergal, Cople V. Bedford. Rev.L. Hobson, Woodsetts, Worksop P.C.Notts. Rev. H. Hughes, Haddenham P.C. Isle of Ely. Rev. F.J. James, Stockton-on-Tees V. Durham. Rev. R. W. James, Southleigh R. Devon. Rev. J. S. Jenkinson, Battersea V. Surrey. Rev. G. C. Luxford, Middleton R. Sussex. Rev. E. Machen, Micheldean R. Gloucester. Rev. H. Marriott, Loddiswell V, with Buck

land Tout Saints, Devon.

0.- Warwicht-Colonelcorre Arthur,

K.C.B. The Order of the Tow oueen of Por

in m. E. Havergal, Cop Workson P.C.Notts.

sia ; and the insignia of the second class of the Order of the Red Eagle of Prussia, which their Majesties the Emperor of Austria, the Emperor of Russia, and the King of Prussia have been severally pleased to confer upon him, in testimony of their Majesties' approbation

Rev. C. E. Marsh, Sall R. Norfolk.

Mrs. Henry Baillie, a dall.--2. At EdinRev. J. M. Martine, Shipley P.C. Sussex.

burgh, Lady Anne Charteris, a son.--3. At Rev. W. H. Massie, St. Mary-on-the-Hill R. the rectory, St. Mary-at-hill, the wife of the Chester.

Rev. J. C. Crosthwaite, a dau.- 4. At MonRev. E. C. Philpotts, Lezant R. Cornwall.

tagu-pl. Bryanston-sq. the wife of H. P. Gipps. Rev. H. B, Power, Bramley P.C. Surrey.

esq. à son. -5. At 1, Parliament-st. the Rev.E.Rees, St. John's Church, Clydach, Glam, wife of Alexander John Sutherland, M.D. a son. Rev. E. Roberts, Seacombe, Wallasey P.C. The Viscountess Barrington, a son.- 6. Cheshire.

At Wirksworth, the wife of A. Arkwright, esq. Rev. T. F. Salmon, Blackford P.C. Somerset. a dau.- 7. At Gravesend House, Torpoint, Rev. G. Shand, Guestwick V. Norfolk.

the Right Hon. Lady Graves, a son. - 12. In Rev. S. L. Warner, St. Mary, Bredin V. Can Carlton-terr. Lady Lyttelton, a son.- 13. At terbury

13, Cavendish-sg. the wife of Edward MarioRev. R. Willan, St. Mary, Barnsley P.C.Yorksh. ribanks, jun. esq. a son, 15. At 8, BelRev. W. M. Williams, Lyswen R. Brecknock. grave-square, the Viscountess Downe, a son. Rev. W. Williams, Gavanddwe P.C. Brecknock

At 40, Eaton-square, the wife of Mr. SerRev. C. B. Wollaston, Felpham V. Sussex. jeant Kinglake, a dau,--20. At the School.

house, Rugby, the wife of the Rev. Dr. Tait, &

dau.--22. In Belgrave-s. her Grace the CHAPLAINS.

Duchess of Montrose, a son and heir, Rev. R. Harvey, Hon. and Rev. A. F. Phipps,

Rev. W. Cureton, Hon. and Rev. J. T. Pelham, Rev. W. J. Broderick, Hon. and Rev.

MARRIAGES. - R. Bovle, and Rev.J.Jackson, to her Majesty. Jan. 28. At Valparaiso, 'Algernon Stewart Rev. R. L. Brown, to the Marq, of Downshire. Rev. E. T. Gregory, to the Lord-Lieutenant of

Austen, esq. R.N. First Lieut. of H.M. ship

Carysfort, third son of Sir Henry Austen, of Ireland.

Shelford House, Guildford, to Louise-Ellen, Rev. W. Hope, to Earl Ferrers,

eldest dau. of Frederic William Schwager, esq. of the said place,

Feb. 4. At Singapore, Wm. Traill, esq. M.D. CIVIL PREFERMENTS.

Madras Service, to Emma, second dau, of Rev. J. H. Brown, to be Head Master of the

James Harvey, esq. of Bullige House, near

Grammar School at East Retford, Notts,
Dr. William B. Carpenter, late of Bristol, to

March 11. At Subathoo, N. W. Provinces, be Lecturer of Geology on the foundation of

Alexander Fraser, esg. Lieut. and Adjt. of the Dr. George Swiney (appointed by the Trus.

Bengal Eng. third surviving son of the late tees of the British Museum).

James Fraser, esq. of Exeter, to Caroline-Ro

setta, dau. of the late Beaumont Small, esq. Rev. M. Cockerton, to be Head Master of the Dronfield Grammar Sehool.

Bengal Med. Service, and step-dau. of Lieut.. Rev. J. C. Colson, to be Head Master of Ta

Col. Frushard, 2nd Bengal European Infantry. vistock Grammar School.

April 3. At Portsea, Arthur Adams, esq. Rev. S. Kingsford, to be Head Master of the

surgeon, R.N, of the parish of Saint Pancras, Grammar School, Feversham, Kent.

Middlesex, to Mary. dau. of Capt. Robert
Wilcox, R.N. of Southsea, near Portsmouth.

6. William Lucy Howard, esp, second son BIRTHS,

of George Howard, esq. of Netlas House, Herts,

to Anne-Diana, only dau. of William Spinks, May 16. At Bath, the wife of Robert Crutt. esq. of Carleton Rode. well, esq. of a son.--17. At Rose-hill, Ca. 8. At Fakenham, the Rev. Ralph Kinder versham, Oxon, the wife of Capt. Frederick Incumbent of Lumb, Rossendale, Lancash, to Cleaveland, R.H.A. a son. At Paris, the Annette-Sophia, youngest dau, of Mr. HumHon. Mrs. Arthur Kerr, a dau.- In Great phrey Herring, and granddau, of the late Rev. Stanhope-st. Mayfair, the Hon. Mrs, E. Wyatt Thomas Herring. Rector of North Elmham. Edgell, a son.----18. At Queen's-square-place, 9. At St. Leonard's-on-Sea, the Rev. George

ophia Hoare, a son.- 19. The Mar Edward Tate, M.A. to Matilda, eldest dau, of chioness of Worcester, a son and heir, Earl of the late Daniel Maude, esq. of Middlewood Glamorgan.- 20. In Connaught-place, the Hall, Yorkshire. Marchioness of Douglas, a son.--21. At 13. At Antony, Cornwall. Edward Cecil Brighton, the wife of J. Y. Vernon Shaw, Bishopp, esq. youngest son of the late Very Rev. esq. of Portland-house, Ryde, Isle of Wight. Sir George Bishopp, Bart. Dean of Lismore, a son.----24. Lady Rivers, a dau.- At 15, to Mary, only dau. of Rear-Adm. Taylor, of the Eaton-place, Belgrave-sq. the wife of John Brazilian Navy, and niece of Lady Hillyar, Farquhar Fraser, esq. a dau.- In Hill-st. Tor House, Torpoint. At Strabane, the Rev. the Hon. Mrs. Robert Boyle, a dau.- 26. John Maguire, Vicar of Boyle, Roscommon, The wife of Henry Masterman, esq. a son, and Preb. of Kilcooly, to Anne-Jane, third dau. 27. In Downing-st. the Lady Mary Wood, a of John Humphreys, esq. of Miltown House, dau.--At Hendon, the Countess of Kerry, a in the county of Tyrone. - At Ryde, the Rev. dau. At Cainbridge-sq. Hyde-park, Lon. Dunbar S.Halkett, to Julia-Elizabeth, dau.of the don. the wife of Dr. James Bright, a dau. late Edward Dalhousie Ross, esq. of George-st.

29. At Kentish-town, the wife of the Rev. Westminster.--At Alresford, Hants, Major John Jackson. rector of St. James's, West. Samuel J. F. Nicoll, 30th Regt, son of Samuel minster, a dau. The wife of Francis Heath Nicoll, esy. of Court Lodge, Sussex, to Mary. cote, esq. a dau.- 30. At Norland-sq. Not. Ann, only child of William Wilkinson, esq. of ting-hill, the wife of Comyns Rowland Berke the above place.- At St. Mary's, Lambeth, ley, esq. a son. --The wife of W. B. Towse, the Rev. Henry Pelham Daues, of Isleham, esg. of Fishmongers'-hall, a dau. 31. ln Cambridgesh. eldest son of the Rev. Henry Hyde-park-place, the wife of John Laurie, eso. John Dawes, of Gillingham, Kent, to Eleanor. a son.

Anne, third surviving dau. of the late Charles Lately. At Folkestone, the Hon. Mrs. By Fox, of the Grange, Bermondsey, and formerly

At St. ron Cary, a son.- In Ireland, Lady Georgiana of Bishop's Waltham, Hants, esq. Croker, a son. In Dublin, Lady Langford, a

Andrew's, Capt. George Charles D. Lewis, of dau.

the Royal Eng. to Eliza, youngest dau. of the June 1. At No, 9, Lowndes-st. the Hon. late Rey, Griffith Richards, Rector of Farling

At of the padau of Portsmout son

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ton, Hants.At St. Mark's, Surbiton, Tho

ton, John Drinkwater, esq. of Salford, to Ma. mas Henry Smith, esą, surgeon, of John-st. rianne, only dau. of Thomas Bary, esq. of Berkeley-sq. to Ellen, third dau. of William Foxhill-bank, near Accrington.John ParUnderwood, esq. of Surbiton.--At the British ker Bolding, esq. of Hamilton-ter. St. John's Embassy, Paris, the Right Hon. Lord Keane, Wood, to Mary, dau. of the late P. Richardson, to Louisa, second dau. of S. Y. Benyon, esq. of esq. of Flatfield, Perthsh.At St. George's, Denston Hall, near Newmarket.

Bloomsbury, George Burrow Gregory, of Bed14. At Southampton, Henry Newton Rer, ford-sq. esq. to Maria-Teresa, second dau, of esq. son of William Pell Rew, esq. of Finchley, Richard Price, of Santiago, Chili, esq. to Mary-Ann, dau. of Major John Field Oldham, 19. At East Grafton, John Miles, esq. of Sth Ri. Vet. Batt. Åt Chiswick, William Wexcombe, to Sarah-Anne, second dau. of the Byers Sealy, esq. M.D. of North Fulham, eldest Rev. J. Matthews, Vicar of Shrewton, Wilts. son of Lieut.-Gen. Sealy, E.I.C.S., to Matilda 20. At St. George's, Hanover-sq. Henry Ann, youngest dau. of George Christopher, esq. Cope Caulfeilil, esq. only son of Edwin T. of Chiswick. --At Eglwystach, Arthur Trew. Caulfeild, of Rafanduft, in Queen's co. Ireland, mran, B.A. of Queen's Coll. Cambridge, and and of Weymouth-st. Portland-pl. esq. to Anneonly son of the late Major-Gen. Trewman, of Louisa, youngest dau. of the late J. R. Franckthe Madras Army, to Susan, dau. of George lin, esq.--At Tottenham, Thomas William, Jeffreys, esq. of Glandyfi Castle, Cardigansh. second son of Robert William Kennard, esq. Ai Chester-le-st. John Charlesworth Dodg. of Theobalds, Herts, to Octavia, fifth dau. of son Charlestorth, of Woolgreaves, only son of Henry Lewis Smale, esq. of Willoughby House, John Charlesworth, esq. of Chapel Thorpe Tottenham.At Tiverton, the Rev. George Hall, Yorksh. to Sarah, second dau. of Walker Drinkwater Bourne, Rector of Westonsubedge, Featherstonhaugh, esq. of the Hermitage. Gloucestersh. and son of the late Peter Bourne,

Ja selges,

. Frani, esq. U.D.


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2. lastry,

15. At East Budleigh, Devon, James Bastin, esq. to Jane, only dau. of Francis Hole, esq. esq. of Tidwell Barton, to Sarah, fifth dau, of At St. Mark's, Kennington, Frederick LeoJohn Leatt, esq. of Kersbrook, near Budleigh pold Pulling, M.D.youngest son of the late Capt. Salterton.-At Swindon, Hussey Virian, esq. G. C. Pulling, R.N. to Julia-Mary, youngest eldest son of John Henry Vivian, esq. M.P. for dau. of the late Henry Pilleau, esq. of KenSwansea, to Jesse Dalrymple, eldest dau. of mington. ----At Trinity Church, Bath, John Ambrose Goddard, esą, of the Lawn, near Soden, esq. to Henrietta Corbet, eldest dau. of Swindon, - At Westbury-upon-Trym, co. the late Charles Decimus Williames, esq. Gloacester, the Rev. Henry Bunsen, eldest son At Sidmouth, the Rev. Arthur Pardoe, of Hope. of H. Exc. Chev. Bunsen, Prussian Minister at say, Shropsh. to Mary-Banger-Jane Jenkins, this Court, to Mary-Louisa, youngest dau. of eldest dau. of the Rev. William Jenkins, Vicar A. G. Harford Battersby, esq. of Stoke Park, of Sidmouth, --At St. Pancras Church, John Glouc. At the Cathedral of Clonfert, the Horstman, esq. of Finsbury-sq. to Jemima, Rev. Richard Booth Eyre, Vicar of Eyre Court, youngest dau. of the late Thomas Miles, esq.

onora-Lovisa-Madeline, second dau. of of Green-st. Grosvenor-sq.At St. Mary's, late Ven. Archdeacon Butson, of St. Brandon's, Islington, James Blunter, esq. of Compton-ter. co. Galway.--At Fareham, the Rev. John W. to Miss Oats, of Barnsbury-st.---At Dorking, Grane, M.A. Incumbent of Woodhouse, near Joseph Floare, esq. of Hampstead, to Rachel Huddersfield, to Anne, eldest dau. of the Rev. Juliana, youngest dau. of Charles Barclay, esej. Wyndham Carlyon Madden, M.A. Vicar of of Bury Hill. Pareham.--At Bury, Hants, the Ven. Charles 21. At Wimbledon, Surrey, Arthur HathaCarr Clerke, Archdeacon of Oxford, to Caroline, way, esq. Madras Civil Serv. to Mary-Ceciliadau, of the late William Henry Ashhurst, esq. Hamilton, dau. of the late Major-Gen. Hogg, of Waterstock, Oxfordsh.At St. Pancras, of the Bombay Army.--At Cheltenham, the Samuel Borlase, esq. of Castle Horneck, Corn. Rev. J. J. Barlowo, Incumbent of St. Mark's, wall, to Mary-Anne, dau. of the late William Gloucester, to Katharine, fourth dau, and at Copeland, esq. of Chigwell.--At Southwick, the same time, A. J. Brown, esq. of BarnHants, Major Charles Dunsmure, 42d Royal staple, to Fanny, youngest dau. of Richard Highlanders, to Laura, dau, of Thomas This Pinder, esg. of Cheltenham-At Brasted, tlethwayte, esq. of Southwick Park.At Kent, the Rev. Benjamin IIebb, to Maria-El Leyton, Essex, Thomas Pemberton, esq. of phinstone, dau. of the Rev. Dr. Mill.--At Birmingham, to Eliza-Matilda Jepson, niece Bathwick, Sir Robert Gyll, late of the 15th of the late Joseph Walker, esq. of the same Hussars, and Licut. of the Yeomen Guard, son place.At St. Mary's, Cheltenham, George of the late William Gyll, esg. Capt, of the 2d William Parry, esq. of Llidiarde, Cardigansh. Life Guards, and of Wyrardisbury House, to Elizabeth, eldest dau. of James Hughes, Bucks, to Jane-Pryce, youngest dau. of Sir esq. of Glan Rheidol, in the same county, and John Pinhorne, of Ringwood Park, Isle of granddau, of Sir Thomas Bonsall, of Fronfraith. Wight, and widow of Henry Botfield, only son

At Kempstone, near Loughborough, the of Sir Edward Thomason, of Bath. At Rey, Henry James Cotton, to Elizabeth-Emma, Sywell, Sir Watkin Owen Pell, Knt. Capt. only dan. of John Sparrow Stovin, esq.- At

Royal Navy, to Sarah-Dorothea, dau. of EdRedenhall Church, Norf. the Rev. Augustus ward Owen, esq. Maesmynnan, Denbighsli. M. Hopper, Rector of Starston, to Charlotte, -At Croydon, Robert Ainédée, son of J. B. youngest dau. of the late Rev. John Holmes, Heath, esq. of Russell-sq. to Harriett, eldest of Gawdy Hall. At Langley Burrell, Wilts, dau. of Thomas Keen, esq. of Croydon and Charles Hall Clarke, esq. M.D. to Elizabeth Coulsdon, Surrey: At the Friends' Meeting Penelope, second dau. of the late Lieut.-Coi. House, Hertford, Henry Smith, of Great Bard. Clarke, of the 46th Reg.

-At Chatham, Lieut. field Hall, Essex, to Elizabeth-Ann, second John Warburton, of the 60th King's Royal dau. of John Warner, of Hoddesdon, Herts. Rifles, to Martha, eldest dau. of Lient. Mit At All Saints', Islington, William Bell, esq. chell, of the same corps. At the Friends' C. Eng. of the co. Down, Ireland, to Euphemia Meeting House, Stoke Newington, John Bar. S. L. second day of the late Lieut. Skead, R. N. clay, of Fore-st. London, to Isabella, eldest

22. At Trinity Church, Marylebone, Capt. dan. of the late John Robinson Waite.

Thomas Carpenter, R.N. son of the late Wil17. At Blackburn, James Whigham, esq. liam Carpenter, esq. of Toft Monks, Norfolk, Barrister-at-Law, of the Northern Circuit, to to Caroline-Finistrina, dau. of the late John Emma, sister of H. Brock Hollinshead, esq. of Goldsborough Ravenshaw, esq. East India DiTockholes Fold.At Astbury, near Cougle. rector, of Harley st. Cavendish-sy. - At the

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fussell, B.X: the Rev. Jam At St. Georgs of

Catholic Chapel, Chelsea, and afterwards at dau. of J. W. Smith, esq. Radbrooke, Salop. St. George's, Hanover-sq. William Green- At Milverton, near Leamington, Edward wood, esq. of Brookwood, Hants, late Lieut. Vernon, esq. of Severn Bank, Worcestersh. to Col. of the Grenadier Guards, to Catherine. Etheldred, second dau. of the late Sir James Caroline, fifth dau. of the late Sir Henry Joseph Duberly, of Gaines Hall, Huntingdonsh.-Tichborne, of Tichborne. At St. George's, At Ewell, the Rev. John N. Harrison, Vicar of Hanover-sq. Charles George Barnett, esq. to Reigate, to Margarette-Ann, eldest dau. of Marianne-Jane, eldest dau. of Edward St. John Joseph Ward, esq. Hill House, Epsom. At Mildmay, esq. and granddau. of the late Sir St. Mary's, Islington, William Ring, esq. of Henry Mildmay, Bart.-_At Staveley, W. H. Hamlet House, Hammersmith, to Mildred, Rawson, Jnn, esg. of Halifax, to Ellen-Louisa, dau. of the late Thomas Stephens, esq. of younger dau. of Amaziah Empson, esq. Spel. Highbury-pl. Islington. At St. George's, Jow Hill, Yorksh.--At St. Mary's, Chel. Hanover-sq. the Rev. James George Curry tenham, John, third son of the late Rev. Fussell, B.A. of the Chantry, Frome, to Janet. Sir Godfrey Thomas, Bart. of Bodiam, Sussex, Jemima, fourth dau. of the late Major-Gen. Sir to Katherine-Elizabeth, youngest dau. of Capt. John Dalrymple, Bart. of North Berwick, HadEdmond C. Bacon, R.N. nephew of the late dingtonsh. N. B.- At Bath, the Rev. John Sir E. Bacon, Bart.--At Alverstoke, near Cooke, of Balliol college, Oxford, to EllenGosport, Lieut. George Barton Jeffreys, R.N. Durham, dau. of the late Sir Joseph Huddart, to Catherine-Mary-Anne, fourth dau. of the of Brynkir, Caernarvonsh, and of Norfolk late Vice-Adm. James Katon.

crescent, Bath. At Knole, Kent, the Mar23. At St. John the Evangelist, Westmin quess of Salisbury, to the Lady Mary-Catharinester, Henry, third son of Thomas Kirkland Sackville West, second dau. of the Earl and Glazebrook, esq. of Egremont, Cheshire, to Countess De La Warr. At Streatham, the Amelia, second dau. of Thomas misley, esq. of Westminster.

wicksh. and Chaplain to the Earl of Gains27. At Dilwyn, Herefordshire, William, borough, to Maria, youngest dau. of Stephen younger son of John Douding, esq. of Loughern Wilson, esq. of Streatham, Surrey, and of BexHouse. Martley, Worcestersh. and of Mont. hill, Sussex.- At Frensham, near Farnham, pellier-ter. Cheltenham, to Ann, third dau, of Thomas Jenkyns, eldest son of the Rev. Thomas the late Joseph Stephens, esq. of Dilwyn.-- Heathcote, of Shaw Hill, Wilts, to Mary-Ca. At Norwich, the Rev. William Bray, to Catha. therine, eldest dau. of George Austin Moultrie. rine, eldest dau, of Octavius Greene, esg. esq. of Aston Hall, Slıropsh. At Exeter, the At Springfield, the Rev. Duncan Fraser, M.A. Rev. Noel Lowe, Vicar of Colaton Rawleigh, Incumbent of the Holy Trinity, Halstead, to Devon, to Louisa-Julia, dau, of the Ven, ArchMary-Elizabeth, dau. of Charles George Parker, deacon Stevens. At Kensington, Vesey esq. of Springfield Place, Essex. At Rugby, Leslie Foster, esq. of Bathsecar, co. Louth, the Rev. H. W. Kemp, B.A. Curate of St. John's and of Moyvane, co. Kerry, to Sarah-Anne, Church, Hull, to Ann-Maria, widow of the late only child of the late Henry Quilter, esg. of Joseph Simons, esq. M.D. of the former place. Monken Hadley, Middlesex.--At St.George's, - At Exeter, George Hingeston, esq. of Lyme Hanover-sq. the Rev. Robert Augustus GorRegis, Dorset, to Eliza, third dau. of the Rev. don, Rector of Avington, Berks, to ElizabethRichard Adney. - At Plymouth, George Frances, eldest dau, of the late Philip Yorke Hingston, esq. to Charlotte, dau, of the late Lindsay, esq. and granddau. of the late Bishop James Forster, esq. both of Plymouth.--At of Kildare. At the British Embassy, BrusHythe, the Rev. John Innes, Vicar of Downe, sels, Randolph Routh, esq. to Mary-Stewart, to Eliza-Mary, dau. of the late John Laidlaw, eldest daughter of Capt. Allan Stewart,

late of her Majesty's 3rd Regt. Buffs ---At minica. _ At St. Mary's, Islington, Mr. Wil Hillington, the Rev. C. F. Wyatt, Rector of liam Lake, of Chalk, near Gravesend, to Mar- Broughton, Oxfordsh. to Maria-Frederica. garet. third dau. of the late James Wilson, youngest dau. of the late William Walford. esq. of Highbury-ter. Islington. — At St. esq. of Banbury.--At St. Anne's, Kew Green, Alphage, Greenwich, Henry Walter Wilson, of Capt. the Hon. George Hope, R.N. son of the the Inner Temple, esq. to Kate-Foster, only late Lieut.-Gen. John Earl of Hopetoun, to the dau, of the late Capt. John Filmore, R.N. Hon. Anne Carmichael Napier, fourth dau. of

28. At St. Pancras, Euston-sq. James Ri the late William John Lord N apier, and Maid chardson, esq. of Regent's Park-ter. to Eliza. of Honour to the Queen. beth, only dau, of the late Jolin Nichol, esq. 30. At Brighton, Paul J. Fearon, esa and niece of Sir John Pirie, Bart. of Champion London, to Ann, eldest dau. of the Rev. J. P. Hill.– At Tottenham, William Tucker, esq. Malleson of Lawrence-lane, to Amelia-Bates, of Cole- May 1. At St. Pancras New Church, Thoraine House, Stamford Hill, niece of the late mas Alexander, second son of Capt. T. Mont. Samuel Argill, esq. of West Ham Abbey.- gomery, R. N. to Elizabeth-Beaumont, youngest At Cottered, Herts, the Rev. Thomas Harrison dau. of William James, esq. of Kentish Town. Bullock, Fellow of King's college, Cambridge, 3. At Venice, Lieut.-Col. Poulett Cameron, and Chaplain of Guy's Hospital, to Frances, C.B. only surviving son of the late Capt. Cadau, of the Rev. John Walker, Rector of Cot- meron, R. N. to Louisa-Agnes-Alava, youngest tered. At Auldbar, the seat of P. Chalmers, dau, of the late Col. Sir Thomas Soull, Consulesq. Forfarshire, North Britain, Robert Span Gen. of her Britannic Majesty to the Lombardo kie, esq. of the Bengal Civil Service, to Mary Austrian Kingdom of Italy. --At AU Souls' Stewart-Blakely, eldest dau. of the Very Rev. Church, Langham-pl. the Marquess of Sligo, the Dean of Down.-_At Edinburgh, Arcbi.

on At Edinburol. Archi- to the Hon. Ellen-Sydney Smythe. dau. of bald Smith, esq. Advocate, Sheriff Substitute Viscount Strangford. of Lanarksh. to Jannett, youngest dau, of the 4. At Bristol, James, eldest son of the late late William Blackwood, esq. Publisher.

Lieut.-Col. Cookson, 80th Regt. and of Neas29. At St. Marylebone, Thomas Henry Ant ham Hall, Durham, to Sybella, youngest dau. brose, esq. of Manchester-sq. and Copford, of the late Thomas Tyndall, esq. of the Fort, Essex, to Emma-Fosbury-Ann, eldest dau. of near Bristol. ---At Wyton, the Rev. Hanthe late Charles Thomas Hitchcock, esq. Of worth E. Rackham, Vicar of Witchford, Isle of Albemarle-st. and Fulham. At Meole Brace, Ely, to Eleanor-Anne, eldest dau. of the Rev. Salop. W.0. Markham, esq. M.D. Kensington Edward M, Peck, Rector of Wyton, Hunts. Garden-ter. Hyde Park, to Eliza-Emma, third


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to its establishment. Iu private life his April 26. At laverary Castle, co. Ar. Grace was distinguished by the warmest gyll, in his 70th year, the Most Noble and most generous feelings, united to the John Douglas Edward Henry Campbell, highest sense of honour. He was at. seventh Duke of Argyll, Marquess of tached to scientific pursuits, and was Kintyre and Lorn, Earl of Campbell and well acquainted with the principles of Cowall, Viscount of Lochow and Glenila, chemistry and mechanics. Lord Inverary, Mull, Morvern and Tiry His Grace married first, August 3, 1803, (1701); sisteenth Earl of Argyll (1457), Elizabeth, eldest daughter of William and Lord of Lora (1470); seventeenth Campbell, of Fairfield, co. Ayr, and by Lord Campbell (1445),—all dignities in that lady, who died Dec. 1818, he had no the peerage of Scotland ; third Baron issue. He married secondly, April 17, Sundridge of Coombank in Kent (1766), 1820, Joan, only daughter and heir of and Baron Hamilton of Hameldon, co. John Glassel, esq. of Long Niddrey, Leicester (1776), in the peerage of Great East Lothian; she died Jan. 22, 1828, Britain ; Heritable Master of the Queen's leaving issue two sons and two daughters: Household, Keeper of the Great Seal, 1. John-Henry, who died in 1837, aged and official Custodian of the Regalia of sixteen ; 2. the Most Noble GeorgeScotland; Keeper of Dunstaffnage and Douglas now Duke of Argyll ; 3. Lady Carrick Castles; Colonel of the Argyll and Emma-Augusta ; and 4. Elizabeth, who Bute Militia ; a Fellow of the Royal Socie died an infant, soon after her mother, ties of London and Edinburgh, &c. &c. His Grace married thirdly, Jan. 10, 1831,

His Grace was born on the 21st Dec, Anne-Colhoun, eldest daughter of the 1777, the third son of John fifth Duke of late John Cuningham, esq. of Craig Ends; Argyll, by Elizabeth dowager Duchess of who survives him. Hamilton and Brandon (created Baroness The present Duke was born in 1823; Hamilton in 1776), second daughter of he married in 1844, Lady Elizabeth John Gunding, esq. of Castle Coote, co. Georgiapa Sutherland-Leveson-Gower, elRoscommon. He was thus brother to dest daughter of the Duke of Sutherland; two Dukes, Douglas Duke of Hamilton and has issue John-Douglas-Sutherland and Brandon, who died without issue in now Marquess of Lorn, born in 1845. 1799 ; and George-William Duke of Argyll , to whose dignities he succeeded.

EARL OF BESSBOROUGH. Lord John Campbell served for some May 16. At Dublin Castle, in his 66th time as an officer in his father's regiment, year, His Excellency the Right Hon. John the 3rd Foot Guards, and served in Holland William Ponsonby, fourth Earl of Bessbo. under the Duke of York and Sir Ralph rough (1739), Viscount Duncannon (1723), Abercromby. He was afterwards ap and Baron of Bessborough (1721); Baron pointed Colonel of the Argyll and Bute Ponsonby of Sysonby, co. Leic. (1749); regiment of militia.

and Baron Duncannon, of Bessborough, He was elected to Parliament for the co. Kilkenny (1834); Lord-Lieutenant of county of Argyll, on the resignation of Ireland; Lord Lieutenant and Custos bis uncle Lord Frederick Campbell, in Rotulorum of the county of Kilkenny ; & 1799, and rechosen at the subsequent Commissioner for Ecclesiastical Affairs in general elections until 1820, when he re. England, and of the Metropolitan Roads, tired, and cbietly resided at Ardencapel &c. &c. Castle, his seat in Dumbartonshire, until, His lordship, who until the last three by the death of his brother George-Wil years of his life was known as Lord Dun. liam the sixth Duke, he succeeded to the cannon, was born August 31, 1781, the dignities of the Peerage, on the 21st Oct. eldest son of Frederick third Earl of Bess. 1839. He was appointed Keeper of the borough, by Lady Henrietta Frances Great Seal of Scotland in Sept. 1841. Spencer, second daughter of John first His Grace took an active part in en

Earl Spencer. He was a member of deavouring to arrest the impending dis Christ Church, Oxford, where he was ruption in the Church of Scotland, and created M.A. June 23, 1802. In 1805 he proposed a Bill for legalising the veto was returned to Parliament for Knares. law. Although the propriety of such a borough, by the introduction of the Duke course may be doubted by many, the at.

of Devonshire ; in 1806 and 1807 he was tempt was worthy of the descendant of returned for Higham Ferrers through the those who had contributed so essentially interest of Earl Fitzwilliam, and from GENT, MAG, VOL. XXVIII,


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