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The History and Antiquities of Cleve- and illustrious families, the vale of

land, comprising the Wapentake of Cleveland abounds more than any East and West Langbargh, North similar locality in England ;" adding Riding, County York. By John that “ in the magniticence, variety, Walker Ord, F.G.S.L. &c. &c. 4to. and extent of its natural scenery ; in

WE have dwelt, on former occa- the healthfulness and salubrity of its sions, with some regret, on the present climate; in the energy and skill of its apparently passive state of Topography agriculturists; in the enterprise and as respects County Histories, and at perseverance of its general population, the same time admitted our sense of Cleveland may compare with any porthe great difficulty (judging from re- tion of the kingdom.” cent examples) in any single author Cleveland contains in all about thirty accomplishing the description of a parishes; and to their history in sucwhole county,* unless in were one of cession our author addresses himself ; the smallest. In the consequent ab- having first discussed, in several prelisence of the magnificent and somewhat minary chapters,--the general history ponderous folios which characterised of the district; its very interesting the topography of the first quarter of geological features, so remarkable for the present century, we are very glad its early alum-works, as well as other to welcome so goodly a quarto as the mineral products ; its agriculture, present, and to observe how well the amidst which the Cleveland cattle and topography of England may in fact be Cleveland horses make a conspicuous executed by authors undertaking such figure; its antiquities, which are dissmaller divisions of the county as are cussed with considerable research and capable of being completed within a discrimination ; and its religious his. limited period of time, before their tory, including monachism and archisubscribers drop off by death and other tecture. Chapter V. is devoted to the causes, or their own energies and ca- history of Gisborough Priory, which pabilities fail them. In this way we was one of the larger monastic houses, have already had portions of the his. its prior having a seat in Parliament. tory of Yorkshire, in Dr. Whitaker's Of this house was the historian Walter History of Richmondshire, in the Rev. Hemingford, whose work was pubJoseph Hunter's excellent History of lished by Hearne. the Deanery of Doncaster, and in Of the Brus monument at GisboPoulson's History of Holderness. rough, which is figured in Dugdale's Cleveland has itself had a previous Monasticon, and of which a lithograhistorian, in the Rev. John Graves, phic plate is given by Mr. Ord, at p. who published its “ History and Anti- 199, we may say a few words. It can. quities ” in 4to. 1808. There have not be justly termed a “ beautiful also been Histories of Whitby, an im- tomb," nor its statuettes and sculpportant town at the southern extremity tures“ curious and elegant," unless of this district, by Charlton in 1779, the draughtsmen have done it grievous and by Dr. Young in 1824; added to injustice. It is evidently one of those which the well-known William Hutton founder's tombs, built in ages posterior published in 1810 “ A Trip to Coat to the parties commemorated, of which ham and Redcar,” two small watering. a few examples still exist, like that of places on the coast near Middlesboking Osric in Gloucester cathedral, rough.

but the value of which, as monuments The present author is confident in of persons or costume, or as examples his claims, that “in monuments of of art, is very small indeed. antiquity, abbeys, priories, hermitages. In the same page is a statement with and cells; in castles, fortifications, regard to the heart of king Robert and encampments; in remains of Bruce, which is an instance of the former grandeur, and relics of great haste into which the author has been

sometimes betrayed. He says, “A * We are bappy, however, to observe arawi

erus drawing of the silver case we rememthe posthumous publication of the eighth

ber to have seen in one of the volumes and concluding Part of Dr. Lipscombe's of Hone's Every Day Book, accom• History of Buckinghamshire, which is thus panied with descriptive letter press :" complete in four volumes quarto.

but that silver case was the case that


From Ord's History of Cleveland.


Gent, Mag. July 1847.

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