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WESTMORELAND.-- July 1. At Miller June 18. David Gillespie, esq. manager Bridge, near Amblesi'le, aged 75, John of the Denbigh Branch of the North and Harden, esq. of Crea, King's co.

South Wales Bank. July 9. At Rydal Mount, Ambleside, June 28. At Adamsdown, near Cardiff, at the house of her father, Wm. Words aged 70, Lieut.-Col. Edward Nicholl, late worth, esq. (the laureate), Mrs. Quillinan, of the 84th Reg. of Foot, in which he wife of Edward Quillinan, esq. This lady served for 40 years in the East and West was the author of a “ Journal of a Few Indies, as well as in various other countries. Months' Residence in Portugal, & July 1. Aged 56, Henry Morgan, esq. cently published.

solicitor, Cardiff. Wilts.-June 9. Aged 53, Miss Jane SCOTLAND.-- June 13. At Glasgow, Gibbs, of Westbury.

aged 25, Harriett, wife of Capt. Cardew, Lately. At Marlborough, aged 17, Mar 74th Highlanders, and eldest dau. of Lieut.. garet, dau. of Major Henry Delafosse, Col. Fenwick, Royal Eng. Also, a few Bengal Art, and Principal Commissary of hours previously, Thomas-Howard, her Ordnance.

infant son. July 2. Aged 77, Felicia, wife of the July 3. At the residence of Robert Bell, Rev. John Seagram, Vicar of Aldbourne. esq. Edinburgh, James Peters, juo. esq.

WORCESTER. - July 1. At Mitton par Barrister-at-law, St. John's, eldest son of sonage, aged 77, Mrs. Pope, relict of the the Hon. Charles Jeffrey Peters, her Malate Rev. James Pope, B.D. Vicar of Great jesty's Attorney-General for the province Staughton, Huntingdonshire.

of New Brunswick. YORK.—June 10. At Norton, near Mal- IRELAND.—June 12. At Muckridge ton, Miss Rowntree, sister to Richardson House, Cork, of fever, Richard A. FitzRowntree, esq.

gerald, esq. M.P. for Tipperary. He had June 13. At Whitby, aged 91, Eliza- sat only during the present Parliament, beth, relict of John Ellerby, esq.

and was favourable to a Repeal of the June 25. At the house of John Skill, Union. esq. Normanby, very suddenly, W. H. June 17. At Belmullet, co. Mayo, of Morris, esq. of Doncaster.

fever, caught in the performance of his June 29. At his residence, Harland duty, Deputy Assistant Commissary-Gen. Rise, near Cottingham, Samuel Codd, esq. Alfred Bishop, second son of Sir Henry

July 1. Aged 8), Samuel Smith, esq. Bishop. of Hambleton House, Selby.

June 28. At Cork, of fever, taken durJuly 6. At York, aged 46, the Rev. ing bis zealous exertions to mitigate the John Ball, of Doncaster, Roman Catholic distress of his suffering fellow citizens, priest.

John A. youngest son of E. W. Wood. At Keighley, aged 32, of fever, the Rev. ford, esq. of Gravesend. James Coppinger, Catholic priest. Mr. JERSEY.-June 13. At St. Hillier's, Coppinger willingly complied with the re- aged 57, Margaret, wife of John Henry quest of his bishop to go to Leeds, after Jutting, esq. formerly of London. the clergy of St. Patrick's and St. Ann's East Indies.—March 20. At Chittawere disabled, and some of them had died gong, aged 25, Charles Wm. M‘Donald. of the same disease which has now taken April 23. From the effects of an accihis life.

dent, Captain Munday, of the Peninsular July 7. At Great Driffield, aged 22, and Oriental Company's steam-vessel BraJohn William, second son of Francis Forge, ganza, at Singapore. esq. M.D. of that place.

April 24. At Barnangora, near Dar. July 11. At Leeds, of typhus fever, the jeling, aged 24, Reginald John Walker, Rev. William Stanley Monck, late of Coley esq. a Lieut. in the Bengal Eng. and Park, Reading

Assistant Surveyor in the great trigono. July 15. At the house of her brother, metrical survey of India. He was the Hull, Elizabeth, widow of Capt. William fifth son of the late John Walker, esq. of Ridlay.

Purbrook Park, Hants. WALES.June 10. Thomas Donne, esq. April 28. At Vellore, Capt. George of Welsh St. Donat's, Glamorganshire. Gibson, 2d Native Veteran Battalion.

June 17. At Crossways, near Cow. At Bangalore, aged 19, Joseph Dobin. bridge, Glamorgansbire, aged 59, Lieut. son, esq. Éusigo in the 15th Madras N. Col. Entwisle, late of the 2d Royal Lan. Iof. youngest son of Joseph Dobinson, cashire Militia, and uncle to John Smith esq. of Egham Lodge, Surrey. Entwisle, esq. of Foxholes, Lanc. He was At Palaveram, John William Fothergill, the third son of John Markland, esq, who esq. late of the 29th Reg. Madras N. Inf. assumed the name of Entwisle, by Lately. At Jaulna, Katherine, wife of Ellen, daughter of Hugh Lyle, esq. of Capt. H. R. Phillott, 25th Regiment Coleraine.


ABROAD.--Jan. 28. In Australia, Mr. June 23. At Paris, Joshua J. Bran. John Stewart, nephew of Major-Gen. Stew. don, esq. late of Harley-st. art, of Mount Pleasant. He died from June 25. At Lubeck, William-Edwinexhaustion in the bush.

Tilt, eldest son of W. F. Scholfield, esq. April 15. In Florida, aged 46, Prince of Burley Wood, near Leeds, and late of Louis Napoleon Achille Murat, son of Manchester. Joachim Murat, ex-King of Naples, and June 27. At Paris, aged 42, Major of Caroline Bonaparte, sister of Napoleon. Lockyer Willis Hart, 22d Regt. B.N.I.

May 14. At Toronto, aged 55, the June 30. At Biebrich, on the Rhine, Hon. Christopher Alexander Hagerman, Lucy, wife of Lieut.-Col. Jasper Hall, one of the Judges of her Majesty's Court and eldest dau. of the late William Alves, of Queen's Bench, Upper Canada.

esq. of Enham House, Hants. June 3. Hugh Macdonell, esq. for many Lately. At Malta, William John Bra. years British Consul-Gen, at Algiers. bazon, esq. of Brabazon Park, Mayo, and

June 16. At Calais, aged 38, Henry Oaklands, Sussex, nephew and heir of the Augustus Dalton, esq. late Lieut. 3d late Sir Wm. Jobn Brabazon, Bart. M.P. Regt. (Buffs), and of Broad Park, near At Florence, Col. Stibbert, late of the Ilfracombe, eldest son of the late Dr. Jas. Coldstream Guards, brother of Giles Stib. Dalton, of the Hon. East India Com- bert, esq. of Connaught-sq. and Bath. pany's Service.

July 1. At Warmond, near Leyden, June 18. At Laibach, in Illyria, Capt. aged 78, Lieut.-Col. J. J. Schenck, for: Charles Frederic Sorell, 17th Bombay N.I. merly of Sunbury, Middlesex. eldest and only surviving son of the late July 2. At Calais, Eliza, dau. of Col. Lieut.-Col. Sir Thomas S. Sorell, British Cheney, C.B. and relict of John Ewart, Consul. General in the Austrian States. esq. of Liverpool.

June 21. At Malta, the wife of Capt. At Madrid, Dona Francisca Lopez de T. E. Symonds, of the Spartan.

Pelegrin, wife of Henry Southern, Esq. At Susa, Piedmont, aged 40, Robt. Tay late Chargé d'Affaires, at Lisbon. lor Woodward, esq. of Liverpool.

TABLE OF MORTALITY IN THE METROPOLIS. (Including the District of Wandsworth and Clapham, and the Sub-Districts of

Hampstead, Plumstead and Charlton, Lee, Lewisham, Eltham, and Sydenbam, which sub-districts were added to the Returns issued by the Registrar-General for the first time on Jan. 1, 1847.)

Deaths Registered from June 26, to July 17, 1817 (4 weeks).
Males 1868

Under 15.. ...... 1631

15 to 60......... 1306 , Females 181230

60 and upwards 732 700

Age not specified 11
Births for the above period ........



Wheat. | Barley. | Oats. | Rye. | Beans. | Peas.
* s. d. . d. s. d. s. d. 8. d. s. d.
76 0 39 3 25 8 67 3 46 6 51 6

Sussex Pockets, 31. 158. to 41. 48.-Kent Pockets, 41. 08. to 61. Os.

PRICE OF HAY AND STRAW AT SMITHFIELD, JULY 23. Hay, 21. 08. to 41. 08. --Straw, ll. 128. to 11. 168.-Clover, 31. 08. to 51. 08.

SMITHFIELD, JULY 23. To sink the Offal-perstone of 8lbs. Beef.......................38. 8d. to 55. Od. Head of Cattle at Market, JULY 19. Mutton ..................4s. 2d. to 58. 4d. | Beasts ............ 2968 Calves 327 Veal ....................4s. 4d. to 58. 4d. Sheepand Lambs 26,290 Pige 290 Pork......................48. Od. to 5s. Od. |

COAL MARKET, JULY 23. Walls Ends, from 16s. 6d. to 18s. 6d. per ton. Other sorts from 15s.6d, to 25s.6d. TALLOW, per cwt.- Town Tallow, 50s, 6d. Yellow Russia, 50s. 60,

CANDLES, 08. Od. per doz, Moulds, 05.0d.


From June 26, to July 25, 1847, both inclusive. Fahrenheit's Therm.

Fabrenheit's Therm.

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in. pts.


in. pts.

July 26 60

57 30, 05 fair, cloudy 27 63 71 58 20 12 2865 59 27 fair, cloudy 13 29, 67 67 58 27 do. do. 30 60 67 56 26 do. do.

15 J.1 67 | 55 26 do.

16 2 61 26 cloudy

17 3 51 65 57 10 do. tair

18 464 71 59 0 fine

19 5 71 78 62 29, 96 do.

20 6 70 78 69 90 do.hy.r.thdr. ' 21 768 69 67 83 cldy. fr. rain 22 8 68 i 70' 66 88 do. do.

23 9 69 72 62 30, 06 do. do.

24 10 68 76 61 17 do. do.


75 83 67 30, 20 cloudy, fair

71 24 do. do.

22 do. do. 84

21 do. do. 75, 80

18 do. do. 70

61 64 63 Oi heavy rain
61 68 57 05 cloudy, fair
63 69 58 29, 91 do, do, shrs.
65 72 63 91 do. do.

75 63 30, 01 do, de.
70 63 09 shrs. cly. fair
68 63 23 tair
68 61 12 do. cloudy
66 55 29, 93

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S | June & July.

Bank Stock.
3 per Cent.


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8 11 pm.


9 10 pm. 9 12 pm.


10 pm. 10 pm.

9 pm.

8 pm. 12 8 pm. 9 13 pm.

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9 pm. 5 pm. 9 pm.



28 89,
29 196; 893
30 1971 89
11 893
2 - 899
3197 894
5196 898
6 197 893
71961 893
91964 897

12 196 887
13 883
14 195 89
15 196} 89
16 196 898
17196 89
19/197} 89%
20 198
21198 893
22 1973 89
23 198 89
24 196} 883



914 94
91 95
911 95
91% 9

89 911 94
89 914 9884
883 91 95
888 91

903 9
88 90 91
88% 90 91
885 903 95

91 93

9199 89 915 98 89

914 95
88% 91594
88% 911 94

905 94
881 90%
Bet 903 9
888 907 91


13 10 pm.
9 13 pm.

9 13 pm.

10 13 pm.
2444 8 10 pm. 14 11 pm.

15 11 pm.
10 5

15 pm.
246) 8 pm.

il 14 pm.
10 5 pm. 10 13 pm.

13 10 pm.

9 13 pm. - 2441

9 12 pm.
9 12 pm.

98) 2441
2445 10 pm.

8 Il pm.

244 10 5 pm.


9 11 pm. 245

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8 11 pm.

5 pm.

ARNULL and ALLENDER, Stock and Share Brokers,

3, Copthall Chambers, Angel Court,





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MINOR CORRESPONDENCE.-The Cambrian Archeological Association-Eng-

lish Liturgies—Genealogical and Ecclesiastical Queries-Tyrolese Heraldry 226 MACAULAY'S LAYS OF ANCIENT ROME .......

227 The Etymology of York ...............

247 The Proposed Alterations in Westminster Abbey.......

248 Fisheries in the Co. Cork before the Rebellion of 1641 .......

249 A Review of Grainger's “Sugar Cane," by Dr. Samuel Johnson .

251 On the Granting of Arms .......

252 Lines by Bishop Atterbury on Lord Cadogan ..............

255 Anecdote of Thomas Carter the Composer.....

256 A PILGRIMAGE TO WALSINGHAM, 31st July, 1847: by a Member of the Ar

chæological Institute.- Historical Notices of Walsingham, 257; description by Erasmus, 259; East Dereham, 262; Fakenham, 263 ; Little Snoring, Great Snoring, and Binham Priory, 264; Old Walsingham, and Walsingham

Priory, 265; Houghton in the Dale and East Barsham ................. 266
RETROSPECTIVE Review.-Poems, by Thomas Beedome, 1641 .............. 268
POETRY.-Camilla, from Virgil, Æn. vii. and xi. By the Rev. John Mitford ... 271
Lagamon's Brut, by Sir Fred. Madden, 273 ; Letter to Lord John Russell on

Bishops, by Oxoniensis, 275; Wilson's Continuation of Mill's British
India, vol. ii. 277 ; Thierry's History of the Norman Conquest, by Hazlitt,
279; Rose's Early Spread of Circumcision, 280; Kentish's Notes and
Comments on Scripture, 281 ; Doubleday's Financial History of England,

282; Fox's English Etymologies, 283 ; Miscellaneous Reviews.......... 285 LITERARY AND SCIENTIFIC INTELLIGENCE.—Shakspere's House .. 291 ANTIQUARIAN RESEARCHES.-Meeting of the Archæological Institute

at Norwich, 292; Meeting of the Archæological Association at Warwick, 300; French Archives in England ..................................

HISTORICAL CHRONICLE.-Foreign News, 304 ; Domestic Occurrences 305
Promotions and Preferments, 308; Births and Marriages .......
OBITUARY : with Memoirs of Lord Dunsandle ; Admiral Poyntz; General

Clay; Lieut.-Gen. Sir D. L. Gilmour ; Lieut.-Gen. T. Marriott ; Major-
Gen. Crawford ; Major-Gen. Fyers; Colonel Martin Lindsay ; Capt. George
Maclean ; Capt. M'Gwire, R.N.; John Walter, Esq.; Daniel Stuart, Esq. ;

Mr. H. E. Lloyd; Mrs. Egerton ................................313-327 CLERGY DECEASED................

327 Deaths, arranged in Counties......

329 Registrar-General's Returns of Mortality in the Metropolis-Markets, 335;

Meteorological Diary-Stocks .........



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The first annual meeting of the Cambrian name is in a list of the gentry of StaffordArchæological Association will, we are shire, returned by commissioners in the informed, be held at Aberystwith, from reign of Henry the Sixth, 1433. Names the 7th to the 10th of September. Of terminating in 'son,' as Johnson, Richthis Association, formed for the purpose ardson, &c. are discoverable as early as of examining, preserving, and illustrating the latter part of the fourteenth century, all ancient monuments and remains of the and in some few instances still earlier. history, manners, customs, and arts of The armorials of the branch to which reWales and its Marches, Sir Stephen ference is made above are, Argent, on a · Richard Glynne, the Lord Lieutenant of bend engrailed sable three annulets gold." Flintshire, is the president; and the patrons A. B. would feel obliged to any Corare announced to be the Bishops of Bangor, respondent who would inform him of a Llandaff, St. David's, and St. Asaph. The correct account of the later generations name of Sir Samuel Meyrick is among of the pedigree of Wootton, or Wotton, of those of the vice-presidents. To prevent Engleborne, co. Devon (also of Spetchlabour being thrown away on subjects wick Park); as those given under Mr. already in hand, the Committee have an Urban's memoir of Mr. Estcourt Cressnounced that papers are in preparation on well, and in the published Creswell the following subjects :- the Local An- pedigrees, seem to be totally discordant. tiquities of Aberystwith ; the Roman Re. The Wottons appear to have merged in mains in Merionethshire and Montgomery. that family ; but some accounts make the shire; the History and Architecture of heiress daughter of a Samuel, and others Strata Florida Abbey ; and the State of of a John, Wotton; and locating them the Druidic Religion in Britain during the respectively at Spetchwick Park and residence of the Romans.

Engleborne. The Rev. Peter Hall, of Bath, (who PLANTAGENET informs us that in the is engaged on a Liturgical Compilation, parish church of Wiltau, a village close to exhibiting at one view the substitutes that Innspruck, and in whose cemetery sleeps have been successively proposed for the many a brave Tyrolian killed in the battle English Liturgy, and the alterations made on its neighbouring hill, which prevented in adapting it to other churches,) would the entry of the French into that city, is feel exceedingly obliged to any one who a gravestone remarkable to an English could inform him where there exists a eye for the manner in which one of its copy of the Form of Prayer and Sacra. armorial shields is placed thereon, and of ments, commonly called the “ Puritan which an account to the curious in heraldic Liturgy,'' the 4th edition, printed at Mid matters may be interesting. dleburgh, 1602, 12mo. or any later edition. These are two separate shields for man

C. asks, “ Can any of your genealogy and wife, marshalled, as occasionally also loving readers furnish any particulars of with us, along side one another : but with the Clarkson name anterior to the time of this peculiarity, viz. the woman's shield is Queen Elizabeth ? I have discovered a reversed, or (to use a vulgar expression) continuous pedigree of one branch of the placed topsy-turvy, for the purpose of defamily from the above period to the pre- poting that she was the last of her family sent day, commencing with one Robert and pame, as fully evidenced by the inof Bradford, Yorkshire, who died in 1631, scription under them. The lady was the and whose son David is mentioned by wife of Herr Ferdinand von STAHLBURG, Calamy in bis Non-conformist Memorial and is thus described : as a divine possessed of an eminent de

..... UND FRAU GEBORNE CAMERIN gree of sacred knowledge, and conversant

ZU BERKHAIM, DIE LESTE IHRES in the retired parts of learning. His cure was that of Mortlake in Surrey, from

STAMENS UND NAMENS, 1671. which he was ejected for non-conformity Another peculiarity of the heraldry of this in 1662, and died in 1686, aged 64. His gravestone is that the woman's shield is sister Mary was married in 1632 to John ensigned with a helinet and crest. Sharpe, uncle to the archbishop of that ERRATUM.- Page 165, col. 2, 1. ll, name. The earliest record I find of the for omisso, read amisso.

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