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as the only efficient means of extracting CLERGY DECEASED. poisons. By other inventions he gained March 9. At Armagh, of typhus fever, several medals from the Royal Agricul- caught in the discharge of his duties, aged tural Society; and he was in consequence 30, the Rev. Robert Haig, M.A. fifth encouraged to enter into business as a son of the late Robert Haig, esq. of machinist in London.

Dublin. Enjoying as he did the favour of the March 12. In his 84th year, the Rev. most exalted in rank, and possessing the William Bird, Perpetual Curate of Stret. confidence of men of the first station in ton, and Master of the Grammar School at the medical profession, he was still essen Church Eaton, Staffordshire. He was tially humble; and, if outward demeanour presented to Stretton in 1806 by Lord be any proof of inward sincerity, from Hatherton. the right motive. Seldom when in town At Hildersham, Cambridgeshire, aged was he absent from his accustomed place 72, the Rev. Charles Goodwin, Rector of in the aisle of St. James's church ; and that parish, to which he was instituted on when he visited his favourite Horsmonden, his own petition in 1806. He was of St. he would take his old seat in the gallery John's college, Cambridge, B.A. 1796, as of the church, where, when in humbler 3rd Junior Optime, M.A. 1799. circumstances, he had been a member of March 13. At an advanced age, the the village choir. Beneath the shade of Rey. Samuel Settle, Vicar of Berwick St. the venerable tower of that church it was James and Winterbourne Stoke, Wilts. his wish that his earthly remains should He was of Magdalen college, Cambridge, repose; and his spirit, let us hope, has be. B.A. 1798, as 14th Senior Optime, M.A. come a denizen of those blest abodes 1801; was presented to Winterbourne where there is no pain and uo trouble to Stoke in 1816, and to Berwick St. James need his remedial skill.

in 1817, both by Lord Ashburton.

At Bishop's Auckland, the Rev. Robert

Thompson, for thirty-three years Master MR. G. S. TAYLOR.

of the Grammar School at that place, and Lately. Mr. George Sutherland Tay. Perpetual Curate at Escomb, Durham. lor, of Golspie.

He was formerly for many years the junior Mr. Taylor was the confidential local Curate of St. Andrew's Auckland with agent of the noble family of Sutherland, Escomb and St. Anne's, and until lately and, apart from his laborious duties in Evening Lecturer at St. Anne's chapel. that capacity, he applied himself to literary He was collated to Escomb by Bishop pursuits, particularly to the history, an- Van Mildert in 1827. tiquities, and traditions of the North. March 14. Aged 75, the Rev. Edward His success in those studies was greatly Bulwer, M.A. Rector of Sall and Vicar promoted and enriched by his having of Guestwick, Norfolk. He was of Pemaccess to the Charter Room of Dunrobin broke college, Cambridge, B.A. 1794, Castle, and the various interesting docu- M.A. 1797 ; was presented to Guestwick ments there deposited. He was anxiously in 1796 by his own family, and to Sall in meditating a History of the Rebellion of 1818 by Pembroke college. 1715-comparatively little known—and March 15. At Lynn, Norfolk, aged for the illustration of which the deposita. 92, the Rev. Stephen Allen, Vicar of ries of the Duke of Sutherland bad co. Haslingfield, Cambridgeshire, and for pious and valuable resources, hitherto fifty-six years Perpetual Curate of St. unexplored. In the last number of the Margaret with St. Nicholas, King's Quarterly Review, various extracts are Lynn. In early life Mr. Allen was a given from Mr. Taylor's collections rela. pupil of Archdeacon Paley; and by his tive to the great Montrose. He contri- mother's marriage with Dr. Burney he buted largely to Mr. Scrope for his work enjoyed frequent opportunities of mixing on Deer-stalking,-wrote the articles in literary circles, in the pursuit of which " Sutherland” and “ Zetland" for Mr. he took great interest. He was of Christ's Charles Knight's Cyclopædia —and was college, Cambridge, but did not graduate. " one of the most valuable assistants in the He was presented to Lyme Regis in 1791 “ New Statistical Account of Scotland.” by the Dean and Chapter of Norwich, and He wrote, for the private gratification of to Flaslingfield in 1800 by C. Mitchell, esq. the late Duke and Duchess. Countess, the March 16. At Great Barford, Beds. traditions of the county ; and was engaged aged 68, the Rev. John Clarkson, Vicar when he died, in the historical account of Great Barford, with Roxton. He was of the family, which is understood to be formerly a Fellow of Trinity college, nearly completed.--(Inverness Courier.) Cambridge, where he graduated B.A.

1805 as fourth Wrangler, M.A. 1808,

xh, of typhus fever,
e of his daties, aged
Haig, M.A. titulo

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and was presented to his living by that the administration of relief to the starving Society in 1817.

poor. At Naish house, Wilts, the Rev. 'John April 5. The Rev. William Godfrey, Scurr, fourth son of the late Rev. Thomas Rector of Kenmare, co. Kerry. Scurr, Vicar of Allendale, Northum At Gateforth parsonage, in his 63rd berland.

year, the Rev. William Snowdon, B.D. March 20. At Dublin, the Rev. C. She. Rector of Swillington, Yorkshire, to which ridan Young, of Trin. Coll. Dublin. he was presented in 1837 by Sir John

March 20. At Spalding, aged 75, the Lowther.
Rev. William Wilkinson, M.A. Vicar of April 6. Aged 85, the Rev. James Par.
Sproxton with Saltby, Leicestershire, to sons, B.D. Incumbent of Newnham and
which he was presented in 1820 by the Little Dean, co, Gloucester, an Hon.
Duke of Rutland.

Associate of the Royal Society of LiteraMarch 24. At Canewdon, Essex, aged ture. Mr. Parsons entered the uviversity 80, the Rev. William Atkinson, M.A. of Oxford as a member of Trinity college, Vicar of that parish. He was formerly from whence he was elected to Wadham, Fellow pf St. Catharine's hall, Cambridge, and took the degree of M.A. in 1786. In where he graduated B.A. 1787, M.A. 1808, on the death of Dr. Holmes, Dean 1790, and was collated to Canewdon in of Winchester, he returned to Oxford at 1809 by Dr. Porteus, then Bishop of the invitation of the Delegates of the London.

Clarendon Press, to undertake the conMarch 25. The Rev. Michael Hughes, tinuation of the edition of the Septuagint, of Kildare.

which he completed in the year 1827, March 26. At Pera, aged 71, the Rev. when he retired to his preferment in Samuel Bennett, D.D. Chaplain to the Gloucestershire. During his residence in English embassy at Constantinople, Rec Oxford he was for some years Vice-Printor of Walton-on-the-Hill, Surrey, and cipal of St. Alban's hall. He was preformerly the chaplain and intimate friend sented to Newnham with Little Dean in of H. R. H. the Duke of Kent. He was 1800 by the Corporation of Gloucester. of Queen's college, Cambridge, B.A. At Bowness, Cumberland, aged 35, the 1797, as 8th Junior Optime, M.A. 1800, Rev. George William Dixon, of Sidney and D.D. as a member of Peterhouse, Sussex college, Camb. B.A. 1835. 1823. He was instituted to the rectory of April 7. At Stockleigh Pomeroy, DeWalton-on-the-Hill in 1822.

vonshire, the Rev. Nicholas Lightfoot, At Gambia, West Coast of Africa, aged Rector of that parish, to which he was 41, the Rev. Francis John Harrison collated in 1831 by the Bishop of Ex. Rankin, B.A. her Majesty's garrison and eter. colonial chaplain.

April 8. Aged 57, the Rev. John March 28. At Mydrim, Carmarthen Coates, Perpetual Curate of St. Mark, shire, aged 73, the Rev. John Jenkins, Longwood, Huddersfield, and Master of Vicar of that parish and Llanfihangel the Grammar School at Almondbury. Abercowin, Perpetual Curate of New. He was appointed to his church in church, and a magistrate for the same 1822. county. He was presented to Newchurch At Tyfos, Merionethshire, aged 50, the in 1802, and collated to Mydrim with Rev. Robert Townshend Passingham. Llanfihangel Abercowin in 1812 by Dr. April 10. At Felpham, Sussex, aged Burgess, then Bishop of St. David's. 76, the Rev. John Bishop Beed, Vicar of

March 30. At Bath, in his 45th year, that parish, and Rector of Middleton.
the Rev. William Penrice Borrett, M.D. He was presented to the vicarage of Felp-
Rector of Siston, Gloucestersh. He was of ham by the Rector thereof in 1805, and
Gonville and Caius college, Cambridge, to Middleton in 1832 by the Lord Chan.
B.A. 1826.

March 31. The Rev. John Rose Pine, April 10.

At Versailles, the Rev. Fellow and Assistant Tutor of St. Catha. Edward Brodie. He was of Trinity hall, rine's hall, Cambridge, B.A. 1846. Cambridge, B.A. 1807.

April 1. The Rev. J. R. Cotter, April il. At Truro, aged 31, the Rev. Rector of Innishannon, co. Cork.

Joseph George Venables, youngest son of April 2. At Ballivor glebe, co. Meath, the late Rev. Joseph Venables, of Os. the Rev. Joseph Greene, incumbent of westry. He was of Jesus college, Cam. Ballivor.

bridge, B.A. 1838, M.A. 1841. April 3. At the Glebe, Westport, co. April 12. At Bentworth, Hants, the Mayo, the Rev. Patrick Pounden, Vicar Rev. Thomas Mathews, Rector of that of that place. He died of fever, contracted parish, to which he was instituted in 1806, in the discharge of his numerous addi- it being in his own patronage. tional duties, rendered too laborious in

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predilections, and was equally esteemed LONDON AND ITS VICINITY.

by his friends.

May 21. In Middlesex-pl. New-road, May 6. At Stoke Newington, aged 69, aged 44, Richard Willan, esq. of the Mary, relict of Patrick MacLachlan, esq. Grange, Hillingdon, Middlesex, and the of Stamford-bill.

Hill, Sedbergh, Yorksbire, only child of May 7. At Paddington, Augustus Gor

the late Robert Wiilan, M.D. of Bloomsdon, esq. late of 33rd Regt. of Foot.

bury-sq. May 8. Aged 61, Harold Daniell, esq. At the residence of her son-in-law, in of Blackheath, Kent.

Berkeley-sq. Ann, wife of William Cooke, May 9. At Camberwell, aged 62, John

esq. of Long Ashton, Somerset. Kay, esq. formerly of the E. I. Company's in Margaret-st. Cavendish-sq. John Civil Service, St. Helena.

Bunney, esq. of Coventry. In Hart-street, Marklane, John Fre. May 22. `In Bryanston-sq. Emily Su. derick Heath, esq.

san, second dau. of the late Edw. Lee, esq. At Greenwich, aged 20, Thomas, young. In London, Arthur Saunders, esq. late est son of Thomas Goodsir, esq. formerly of the 12th Royal Lancers, in which regiCollector of her Majesty's Customs atment he served as Capt. in the Peninsula. Barbados.

At Islington, John Fox, esq.of the Stock In Queen Anne-st. aged 41, George Exchange, Barne Barlow, esq. of the Crown Office, Io Tavistock-sq. aged 77, Grace, relict second son of the Rev. G. F. Barlow, of Wm. Smythies, esq. Colchester. Rector of Burgh, Suffolk.

May 23. In Albert-road, Regent's At Chester-pl. Hyde Park-sq. the wife Park, aged 60, John William Innes, esq. of William Cowell, esq. many years judge the first of the senior clerks of the Admi. of Bareilly, Bengal.

ralty. May 11. At Fulham, aged 47, Joseph At the residence of her daughters, BelHolmes, esq. surgeon.

grave House, Turnham Green, aged 83, In Hornsey-road, aged 54, John Adam Mrs. Penelope Graham. Cawthorne, esq.

Aged 74, Miss Fortnum, of Piccadilly. May 12. In Langford-pl. St. John's. May 24. At the residence of his daughroad, aged 66, Benjamin Boyes, esq. ter, aged 58, Thomas, the youngest son

In Cork-st. aged 44, Eliza, wife of of the late Rev. David Bradberry. Benjamin Jackson, esq.

In George-st. Portman-sq. aged 81, May 13. In Cloudesley-st. Islington, Elizabeth-Maria, widow of Perry Fitzaged 63, George Kirkpatrick, esq.

Herbert, esq. Aged 48, George Suttell Wilson, esq. In Montagu-pl. Russell-sq. aged 57, M.A., Barrister-at-law. He was of St. Mary-Ann, widow of Col. John Murphy, John's college, Camb. B.A. 1821, and of Malaga, a Knight of Alcantara, &c. was called to the bar at Gray's Inn, Nov. At her son's house, Woburn-place, 16, 1831. He went the Northern circuit. aged 65, Ann, relict of Joseph Pullen, esq.

May 14. At Dulwich, aged 20, John May 25. Aged 33, Charlotte-Amelia, Hawkesley Gowan, fifth son of Philip wife of Mr. Francis Benjamin Dalton, Gowan, esq.

Surgeon, and third dau. of the late John May 16. At the Club Chambers, Re. Bott, esg. Secretary to the Privy Purse of gent-st. aged 61, John Lovewell, esq. for his late Majesty William IV. merly Capt. in the 7th Dragoon Guards. In Manchester-sq. aged

In Cadogan-st. aged 76, Miss Susan- 79, James Colvin, esq. of Old Broad-st. nah Helena Macdonald, only dau. of the and of Little Bealings, Suffolk. late General Alexander Macdonald.

At the house of her son-in-law, Great In Montagu-sq. aged 59, Mary, wife of Coram-st. Brunswick-sq. aged 92, Mrs. Charles King, esg. of Broomfield-place, Francis Colebatch. Essex.

At Upper George-st. Bryanstone-sq. Mrs. Caroline Bowes, of Streatham-pl. aged 67, Francis Diggens, esq. late banker, Brixton-hill, relict of James Bowes, esq. of Chichester.

May 18. In Canonbury-sq. Islington, Aged 59, George Anderton, esq. of the William Moule, esq. of Lloyd's.

Albany-road, Camberwell, formerly of May 19. John Macdowall, esq. of the High-st. Southwark. Inner Temple, barrister-at-law, eldest son May 27. At the house of his brotherof the late William Macdowall, esq. of in-law, T. Barnes, esq. Upper Park-pl. Woolmet, N.B.

Regent's Park, aged 69, W. Prince, esq. May 20. Aged 82, Mary Ann Lamb, late of Lloyd's. sister of the late Charles Lamb, author of May 28. In Church-pl. Piccadilly, “ The Essays of Elia." Residing with her Guido Sorelli, translator of “ Paradise brother, she participated in his tastes and Lost."


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In Park-st. Grosvenor-sq. Sophia, widow Thomas Farrant, esq. of Northsted House, of Chas. Welstead, esq. Valentines, Essex. Kent, and Great Hale, Lincoloshire.

May 31. In loverness-road, Bayswater, At Hammersmith, aged 41, Dr. Ludwig
aged 51, Emma-Jane, widow of Major Calmano.
Hugh Scott, Deputy Adj.-Gen. of the Ma. Aged 56, Lewis Evans, esq. Grove-lane,
dras Army, and eldest dau. of the late Camberwell.
Henry Harris, esq. M.D. Member of the June 7. At the house of her brother.
Madras Medical Board.

in-law, the Rev. J. Fearnley, Lincoln's. June 1. Aged 62, Lieut.-Col. Elton, inn-fields, Emma, eldest surviving dau. of late of the 1st Dragoon Guards.

the late Matthew Buckle, esq. of Norton Aged 72, William Johnston, esq. of House, Chichester. Camberwell.

At Kensington, aged 57, George White, In Chapel-st. Grosvedor-pl. aged 75, esq. of the War Office. Lady Madelina Palmer, auot to the Dukes June 8. Aged 15, Octavius-Plunket, of Richmond and Manchester, the March son of William Bell, esq. of ionesses of Abercorn and Tweeddale, &c. la Woburn. sq. aged 70, Cabel Roope, &c. She was the second daughter of Alex. esq. late of Oporto. ander 4th Duke of Gordon, by his first Aged 66, Andrew Henning, esq. of wife Jane, 2d daughter of Sir William Lloyd's, and of Stoke Newington. Maxwell, Bart. ; and sister to Charlotte June 9. At East Dulwich, aged 73, late Duchess of Richmond, Susan late Timothy Thorne, esq. of the Westminster Duchess of Manchester, Louisa March- Brewery. ioness dowager Cornwallis, and Georgiana Aged 49, Lieut.-Col, Richard Irton, Duchess dowager of Bedford. She was of the Rifle Brigade. He was the younger married first in 1789, to Sir Robert Sin. son of the late Frumund Lamplugh Irton, clair, Bart. who died in 1793 ; and se of Irton, co, Cumberland, esq. by Harcondly, in 1805, to Charles Pysche Palmer, riet, dar.. of John Hayne, esq. of Ashe esq. of Lockley Park, Berks, M.P. for boura Green, co. Derby; and married Reading, who died in 1843.

Sarah, dau. of Joseph Sabine, esq. He June 2. Aged 72, Thomas Hurst, ey. was promoted to Lieut.-Col. of the Rifle who first carried on business as r. 'oook. Brigade in 1841. seller in Paternoster-row, in partnership At Gloucester-terr. Regent's-park, Louwith Mr. Orme. Both these gentlemen isa-Decima, youngest dau. of the late Jo. afterwards joined the firm of Longman, seph Cotton, esq. of Layton, Essex. Hurst, Rees, Or me, and Brown. Unfor. Samuel Housley, esq. of Gloucester. tunately Mr. Hurst involved himself in terr. Regent's-park. difficulties with his brother, who was part June 10. At Hampstead, aged 36, Bar in the firm of Hurst and Robinson, Emma, wife of R. G. Slade, esq. of Glou. and was obliged in consequence to retire cester-st, Portman-sq. from the firm of Longman and Co. He In Upper Berkeley-st. aged 86, the Rt. tried business in St. Paul's Churchyard on Hon. Elizabeth dowager Lady Colchester, his separate account, but was unsuccessful; She was the eldest dau. of Sir Philip and at last this worthy but unfortunate Gibbes, Bart. and was married in 1796 to gentleman found a retreat as one of the the late Rt. Hon. Charles Abbot, Speaker Brethren of the Charterhouse in 1842. of the House of Commons, created Lord

At Walthamstow, aged 87, John Little, Colchester in 1817, and who died in 1829, esq.

having had issue two sons, the present June 3. Mary-Ann, wife of William Lord Colchester and late Hon. Philip Tubb, esq. of the Castle Brewery, South. Heory Abbot. wark, and Little Bookbam, Surrey.

June 11. In Hyde Park-pl. West, In Connaught-sq. aged 80, Mrs. Mary Frances, widow of the Rev. Henry Smith. Dagley

Suddenly, at Melbury-terr. Dorset-sq. In Piccadilly, Jobn Baiggie Rebecca, esq. aged 65, Thomas Bush, esq.

June 4. At Hammersmith, aged 70, Miss William Botsford Chandler, esq. barAnda Patterson, formerly of Phillimore. rister-at-Law, eldest son of the Hon. E. pl. Kensington.

B. Chaydler, of Dorchester, in the pro.
June 5. At Holloway, aged 64, John vince of New Brunswick.
Lawson, esq. of Shooter's Hill and Bexley June 12. At Pimlico, aged 73, Miss
Heath, Kent, second son of the late John Sophia Burt.
Lawson, esq. of Bowness Hill, Cumber. At Ham Common, John V. Bridgman,

esq. surgeon.
In Billiter-st. the residence of her son, At Gray's-inn, aged 75, John Perry,
aged 83, Louisa, widow of the late c. esq. one of the Benchers of that Society.
Clarance, esq. of Lodge Hall, Essex. He was called to the bar June 13, 1804,

In Montague-st. Portman-sq. aged 74, and practised as an equity draftsman,


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At his father's house, North-cresc. Bed- Aug. 20, 1820; removed from the Leander ford-sq. aged 10, James-Matravers, only 50 to the Topaze 46, in 1821 ; became a child of James Barstow, esq. barrister-at. Commander Nov. 13, 1823; was appointed law.

to the Comus sloop 1832; and was posted June 13. At Streatham-paragon, aged Oct. 22, 1836. He married in 1831 Har.

Oct. 22, 1836. He mar 44, Harriet, dau. of S. Sangster, esq. riet, only daughter of the late R. H. Faul.

coner, of Lewes. Beds.- Nay 15. Aged 43, Dr. Me. May 26. At Dix's Field, Exeter, the sham, one of the physicians to the General relict of Admiral Peard. Infirmary at Bedford. He committed May 27. At Chudleigh, Mary-Hellyer, suicide by taking prussic acid; and has wife of Lieut. Henry Beddek, R.N. left a wife and six children

May 29. At Exmouth, at an advanced BERKS.- May 11. At Binfield, aged age, Harriet, widow of Wm. Castle Frome, 71, Sophia, relict of Capt. Wright, pay late Lieut.-Col. 22nd Foot. master of the 59th reg.

June 6. At Lympstone, aged 27, John May 20. At Reading, Sarah, wife of W. B. Reynolds, esq. son of the late W. Willi m Woodman, esq. late of Bristol. Reynolds, esq. formerly of that place. Ju 4. At Speen Vicarage, aged 6,

" &Speen Vicarage, aged 6. June 7. At Bideford, aged 51, Lieut, Stuart, eldest sop of the Rev. Stuart Ma- John Wilson, R.N. (1815). : Vicar of Longdon, near Lichfield. June 9. At Exeter, Laura, relict of R.

May 26. At Iver, aged 60, R. Sanders, esq. Bucks.. :

At the Rectory, Combeinteignhead, Richard Wicko. Grace Gril, youngest aged 78, Apn Yeomans, relict of Rev. Jo.

June, Aged 82, seph Lane Yeomans, Vicar of Bishop's dau.of Villiam Gvll, ot. 'ilway accident Tawton and Braunton. June, Killed by a ra m as Ma. June 12. At Ogweli

June 12. At Ogwell House, near Tor, at Wolv :rton, aged 23, Mr. Thu 'alene quay, aged 65, Sir Richard Plasket, Knt, kinson, scholar of St. Mary Magu 1. He was third son of Mr. Thomas Plasket, college, Cambridge; Mr. Henry Smith, and early in life filled an appointment in the agent of the Belfast steam-boats at :. Colonial Department. He was subseFleetwocd Lanc. ; Mr. Cooper, of Wol

employed as private and public verhampto", and four otlıer persons.


y the government at Ceylon, CAMBRIDGE.- May 10. Aged 68, Wm. secretary to Hall, esq. vf Waterbeach Lodge.

Malta, and the che of Good Hope. He June 6. At the Fen Office, Ely, aged 69,

discharged the impoi tant duties of his

to th' satisfaction of Sarah-Ann, the wife of Samuel Wells, esq. several appointments to the

+ for an iod of 26 June 11. Aged 21, Philip James Burn the home government for a pero rard, Student at Clare Hall, Cambridge. years, and in consideration of his enn

DERBY.-llay 23. At the Elms, Derby, services he was nominated a Knight of tho Robert Ronald, esq.

Order of St. Michael and St. George, on Devox.-May 13. At Totnes, aged 63, the institution of that order in 1818. Joseph Biower, esq. of Lincoln's-in-fields. At Plymouth, Mrs. Elizabeth Pulgrain,

May 14. At Torquay, Captain William only sister of the late Capt. William Wata Evans, of the 18th Foot. He was one of son, R.N. the lew survivors of the unfortunate 44th June 13. At Plymouth, aged 69, Harry Regt. cut up at Cabool, and was a fellow. Ashby, esq. captive with Col. Shelton, the gallant DORSET.-May 25. At Chilfroome, Lady Sale, &c. He was promoted to his aged 80, John Moake, esq. the last son of company in 1833.

John Moake, esq. of Wraxall. May 16. At Bideford, at the house of At the residence of her brother the her aunt Mrs. Cooke, Amelia, only dau. Rev. T. Denny, Longfleet, Poole, aged 54, of the late W. H. Maunder, esq. of Exeter. Mary, third dau. of the late Capt. Ellis,

At Mount Radford, near Exeter, aged R.N. of Wareham. 87, Lydia, relict of the Rev. James Man. DURHAM.-June 7. At Gateshead, aged ning, of Exeter.

27, AnneHenrietta-Peareth, youngest dau, May 18. . At Devonport, Capt. W. V. of John Bell, land surveyor. Welland, E.I.C., only remaining son of Essex.-May 9. At Alphamstone recthe late R. Welland, esq. of Lympstone. tory, Edmund-Newton, son of the Rev.

May 19. At Torquay, the relict of the H. Hodges, Rector of Alphamstone. Rev. Edward Carleton Cumberbatch, of May 22. At Colchester, Mary, eldest Barbados.

dau. of the late Rev. Charles Cooke, of May 21. At Belair, near Plymouth, aged Semer, Suffolk. 45, Capt. William Price Hamilton, R.N. May 23. At Chigwell, aged 70, Miss He entered tbe nary in 1810, was appointed Harriet Hodgson. flag. lieutenant to Sir H. Blackwood, com. At Littlebury, aged 57, Nathaniel Ro. mander-in-chief on the East India station, binson, esg.

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