Massachusetts Reports: Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, Volume 77

H.O. Houghton and Company, 1864

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Página 141 - Asylum, for the purpose of assisting and providing for deserted and destitute infant children, with all the powers and privileges, and subject to all the duties, restrictions and liabilities set forth in the sixty-eighth chapter of the General Statutes, and in all general laws which now are, or hereafter may be in force relating to such corporations.
Página 365 - In such cases, although the covenant or agreement in the deed, regarded as a contract merely, is binding only on the original parties, yet, in order to carry out the plain intent of the parties, it will be construed as creating a Whitney v.
Página 220 - For the avoiding and abolishing of feigned, covinous and fraudulent feoffments, gifts, grants, alienations, conveyances, bonds, suits, judgments, and executions, as well of lands and tenements as of goods and chattels...
Página 27 - Provided, that in actions where one of the original parties to the contract or cause of action in issue and on trial is dead, or is shown to the court to be insane, the other party...
Página 149 - ... under a claim of title, with the knowledge and acquiescence of the owner of the land and uninterrupted. The burden of proving this is on the party claiming the easement. If he leaves it doubtful whether the enjoyment was adverse, known to the owner and uninterrupted, it is not conclusive in his favor.
Página 125 - Thus, in an action by the indorsee against the maker of a promissory note, the defense insisted on was, that the note had been given for hits against the defendant in a lottery insurance.
Página 484 - The necessary household and kitchen furniture, and such other articles and necessaries, of such bankrupt as the said assignee shall designate and set apart, having reference in the amount to the family, condition, and circumstances of the bankrupt...
Página 445 - No subject shall be held to answer for any crime or offence, until the same is fully and plainly, substantially and formally, described to him; or be compelled to accuse, or furnish evidence against himself.
Página 516 - Judge instructed the jury that the burden of proof was on the plaintiff to establish its case by a preponderance of the testimony. and on the defendant to establish its defense by a preponderance of the evidence.
Página 141 - There is an obvious reason for making such organization by written articles of agreement a condition precedent to the exercise of corporate rights. It is the basis on which all subsequent proceedings are to rest, and is designed to take the place of a charter or act of incorporation, by which corporate rights and privileges are usually granted.

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