The Shipley collection of scientific papers, Volume 167


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Página 78 - ... degeneration of the heart (fatty infiltration) occurs chiefly in persons who have a large development of the subcutaneous adipose tissue ; the infiltration is often to such an extent as to prove troublesome. 5. Fatty degeneration of the heart occurs as an acute or a chronic affection. It is observed more frequently on the right than on the left side of the organ. In some cases the entire substance of the walls of the ventricle is affected, in others only a portion. In the chronic form there is...
Página 102 - CFW: The development of the main lymph channels of the cat in their relations to the venous system.
Página 84 - Spee in Kiel. Mit 102 teilweise farbigen Originalholzschnitten. Preis für Abnehmer des ganzen Werkes: 9 Mark, Einzelpreis: 11 Mark 50 Pf. Lieferung 4: Band VII: Haril- Und Geschlechtsorgane.
Página 98 - Berlin. 2. umgearbeitete Auflage des Werkes ..Die Zelle und die Gewebe". Mit 371 Abbildungen im Text. Preis: 15 Mark, geb.
Página 98 - F. Maurer, o. Professor der Anatomie und Direktor der Anatomischen Anstalt in Jena. Mit 4 Tafeln und 28 Figuren im Text. Preis: 20 Mark. Die 'Morphologie der Missbildungen des Menschen und der Tiere.
Página 412 - Thus he says: The peripheral general lymphatic channels appear to be developed by confluence of spaces independent of the venous system, although closely associated with the same. The histological picture presented by them differs radically from that of the jugular veno-lymphatic derivatives. They begin as minute extravenous vacuoles closely applied to the surface of the veins which they accompany. They enlarge as the lumen of the veins diminishes. They become confluent with each other but they never...
Página 411 - McClure, The Anatomy and Development of the Jugular Lymph Sacs in the Domestic Cat (Felis Domestica), Anat.
Página 391 - An examination of the methods used in the study of the development of the lymphatic system. Anat.
Página 84 - Dr. M. Holl in Graz. Mit 34 Original-Abbildungen im Text. Preis für Abnehmer des ganzen Werkes: 3 Mark 60 Pf. Einzelpreis: 5 Mark. Lieferung 5: Band V: Sinnesorgane.
Página 121 - ... from the veins in the neck. At the very start the openings of these ducts into the veins are guarded by valves formed by the direction which the endothelial bud takes as it grows from the vein. In the ducts themselves there are no valves at first. From these two buds and later from two...

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