Briefcase on Employment Law

Taylor & Francis Group, 2000 - 328 páginas
A concise and comprehensive guide to the principles of employment law which focuses on the topics common to employment law courses at both undergraduate and diploma level. The cases and statutory materials are presented and explained in a clear and logical way in order to assist student understanding of this complex and dynamic subject. The second edition has been fully updated to take account of the most recent statutory changes (such as the Employment Relations Act 1999) and case law developments (including, amongst others, the unfair dismissal cases Haddon v Van Den Burgh (1999) and Wilson v Ethicon Ltd (2000)).

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Charles Kelly Barrow is a native Georgian, born in Atlanta and raised in DeKalb County and the Tucker area. With J. H. Segars and R. B. Rosenburg, he compiled and edited the anthology Black Confederates, also a Pelican title. In 1979, he joined the Sons of Confederate Veterans and currently serves as second vice-president of the Pike County Historical Society and as the historian-in-chief of the SCV (the youngest ever appointed). He graduated from Shorter College in 1988 with a B.S. in social science. Now a social studies teacher at Flint River Academy, he is working on his masteris degree at Piedmont College. He resides in Zebulon, Georgia.

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