Politics for the People; Or, A Salmagundy for Swine ...

D. I. Eaton, 1794 - 400 Seiten
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Seite 343 - For he that fights and runs away May live to fight another day, But he that is in battle slain Will never rise to fight again.
Seite 396 - But when contending chiefs blockade the throne, Contracting regal power to stretch their own, When I behold a factious band agree To call it freedom when themselves are free...
Seite 237 - Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled, fill to her double.
Seite 142 - Anne, no Perfon, who had any Office, or Place of Profit, under the King, or received any Penjion from the Crswn, fkould be capable of fervir.g as a Member of the Houfe ef Common!.
Seite 201 - C ledge revive thofe rights of reafonable beings, which to be; recovered need only to be felt ! Sages of the earth, philofophers of every nation, it is yours alone to make laws by pointing out thefe rights to your fellow citizens. Take...
Seite 75 - Come muster, my lads, your mechanical tools, Your saws and your axes, your hammers and rules; Bring your mallets and planes, your level and line, And plenty of pins of American pine: For our roof we will raise, and our song still shall be, Our government firm, and our citizens free.
Seite 117 - ... and what may fairly be computed to be more than a thirtieth part of the whole income and labour of the kingdom.
Seite 205 - The man whom motives of revenge, intereft, or wickednefs, have determined to give a falfe teftimony, will he be deterred by the fear of committing one crime more ? Is he not apprifed, before he is brought up to the tribunal of juftice, that this formality will be required of him ? And has he not from the bottom of his heart defpifed it before he complied with it ? Is it not a fpecies of impiety to introduce the name of God in our...
Seite 105 - ... it fuch ; the peace and the fafety of England depend on its being preferved. Our very habits and manners, and the ftructure of fociety among us, are founded on this union. I know the evils of our fituation, but the heavy load of our debts and taxes muft teach us to fubmit. Patience, peace, economy, and gradual reformation, are the remedies that wife men would point out ; the chance of more dangerous means being reforted to arifes from the folly of one clafs, who deny thefe evils, and, by denying,...
Seite 11 - In the general plan That forms the commonwealth of man, We may prefume that every fingle part, In bulk, and growth, and diftribution, Was made, by never-erring art, Beft fuited to the human conftitution. 'Twere then enough for me to found pretenfions On my long...

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