Digest of the Decisions of the Courts of Common Law and Admiralty in the United States, Volume 3


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Página 125 - When committed upon the high seas, or on any other waters within the admiralty and maritime jurisdiction of the United States and out of the jurisdiction of any particular State...
Página 2-14 - Missouri statute provides that no mortgage of personal property shall be valid against any other person than the parties thereto, unless possession of the mortgaged property be delivered to and retained by the mortgagee, or unless the mortgage be recorded in the county in which the mortgagor resides.
Página 221 - The officers of the bank are held out to the public as having authority to act, according to the general usage, practice, and course of...
Página 359 - Bitters" would be held as warranting the article to be medicinal. Even in the case of the sale of provisions for domestic use, the vendor at his peril is bound to know that they are sound and wholesome ; and if they are not so, he is liable to an action on the case, at the suit of the vendee.
Página 2-15 - CC 289, have the same original derivation, or where one is an abbreviation or corruption of the other, but both are taken promiscuously and according to common use to be the same, though differing in sound, the use of one for the other is not a material misnomer.
Página 14 - Lincoln was employed by the defendant to make and lay a drain for him, on his own land, and extending thence to the public drain, he (Lincoln) procuring the necessary materials, employing laborers, and charging a compensation for his own services and his disbursements, he must be deemed, in a legal sense, to have been in the service of the defendant, to the effect of rendering his employer responsible for want...
Página 296 - ... made, but for two distinct and independent considerations, each going to a distinct portion of the note, and one is a consideration which the law deems valid and sufficient to support a contract, and the other not, there the contract shall be apportioned, and the holder shall recover to the extent of the valid consideration, and no further.
Página 344 - The territory lying between two rivers, Is the whole country from their sources to their mouths ; and If no branch of either of them has acquired the name, exclusive of another, the main branch, to Its source must be considered as the true river.
Página 369 - And if one set of persons have taken possession of a vessel abandoned at sea, and are endeavoring to bring it into port and save it, another set have no right to interfere with them and become participators in the salvage, unless it appears that the first would not have been able to effect the purpose without the aid of the others (g).
Página 2-19 - But there is nothing in our laws or in the Law of Nations that forbids our citizens from sending armed vessels, as well as munitions of war, to foreign ports for sale. It is a commercial adventure which no nation is bound to prohibit, and which only exposes the persons engaged in it to the penalty of confiscation.

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