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Oh — Papa, all along, knew the secret, 't is clear 'Twas a shopman he meant by a “ Brandenburgh,"

dear! The man, whom I fondly had fancied a King,

And, when that too delightful illusion was past, As a hero had worshipp'd — vile, treacherous thing —

To turn out but a low linen-draper at last! My head swam around — the wretch smild, I believe, But his smiling, alas, could no longer deceive — I fell back on BOB — my whole heart seem'd to

wither — And, pale as a ghost, I was carried back hither ! I only remember that Bob, as I caught him,

With cruel facetiousness said, “ Curse the Kiddy! “A staunch Revolutionist always I've thought him,

“But now I find out he's a Counter one, BIDDY!”

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Only think, my dear creature, if this should be

known To that saucy, satirical thing, Miss Malone! What a story ’t will be at Shandangan for ever! What laughs and what quizzing she 'll have with the men!

[never It will spread through the country - and never, oh,

Can Biddy be seen at Kilrandy again! Farewell — I shall do something desp’rate, I fearAnd, ah! if my fate ever reaches your ear, One tear of compassion my DOLL will not grudge To her poor — broken-hearted — young friend,


Nota bene — I am sure you will hear, with delight,
That we're going, all three, to see Brunet to-night.
A laugh will revive me — and kind Mr. Cox
(Do you know him ?) has got us the Governor's box.



Tu Regibus alas

VIRGIL, Georg. lib. iv.

- Clip the wings Of these high-flying, arbitrary Kings.

DRYDEN'S Translation

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