Alliterative Poem on the Deposition of King Richard II: Ricardi Maydiston De Concordia Inter Ric. II. Et Civitatem London, Volume 3

Camden Society, 1838 - 64 páginas

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Página 28 - Than, as her fforme is, ffrist ' they begynne to declare The cause of her comynge • and than the kyngis will. Comliche a clerk than • comsid the wordis, And pronouncid the poyntis • aparte to hem alle, And meved ffor money • more than ffor out ellis, In glosinge of grette • lest greyves arise. And whanne the tale was tolde • anon to the ende, A-morwe thei must, affore mete • mete to-gedir, The knyghtis of the comunete • and carpe of the maters, With citiseyns of shiris • y-sent...
Página 13 - And gaderid gomes on grene ther as they walkyd, That all the schroff and schroup sondrid ffrom other.
Página 53 - The legend was, that Charles the Fifth of France, and his men, who fell all in a great battle, were condemned for their crimes to wander over the world on horseback, constantly employed in fighting battles. Some derived the name from that of the Emperor, Charles quint, Charlequin, Herlequin, Hellequin. Of course this derivation is wrong, and the legend a fabrication of later date, to explain it. See Grimm's My thologie, p.
Página 57 - I OFT have heard of Lydford law, How in the morn they hang and draw, And sit in judgment after : At first I wondered at it much; But since I find the reason such, As it deserves no laughter.
Página 28 - And y-sent ffro the shiris to shewe what hem greveth, And to parle ffor her prophete and passe no fferthere, And to graunte of her gold to the grett wattis By no manere wronge way but if werre were ; And if we ben ffalls to tho us here ffyndeth, Evyll be we worthy to welden oure hire.
Página 53 - The only other instance of this word that I have observed in early English poetry, occurs in the prologue to the Tale of Beryn, printed at the end of Urry's Chaucer. " As Hurlewaynes meyne in every hegg that rapes.
Página 2 - To be oure gioure a3eyn, or graunte it another, This made me to muse many tyme and ofte, For to written him a writte, to wissen him better, And to meuve him of mysserewle, his mynde to reffresshe, Ffor to preise the prynce that paradise made, To...
Página 13 - Ffor it cam him not of kynde kytes to love. Than bated he boldeliche, as a brid wolde, To plewme on his pray the pol ffro the nekk ; But the blernyed boynard that his bagg stall...
Página 16 - Thanne cometh ther a cougioun, with a grey cote, As not of his nolle, as he the nest made, Another proud partriche, and precyth to the nest, And prevyliche pirith...