The English cyclopædia, conducted by C. Knight. Biography, Volume 1


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Página 469 - Varronianus. A Critical and Historical Introduction to the Ethnography of Ancient Italy, and to the Philological Study of the Latin Language. By the late JW DONALDSON, DD Third Edition, revised and considerably enlarged. 8vo. 16*.
Página 317 - CALENDAR OF STATE PAPERS, DOMESTIC SERIES, OF THE REIGN OF CHARLES I., preserved in Her Majesty's Public Record Office.
Página 249 - Pharmaco-botanologia ; or, an Alphabetical and Classical Dissertation on all the British indigenous and garden Plants of the New Dispensatory.
Página 421 - CURETON (REv. W.) Remains of a very Ancient Recension of the Four Gospels in Syriac, hitherto unknown in Europe. Discovered, Edited, and Translated. 4to. 24s. CURTIUS' (PROFESSOR) Student's Greek Grammar, for the use of Colleges and the Upper Forms.
Página 323 - MEMOIRS of BARON BUNSEN. Drawn chiefly from Family Papers by his Widow, FRANCES Baroness BUNSEN. Second Edition, abridged; with 2 Portraits and 4 Woodcuts. 2 vols. post Svo.
Página 197 - Poets,' of which 29 volumes were published in 1854 and following years. Mr. Bell was a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries and of the Royal Society of Literature, and a member of the committee of the Literary Fund.
Página 429 - Le prime quattro edizioni della Divina Commedia; letteralmente ristampate per cura di GG Warren, Lord Vernon ; edited by A.
Página 425 - STRENGTH AND OTHER PROPERTIES OF METALS; Reports of Experiments on the Strength and other Properties of Metals for Cannon. With a Description of the Machines for Testing Metals, and of the Classification of Cannon in service. By Officers of the Ordnance Department, US Army. By authority of the Secretary of War. Illustrated by 25 large steel plates.
Página 439 - An Introduction to the Study of the New Testament, Critical, Exegetical, and Theological. By the Rev. S. DAVIDSON, DD LL.D. 2 vols. 8vo.
Página 479 - He was a fellow of the royal societies of London and Edinburgh, and a member of some other learned bodies.

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