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Doc. No.

Communication from the Auditor General, transmitting Report

of the Agent of the State Prison, relative to the amount of

cash received and expended by him on account of the State

Prison, during the year ending Nov. 30, 1854, 1

Memorial of Morgan L. Drake, Secretary of Lake Superior Rail-

road Company, asking for such an act of assent on the part

of the State of Michigan, to the act of incorporation by the

Legislature of Wisconsin, of the aforesaid company, as may

be necessary to authorize said company, under said act of in-

corporation, to construct its roads and branches within the

State of Michigan, and to give such encouragement thereto as

may be proper, 2

Report of the Committee on Indian Affairs, 3

Presentment of the Grand Jurors of the County of Wayne to the

Circuit Court of said county, with a request that the same be

transmitted to the Legislature, relative to a House of Refuge, 4

Communication from the Attorney General, relative to the appoint-

. ment of Circuit Court Commissioners, 5

'Memorial of J. D. Pierce and others, relative to the Establishment

of a Female College, 6

Condition of the Detroit Savings Bank, December 31, 1854, *1

Report of the Committee on State Affairs,'to whom was referred

the Memorial and Petition of B. Porter. 8

Petition of S. B. Treadwell and others, asking for the creation of a

chair of Homoeopathy in the University, 9

Memorial of S. B. Thayer and others on the subject of establish-

ing a Chair of Homoeopathy in the Medical Department of

the University, 10

Memorial of the Board of Regents of the University, praying for

relief, 11

Report of the Commissioners of the St. Mary's Ship Canal, 12

Report of the Committee on Banks and Incorporations, to whom

was referred a bill for the construction of a Railroad to Lake

Superior, 13

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