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nations of the earth could continue to be united in the bonds of peace; but such a happy fituation of things is rather to be desired than expected. There is a ferment in the minds of men which seems to prognosticate fresh disturbances, and which perhaps may end in great revolutions. It is not our business to prophesy; but we cannot avoid expressing our apprehensions, that the commotions in Holland will not blow over fo lightly as some politicians are ready to imagine.

The Literary Part of our work will explain the State of Knowledge, Science and Taste in the year 1786 ; and it is a pleasure to find that, amidst a number of insignificant publications, there are so many which can be. Spoken of with applause, Those who depreciate the learning of the present times, are not acquainted with the subject. In the department of Domestic Literature, we have fresh obligations to the gentleman who hath voluntarily communicated to us the articles that relate to Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, and Medicine.

On the whole, we present the Seventh Volume of the New Annual Register to our readers, with the agreeable hope, that they will derive from it both instruction and entertainment. Such a hope hath always animated our endeavours, and it will continue to invigorate our future exertions.


THE History of Knowledge, Learning, and Tafie in Great Britair,

during the Reign of Henry the Seventh. From the Year 1485, to the
Year 1509.




Second Seffion of the Iriso Parliament. Meeting of Congress. Eleven Com-

mercial Propofitions. Their Reception. Parliamentary Reform. Taventy

Propofitions. I beir Discusion. Reje&ted with Indignation. Parliament



Infurreñims in the South of Ireland. Different Causes to which they were

afcribed. Violences committed against the Clergy of both Religions, 41


Dilensions of the United Provinces. Inflitution of the Volunteers. Rife of

a democratical Party. Conduct of the Citizens of Utrecht. Stadtholder

retires from the Hague. Treaties with the Emperor and France, 46


Meeting of Parliament. Speech from the Throne. Address. Alteration of the

Mutiny Bill. Duke of Richmond's Fortifications rejcited. Bill for regulat-

ing the Militia. Mr. Marsbam's Election Bill. Lord Mahon's bill, 61

C H A P. v.

B:ll for establishing a Sinking Fund. Civil Lift Bill. Wine Excise Bill.

Bill of Crown Lands. Mr. Wilberforce's Billo Fisheries. Complaint .

of Lord Rodney,



Mr. Francis's India Bill. Bill of Mr. Dundas, relative to the Political

Government. Bill for amending the Judicature. Bill of East India




Impeachment of Mr. Haflings. Motion for Papers. Marattı Papers ree

fufid. Debate on the Dehli Papers. Production of the Charges. Mr.

Haflings heard at the Bar of the House of Commons. Witnesses examined,




P U B L I C P A P E R S.

An Ad for establishing Religious Freedomi, pated in the Allembly of Virginia,

in the Beginning of the Year 1786,


His Majesty's Speech 10 both Houses of Parliament, on Tuesday, Jan, 24, .

1786, .

The Speech of the Right Hon. Charles Wolfran Cornwall, Speaker of the

House of Commons, on Friday, May 26, 1786, upon presenting to his
Majesty the Bill for vefting certain Sums in Commissioners, at the End of
every Quarter of a Year, to be by them applied to the Reduction of the
National Deb, cubicbtion received the Royal Alent,

His Majesty's Sprech to bo:!. Houses of Parliament, on Wednesday, July 11,


The Speech of his Grace Charles, Duke of Rutland; Lord Lieutenant of Iren

land, to both Houses of Parliament, on Thursday, Jan. 19, 1786, (66)

Tbe Specch of the Right Hon. the Speaker of tbe House of Commons in Ire-

land, to bis Grace Charles, Duke of Rutland, Lord Lieutenant, on Tuefa.

day, March 21, upon the presenting the Money Bills at the Bar of the

House of Lords,


The Speech of his Grace Charles, Duke of Rutland, Lord Lieutenant of Ire-

land, to both Houses of Parliament, on Monday, May 8, 1986, (ibid.)

The Specch of the Ambasador Extraordinary, from their High Mightinesses, the

States General of the United Provinces, to the Emperor of Germany, on being

admitted to their Audience of Leave, on Wednesday, February 15, 1786, (68)

The Prtition of the Lord Mayor and Aldermen af London, concerning the

Punishment of Felons, prefented to his Majesty, on Wednesday, March 12,


- (69)

Refolutions respecting a County Police, by the General Quarter Sesions of ibe

Wel Riding in Yorkshire, held at Pontefragt, on the 24th of April, 1786,

before the Earl of Effingham, Chairman, and thirteen other Yuffices of

the Peace,

M . : (70)

The Petition of the Inhabitants of the County of Middlesex, and the Cities of

London and Wifminfter, presented to the House of Lords, in June, 1786,

against a Bill for regulating Lotteries, which had passed the House of

Commons, but which, in the Sequel, was rejecled by the Lords, (72)

The Address of the Lord Mayor, Aldermon, Sheriff's, and Common Council

of the City of London, presented to his Majesty, on Friday, August 11,

· 1786, on the Occasion of his happy Escape from Asasination; (73)

The Address of the Bishop of London, Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's, and

Clergy of the Cities of London and Westminster,


The Address of the Bishop and Clergy of the Diocese of Chester, (ibid.)

The Address of the Bishop and Clergy of the Diocese of Landaff, 1751

The Address of the Bishop and Clergy of the Diocese of St. Ajaph, (ibid.)

The Address of the Proteftant Disenting Miniftcrs, in and about the Cities of

London and Westminster,


The Addrejs of the Catholics of Ireland,


The Address of the Superiors of the Roman Catholic Clergy, of the Province

of Munfter,


The Address of the President and Fellows of the Royal College of Physicians

in London,


Convention between his Britannic Majesty, and the King of Spain, signed at
London, the 14th of July, 1786,

- (ibid.)

Treaty of Commerce and Navigation, batrveen his Britannic Majesty and the

Moji Chriflian King, figned at Versailles, the 26th of Sept. 1786, (82)

Form of the Palports and Sea-letters which are to be granted by the respective

Admiralties of the Dominions of the two High Contrasting Parties to the
Ships and Villets failing from zhence, pursuant to the 241) Article of the

present Treaty,

. (97)

Treaty of Alliance and Commerce between bis Majesty Frederick III. King of

Prulia, and the United States of America, as ratified by Congrefs, May

.' 7, 1786,


Memorial represented by Sir James Harris, K. B. to the States General of

the United Provinces, in the 5th of July, 1786, - (100)

Prince of Orange's Letter to the States of the Province of Holland, fent

Sept. 3, 1786, on the Subject of their late Resolution, with regard to the

Command of the Garrison of the Hague,


The Prince of Orange's Letter to the States of the Province of Holland, fent

Sept. 26, 1786, in answer to their Notification of his Suspension from the

Office of Captain-General,


The King of Prussia's Letter to the States General of the United 'Provinces,

delivered on the 18th of September, 1786, by ihe Count de Goertz, his

Majesty's Envoy Extraordinary, -


Amount of the whole Civil and Military Establishment of the East India

Company, presented to Parliament, in February 1786, - (106)

An Account of the Annual Sums charged upon, and payable out of the Aggre-

gate Fund, exclufve of the Sums paid out of that Fund for Annuitants,
and the Charges of Management, laid before the House of Commons, March
3, 1786,


Abstract of the several Articles of Public Receipt and Expenditure, from the

Report of the Sele&t Committee,


The Tenth Report of the Commissioners appointed to cxamine, take, and flate

the Public Accounts of the Kingdom,

- (109)

The Eleventh Report of the Commissioners, appointed to examine, take, and

fate the Public Accounts of the Kingdom,


The Twelfth Report of the Commisjoners, appointed to examine, take, and

flate the Public Accounts of the Kingdom,


Supplies granted in the rear 1786,


Public Ads pased in the Third Soffion of the Sixteenth Parliament of Great


Price of Stock for tbe rear 1786,




Various Particulars of the Life of Lord Digby,


Character of Sir John Berkley,

Character of Sir Henry Bennet,

Memoirs of Sir John Davies,


Some Account of De Foe,


The Life of Ali Bey,



Effc&t of the Public Games on the Character of the Greeks,
Influence of their Musical and Poetical Contests,

Condition and Treatment of the Grecian Women,

Character and Manners of the Ancient Welsh,

Manners of the Modern Egyptians,

Account of the Egyptian PGlli,

Account of the Drufes,


History and Character of Ancient Comedy,

Parallel of the Greek and Roman Historians,

Of the English Conjun&tions,

The Firp Requifite of the Drama,

Diftina Cbaraxters of Macbeth and Richard III.

Of Logic, or the Art of Reasoning,

Advantages attending Quotations,

Of the Eccentricities of Imagination,

Efimate of Dr. Johnson's Critical Abilities,


Obfervations on the Sulphur Wells at Harrogate, made in Íuly and Auguft,

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1785. By the Right Reverend Richard Lord Bishop of Landaff,

F, R. S. -


The present State of Mount Vesuvius; with the Account of a Voyage to the

Ifand of Ponza. In a Letter from Sir William Hamilton, K.B.F.R.S.

to Sir Joseph Bank, Bart, P.R.S.


Account of a new Electrical Fish, .-

- (106)

Advertisement of the expected Return of the Comet of 1532 and 1661, in the

Year 1788. By the Rev. Nevil Vaskelyne, D. D. F. R.S. and Afro-

nomer Royal,


Primary Notions of the matter of Fire,


Applications of the foregoing Notions,


Obfrvations on the Composition of Water,


Ar Esay on Poriable Furnaces, -


Natural History of the Giant's Causeway,



Description of Gordale,



A Sketch of the Welsh Bards,


Royal Hou jehold among the Welsh,

Military Édablishment of the Anglo-Saxons,

Conftitutional Establishment after the Conquest,

Monaftic Inftitutions in Ireland,


Sigle of the Ancient Irisho Music, -


Particulars relating to the first Settlement of the Scots in Ireland, (166


Letters on the Breeding and Treatment of Silk Worms,


The State of Agriculture among At the Flemings,


An Apology for Luxury, .


Refeétions on Novelty,


Advice to Prebendaries,


Human Learning, an Apologue,


The Dean of Badajoz, a Tale,


Interesting Particulars respeting the Death of Captain Cook, [198]


Odi for the New Year,



Persian Song,


Song, in the Comedy of the Heiress,


Ode to Phillis,


Imitation of Horace, Book II. Ode xvi. by Mr. Hastings, on his Passage

from Bengal to England,


Ode for his Majesty's Birth Day,


An Irregular Fragment, found in a dark Pallage in tbe Tower, (211)

Part of an Ode to Superftition,

Lines Dritten in the Album, at CoJey Hall, Norfolk, - (216]

Invocation to Retirement,


Stanzas ox Furure Fame,

| 2201

Virtue and Ornament, an Ode to the Ladies,


Prologue to the Heiress,


Epilogue to the Heireji,


An Italian Song

DOMESTIC LITERATURE, For the rear 1786. [225]

FOREIGN LITERATURE, For the Year 1785.


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