Androboros: A Bographical [!] Farce in Three Acts, Viz. The Senate, The Consistory, and The Apotheosis

Printed [by William Bradford] at Monoropolis since August, 1714 - 34 Seiten

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Seite 15 - Angels and ministers of grace defend us ! — Be thou a spirit of health, or goblin damn'd, Bring with thee airs from heaven, or blasts from hell, Be thy intents wicked, or charitable, Thou com'st in such a questionable shape, That I will speak to thee: I'll call thee, Hamlet, King, father, royal Dane: O, answer me: Let me not burst in ignorance!
Seite 18 - Owns. Rest you Merry, Gentlemen. [Exit] FIZLE. We shall learn nothing from this Fellow; but so far we know, that the Keeper must assist at it; And from a broad by hints we have understood, that if he is destroy'd any how, so the General be not seen in't, He'll take that Trust upon himself; Then all will be Well. Now if we can but Contrive to have the Chair over Loaded, plac'd Upon the Hatch over the Vault, and the Hatch Unbolted, or so weakly Barr'd, that its weight may sink him Down, we shall get...
Seite 3 - ... selves into a Consistory; That I believe He dare not touch, without being Reputed an Enemy to the Consistory; and if he does, we may hunt him down full Cry at present. FLIP. That I shold like well enough, but I'm afraid the Cunning Rogue won't meddle with us, as such. FIZLE.
Seite 9 - ... Expeditious Expedition I ever heard of; let us adjourn the Address, and receive the General's Message. FIZLE. Let him come in. [Enter Messenger] MESSENGER. The Renown'd Androboros with a tender of his hearty Zeal and Affection sends this to the Consistory, the Senate being Discontinued. [Delivers a Letter] FIZLE. [Reads] Right Frightful and Formidable, We Greet you Well, And by this Acquaint you, That for many Weighty Considerations Us thereunto moving, We have thought fit to adjourn the Indended...
Seite 6 - Owns ! That's worse than t'other. TOM. Cry Mercy, That is a blunder, Indispensible Obligation to have Recourse to your Excellencies known Condemnable Opposition to our Consistory, and all Things Sacred. FIZLE. I think the Dev'l is in the Fellow. It is Commendable Disposition. TOM. You use so many Long Words, that a Clerk who is not a Scholar may easily mistake one for another. Towards our Consistory, and all things Sacred, Take leave humble to Represent, That on the Ev'ning which succeeded the following...
Seite 20 - ... to Creatures of each Kind, Provision for their Sustenance, To some her Bounty had Assign'd The Herb o'th' Fields, whilst others had The Spoils of Trees, but All were Fed. The Grunting Kind obtain'd the last, A happy Lot; for every Wood Afforded store of Nuts and Mast, And Joves own Tree did Show'r down Food Enough for all, could all his Store Have kept that Herd from Craving more. But they with Sloath and Plenty Cloy'd, Wax'd Wanton, and with Tusks Profane, First, all the sacred Trees Destroy'd,...

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