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open to him if he had seemed to claim the whole as original, by incorporating the several theories and anecdotes with a textual commentary of his own. In trust, however, of finding readers who can appreciate the bearings and the transitions of an argument, and refer to their several classes the anecdotes, which are, in the main, chronologically arranged, he has not thought it right to occupy space with lengthy and neutraltinted articulations.

For the Author's part of the work, as author, it is sufficient for him to profess that he has done what he could; and that, especially in the chapter devoted to a survey of the various methods of dream-interpretation, he has endeavoured to place before the reader the results of a treatment as comprehensive as possible.

In conclusion, he ventures to hope that his labours in the several departments of his subject, have been prosecuted in such a way as to prepare for him a genial recognition when he next has the honour to appeal to the suffrages of the public.

May 24th, 1865.


Gravitation of the Human to the Divine-Filial longings—Revelation

and its Substitutes-Divination a hack Providence-Principal classes
of Diviners-Natural and Artificial Divination-Professor Ferrier on
“ fashionable deliraments”—Opinions of Epicureans, Stoics, and Peri.
patetics—Place of Dreams ascertained .


Their varieties—Classifications of Moses Amyraldus and Philo Judæus-

Various Theophanic Dreams—Immediate authority-Angelic Appari-
tions-Some Dreams suggested by the Devil – Necessity of a Criterion
-Morality the test—Pertinence of Scripture Dreams


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Proximate cause of Sleep-Etymology of the word “Dream"-Causes

of Dreams numberless-Dream-suggestiveness – Dream-prognosis-
Unsuspended Activity-Dream-inspiration-Imagination versus Fancy
- Vivid reality of Dreams-Dreams as arguments for Immortality-

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Summary of Opinions amongst the Ancients—Opinions of Fathers and

Schoolmen-Conviction of Josephus — Philip Goodwin Survey of
Dreams-Self-Examination–The Devil in Dreams—Sleep amenable
to Law-Evil Dreams prevented— Dreams from God both possible and
actual—Theosophy of Dreams ---Encouragement of Good Dreams—To
be prayed for, and turned to account-John Sheppard - Dreams as
Theocratic Instruments-Bishop Bull-Ministry of Angels—Bishop
Ken-St. Michael-Hymnotheo, or the Penitent-Baptist Magazine
Two Classes of Angelic Visitants—Dr. Johnson's Prayer-Adopted by

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Gonzalo-Why the Soul may Prophesy in Sleep-Rev. Mr. Greaves on

Dreams-James Beattie-Objections to the Prophetic Character of
Dreams--Superstitious credence-Coincidences to be expected -
Journal of Psychological Medicine-Prophecy and Instinctive Anticipa-
tion-Sir Thomas Browne-Gratitude for Happy Dreams-More than
ourselves in Sleep-Liberty of Reason - Illumination of the Dying


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John Locke-The Mind not always active-Hypothetical duality–No

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thought without traces—Vanity of resultless Mental Activity--State.
ment of alternatives—The Soul at fault-The Soul not always thinking

Dr. Watts — The Soul never intermits its activity – Unity
of person — The Soul vindicated - Defence of traceless Ideas —
Ceaseless activity God-like - The Soul free and immortal — Scots
Magazine—Waking Ideas frequently traceless-Andrew Baxter— The
Soul does not act by itself—Will never unconscious—Involuntary
obtrusion-The Soul does not evolve dreams, Agents external to the
Soul-Possible causes--Chance and bodily mechanism—Matter not
automatic- Dreams have an intelligent cause-William Smellie-Pos.
sibility of Supernatural Suggestions—Thomas Cromwell-Argument
for Immortality repudiated - The Brain partially awake — Against
Andrew Baxter-David Hartley-Causes and occasions of Dreams-
Theory of Vibrations-Reasons for various Phenomena-Corollaries-
Erasmus Darwin-Dreams received by the senses—Ceaseless flow of
Ideas - Nerves of Sense-Criterion of Volition - Characteristics of
Dreams—Robert Dunn-Unconscious reflex action-Dugald Stewart,
Volition without power-Confusion of Dr. Darwin-Spurzheim-Acti.
vity of particular Organs—Robert Dunglison-Dreams a partial waking
of animal life—Gall's Theory of Plurality - Andrew Carmichael-Pro-
gressive complications of the severally waking Organs—Robert Macnish
--Phrenological Analysis, Edward Binns-Phrenology does not Ex-
plain all Dreams—Andrew Carmichael-A septenary scale-Phrenolo-
gical genesis of Dreams- Dreaming of Dreaming - Perfect Sleep-
Christian Spectator–The Organic theory repudiated-Phrenology un.
satisfactory-Irregular irregularity-Cerebral irritation—The Senses

in Dreams—Probable Volition-John C. Colquhoun-Remembrance of

Dreams—Corporeal Organism-Interruption of Harmony · 150—198

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Ovid-Poetic Personality-Morpheus and his Relatives—Lucian—The

Island of Dreams-J. Müller-Worthless Reasoning of Dreams—John

Abercrombie Various Characteristics - James Beattie- Difference

and Analogy -Dido and Eloisa-Coincidences-Recurrence-Morning

Dreams—James Hinton-Relative truth of Illusions- James Hogg, the

Ettrick Shepherd-Facts, not Philosophy-Uselessness of Speculation

Thomas Churchyarde-Dignity of Dreams-Spectator-Excellency

of the Soul-Intensity of Dream-life-Relation of the Soul to the Body

- Blessings and mishaps of Dreams-Slighted valour of Gladio-A

Conflagration prevented-Impertinence of Street-cries-Unconscious

Philanthropy —Pledges of Affection-Notes and Queries — Thomas,

Lord Lyttleton-Walter C. Dendy-Suspension of Judgment-Sound

Sleep Dreamless - Multiplicity of Being-William Shakespeare-Freaks

of Queen Mab-Infinite Expansion of Moments—John Dryden-

Intellectual Saturnalia-Scots Magazine-Double Identity-Lucre-

tius–Professional Association, Lord Byron—"Sleep hath its own

World”—Dean Swift “ On Dreams”—Lord Brougham-Time under

Dream pressure—Nodding and Dictating


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