The Elizabethan World Picture

Random House, 1959 - 116 páginas
This brief and illuminating account of the ideas of world order prevalent in the Elizabethan age and later is an indispensable companion for readers of the great writers of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries - Shakespeare and the Elizabethan dramatists, Donne and Milton, among many others. The basic medieval idea of an ordered Chain of Being is studied by Professor Tillyard in the process of its various transformations by the dynamic spirit of the Renaissance. Among his topics are: Angels; the Stars and Fortune; the Analogy between the Macrocosm and the Microcosm; the Four Elements; the Four Humours; Sympathies; Correspondences; and the Cosmic Dance--ideas and symbols which inspirited the minds and imaginations not only of the Elizabethans but of all men of the Renaissance.

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LibraryThing Review

Comentário do usuário  - happeningfish - LibraryThing

Don't be fooled by its skinny appearance: this book is packed with great insight. How Tillyard manages to put so many facts in such a small space, all while keeping it beautifully readable, I shall never know. No single book has offered me such a vivid glimpse into Shakespeare's world. Ler resenha completa

LibraryThing Review

Comentário do usuário  - Jen_Muller - LibraryThing

This was a great book to break down Shakespearean literature and the Elizabethan world picture. Its helped understand literature more fully. Ler resenha completa


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