Report ... on the causes and consequences of the Affghan war


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Página 103 - I offered you peace on terms of equality, and honourable to all " parties. You have chosen war, and are responsible for all the
Página 65 - England with specious professions of a desire to accommodate those differences, it appeared their real design was only to amuse and gain time for the passage of these supplies and reinforcements, which they hoped would secure the superiority of the French forces in America, and enable them to carry their ambitious and oppressive projects into execution : that in consequence of the just and necessary measures taken by the king of Great Britain for preventing the success of such a dangerous design,...
Página 4 - Nothing of all this takes place in a war void of form and unlawful, more properly called robbery, being undertaken without right — without so much as apparent cause. It can be productive of no lawful effect, nor give any right to the author of it. A nation attacked by such sort of enemies, is not under any obligation to observe towards them the rules of war in form. It may treat them as robbers.
Página 82 - Act shall take effect all matters and things relating to the well governing of this kingdom which are properly cognizable in the Privy Council by the laws and customs of this realm shall be transacted there, and all resolutions taken thereupon shall be signed by such of the Privy Council as shall advise and consent to the same.
Página 103 - British government and its allies ; and when called upon to explain your intentions, you declared that it was doubtful whether there would be peace or war ; and, in conformity with your threats, and your declared doubts, you assembled a large army in a station contiguous to the Nizam's frontier.
Página 103 - I called upon you to withdraw that army to its usual stations, if your subsequent pacific declarations were sincere ; but, instead of complying with this reasonable requisition, you have proposed that I should withdraw the troops which are intended to defend the territories of the allies against your designs, and that you and the Rajah of Berar should be suffered to remain with your troops assembled, in readiness to take advantage of their absence. ' This proposition is unreasonable and inadmissible,...
Página 100 - British government should have endeavoured to establish an influence superior to other Europeans over the minds of the native powers in India; and that the danger and discredit arising from the forfeiture of this pre-eminence could not be compensated by the temporary success of any plan of violence and injustice.
Página 89 - And if GOD did not repel the violence of some men by others, verily monasteries, and churches, and synagogues, and the temples of the Moslems, wherein the name of GOD is frequently commemorated, would be utterly demolished k.
Página 125 - That the orders of the Court of Directors of the East India Company, which have conveyed to their servants abroad a prohibitory condemnation of all schemes of conquest and enlargement of dominion, by prescribing certain rules and boundaries for the operation of their military force...

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