A Report of Some Proceedings on the Commission for the Trial of the Rebels in the Year 1746, in the County of Surry: And of Other Crown Cases: to which are Added Discourses Upon a Few Branches of the Crown Law

E. and R. Brooke, 1792 - 441 páginas

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Página 218 - Or if a Man do levy War against our Lord the King in his Realm, or be adherent to the King's Enemies in his Realm, giving to them Aid and Comfort in the Realm or elsewhere...
Página 294 - No man under the protection of the law is to be the avenger of his own wrongs. If they are of a nature for which the laws of Society will give him an adequate remedy, thither he ought to resort, but be they of what nature soever, he ought to bear his lot with patience and remember that vengeance belongeth only to the Most High.
Página 263 - After dinner he went to church ; and in the evening, returned home with his wife and neighbours, bringing his gun with him, which was carried into the room where his wife was, she having brought it part of the way. He, taking it up, touched the trigger ; and the gun went off and killed his wife, whom he dearly loved. It came out in evidence, that, while the man was at church, a person belonging...
Página 348 - ... if need be, the escape of those who are more immediately engaged. They are all, provided the fact be committed, In the eye of the law present at it; for it was made a common cause with them, each man operated in his station at one and the...
Página 70 - During this search, the man, under whose care the children were, observed that a heap of dung near the house had been newly turned up ; and, upon removing the upper part of the heap, he found the body of the child about a foot's depth under the surface, cut and mangled in a most barbarous and horrid manner. Upon this discovery, the boy, who was the only person capable of committing the fact, that was left at home with the child, was charged with the fact, which he stiffly denied.
Página 129 - ... in his hand ; and with the assistance of some others took the highwayman. The robber was indicted about a year ago in this court for a robbery on Norden, and convicted. And very properly, in my opinion, was he convicted. But that case differs widely from the present.
Página 271 - ... violence or surprise, to commit a known felony upon either. In these cases, he is not obliged to retreat, but may pursue his adversary, till he findeth himself out of danger, and if in a conflict between them he happeneth to kill, such killing is justifiable.
Página 243 - King, two of the overt afts charged were, that he and others met and confulted the proper means for way-laying the King, and attacking him in his coach ; and alfo that they agreed to provide forty men for that purpofe. The...
Página 254 - ... is apt to lead one, a principle of malevolence to particulars ; for the law, by the term malice...
Página 60 - It is not in the. power of any private subject to shake off his allegiance, and to transfer it to a foreign prince. Nor is it in the power of any foreign prince by naturalizing or employing a subject of Great Britain, to dissolve the bond of allegiance between that subject and the Crown.

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