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President of the United States, communicates

letter from the Governor of New Jersey enclosing an act of the Le-
gislature vesting a lot of land at Sandy Hook in the U. States

statement of the appropriation of $10,000 by act of March 26,

resolutions of State of Virginia, on the subject of bounty lands al.
lotted to them on the Northwest side of the Ohio

act of the Legislature of Maryland to empower the wardens of Bal.
timore to levy and collect the duty therein mentioned

proclamation relative to the establishment of the temporary and
permanent Seat of Government

letter from the President of the National Assembly of France . 363
situation of the frontiers and prospect of hostility in that quarter 364
consent of Legislatures of New York and Territory of Vermont to
the admission of Vermont into the Union


on 373
message relative to commercial intercourse with Great Britain. 377
report of Secretary of State on the proceedings of the Governor

of the N. W. Territory at Kaskaskia, Kahohia, and Prairie '. 382
first session second Congress :
acts passed by the States of New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and
North Carolina .

message directing the reports of Brigadier General Scott and Lieut.
Colonel Commandant Wilkinson to be laid before Congress

letter from the Governor of Pennsylvania respecting persons said to
have fled from that State into Virginia .

an act of the State of North Carolina authorizing the conveyance to

the United States of one acre of land on Ocracock Island , 442
returns of the enumeration of the inhabitants of the United States 442
arrangements made in pursuance to “An act repealing after the

last day of June next the duties laid upon distilled spirits im.
ported from abroad, and laying others in their stead, and also
upon spirits distilled within the United States, and for appropri-
ating the same"

letter from Judge of the District of South Carolina enclosing the

presentments of the Grand Jury to him, and stating the causes

which have prevented the return of the census fiom That District
estimate of lands not claimed by Indians or citizens of the United

States ,
resolution of the General Assembly of Virginia ratifying the first

article of the amendments proposed to the Constitution of the

United States
papers relating to Judge Symmes' purchase of lands on the Great

information of the misfortune befallen the troops under General St.
Clair .

plan of a City within the District of ten miles square 4,457 Why' 472
letter from the Governor of Pennsylvania and documents relative

to a contract for the purchase of a certain tract of land bound-
ing on Lake Eric i

letter from the Attorney General of the United States

ratification of amendments to the Constitution of the United States

by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. .
statement of the expenditure of the contingent fund :

ratification of articles of amendment to the Constitution of the Unit.

ed States by the State of Vermont :
resolution of General Assembly of Virginia respecting lands located

by the officers and soldiers of the Virginia line . pé 135... 494
message relating to a new article of expenditure in the Department
of Foreign Affairs .

return of the number of inhabitants in the District of South Ca-


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President of the United States—communicates

letter from the King of France announcing his acceptance of the
Constitution presented to him

a general account rendered by the bankers of the United States at

Amsterdam, of the payments made for the purposes of the act
providing means of intercourse between the United States and

foreign nations
message respecting the acts passed relatively to the Military Esta-

blishment of the United States .
objections to the bin, entitled “ An act for an apportionment of Re-

presentatives among the several States according to the first enu-
communication from the Minister Plenipotentiary of Great Britain

relative to the commerce between the two countries
letter from the Judges of the Circuit Court of the United States,

with their opinion on “ Act to provide for the settlement of the
claims of widows and orphans barred by the limitations hereto-

fore establisbed, and to regulate the claims to invalid pensioners
letter from the Judges of the Circuit Court of the United States

held for the Pennsylvania District, on the same subject
second session, second Congress :

statement of the expenditure of the contingent fund.
representation of the Judges of the Supreme Court United States

relative to the Judiciary system
letter from the Judges of the Circuit Court of the United States

for the District of North Carolina
copy of Constitution framed for Kentucky.
letter from the Governor of Virginia relative to the boundary line

between that State and the Territory South of the Ohio
abstract of arrangement made pursuant to acts laying a duty on

distilled spirits
statement of the expenditure of the contingent fund.
abstract of an arrangement made in the District of North Carolina

in regard to surveys,'.
report and plat of territory of the United States on the Potomac
agreement to hold a treaty or conference with the hostile Indians

Northwest of the Ohio
exemplification of an act of the Legislature of New York ceding

the jurisdiction of lands on Montok Point to the United States
copies of certain papers relative to Spanish interference in the exe-

cution of the treaty between the United States and the Creek

nation of Indians
letters relative to calling out the militia to repel Indian invasions
message relative to measures taken to induce the hostile Indian

.tribes to enter into a treaty or conference with the U. States
Printers to Congress, proposition to employ, (Resolution H. R.)

35, 37, 38
inquiry into accounts for newspapers furnished by 187, 191, 193, 194
Prisoners of the United States, safe-keeping of the, (Resolution Senate). 116

provided for by New York, 189
proposition to provide for the safe keeping of,

in the several States, (Resolution H. R.)
Provisions, proposition to allow drawback on salted, (Bills H. R. No. 193) 538, 597
Public creditors, of Pennsylvania .

92, 95, 107, 117
memorials of the

. 371, 377
Public credit, plans for the support of 117, 131, 141, 154, 155 to 168, 171, 172, 173,

174, 184, 185, 186, 192, 194, 196 to 201, 295, 336, 343
Public acts, records, and judicial proceedings, mode of authenticating, (Bills

H. R. No. 58) .. . 150, 204
Public debt statement of, with securities, &c.

proposition to fund and provide for the, (Bills H. R. No. 63, 83,

. 201, 210, 269, 287

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94, 100)

157, 218

145, 147, 211

Public debt, insufficiency of provision for the

. 340, 341
House refuses to alter the system of funding the .

proposition respecting the renewal of lost evidences and certi.
ficates of the, (Bills H. R. No. 108, 118, 141, 145, 336, 344, 351, 362,

398, 400, 451, 457
explanation of the act relatiog to the, as regards lead and cali-
coes, (Bills H. R. No. 129) .

. 378, 385
report on, and proceedings relative to the 503, 543, 554, 555, 556, 557
proposition to provide for payment of principal and interest of

385, 555, 560, 565, 624, 631, 637, 699, 700
(Bills H. R. No. 129, 136, 178, and Senate No. 14)

report and statement by the Commissioners of the . 621, 706, 717
Petitions from Pennsylvania, inhabitants of 26, 29, 34, 35, 41, 54, 61, 70, 87, 92, 95,

96, 117, 154, 157, 158, 168, 186, 195, 204, 207, 236,
241, 340, 346, 352, 353, 354, 357, 358, 361, 362,
369, 375, 376, 380, 458, 471, 483, 503, 507, 518,
519, 505, 522, 526, 529, 538, 547, 560, 573, 580,
581, 623, 626, 629, 660, 665, 671, 673, 686, 698,

704, 706
Petitions from Parker, Sarah, widow

26, 137, 467, 711
Powers, Edward Evelith

Pike, Nicholas

46, 137
Philips, Richard .
Power, Alexander

110, 123, 137, 178
Price, James
Putnam, Aaron

Perry, James

Poole, David

164, 165, 198, 199
Purdy, Jacob

Perry, William .
Packwood, Joseph
Pickering, Timothy

254, 526
Pannill, Joseph

379, 393
Provost, Robert .

Prideau, Samuel, Jr.
Porter, Nathaniel.

346, 380
Prahl, Lewis

346, 380
Paine, William

346, 385
Philips, Jacob

Post, John

350, 380
Pier, Abner

352, 393
Priest, Job

352, 393
Phelps, Joel

364, 393
Public creditors ,

365, 368, 371, 377, 389
Proctor, Francis

Parker, Elizabeth.

387, 735
Pentecost, Dorsey.

Patrick, Deborah, widow

Prout, Ebenezer.

448, 626
Pikes, Abraham '.

Pope, Thomas

Pilots, Pennsylvania, Jersey, and Delaware

Pettigrew, James.

Prior, Abner

Proctor, Samuel

Phelps, Joel

Paulus, Jacob

Pierce, Silas

Pritchard, Jeremiah

Pearse, Richard

Polhemis, John .

500, 583
Proveaux, Adrian.

505, 696


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586, 594, 600, 600

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Recess of Congress, announced to the President

propositions relative to
Receivers of Public Lands, proposition to appoint
Receivers of Continental Taxes, proposition to compensate

487, 629
(Bills H. R. No. 158, 200.)
Receipts and expenditures of public moneys, statements reported and ex.

amined (Resol. Sen., 149, 208, 251, 286, 295, 315,

349, 419, 439, 469, 480, 614, 618, 629
inquiry into the, during administration of Robert

Recruiting service, inquiry into the state of the

Registers and clearances of vessels (Bills H. R. No. 16, 33)
Reports and estimates of the Secretary of the Treasury
Representatives, apportionment of the, in the States 455, 456, 489, 493

(Bills H. R. No. 147, 163, 179.)
Resolutions, how to be examined, enrolled, signed, and presented

permission granted to collate and print. (Resol. H. R.) : 377



Proceedings in Commit.

tee of the Whole, and
in the House

Passed H. R.


| Passed Sen.

Other proceedings.


First Session, First Congress.
Resolution, directing members to be furnished with Journals of the late

Resolution, authorizing the Secretary of the Senate, and Clerk of the

House of Representatives, to contract for printing and binding, and
to distribute journals and acts of Congress to the Heads of Depart-

ments, and Executives of the several States
Resolution, directing a correct copy of the Constitution of the Govern-

ment of the United States to be prefixed to the publication of the

acts of the present session of Congress
Resolution, establishing joint rules for the Government of the two
Resolution, directing survey ordered by the late Congress, to be com-

Resolution, directing amendments to the Constitution of the United

States to be proposed to the several States
Resolution, directing the President of the Senate, and the Speaker of

the House, to adjourn the two Houses on the 22d day of Septem-

ber next, to the first Monday in December next
Resolution, directing the temporary establishment of the General Post
Resolution, directing the Secretary of State to procure the statutes of

the several States
Resolution, allowing pay to the Baron le Glaubeck, from 9th March,

1781, to 24th August, 1782

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