From Shylock to Svengali: Jewish Stereotypes in English Fiction

Stanford University Press, 1960 - 388 Seiten
Examines stereotypical portrayals of Jews in English novels written between 1795-1895, with references to earlier dramatic works as well. The book is divided into three sections: "Prototypes", "Stereotypes", and "Myth". For antisemitism, see the following chapters: "The Rise of the Jew-Villain", which focuses, in particular, on Marlowe and Shakespeare (21-38); "The Jew as Bogey: Dickens" (116-137); "The Jew as Parasite: Trollope and Bulwer" (138-160); "The Evolution of the Wandering Jew" (187-205); "The Jew as Degenerate and Artist: Du Maurier" (234-261); "What News on the Rialto?", which summarizes the development of the Jewish stereotype in the 19th century (262-304).

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