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Página 248 - Such certificate of record shall in all suits and prosecutions under this act be sufficient proof of the adoption of such label, trade-mark, or form of advertisement, and of the right of said person, association, or union to adopt the same. No label shall be recorded that would probably be mistaken for a label already of record.
Página 250 - All elevator cabs or cars, whether used for freight or passengers, shall be provided with some suitable mechanical device to be approved by the said inspectors, whereby the cab or car will be securely held in the event of accident to the shipper rope or hoisting machinery, or from any similar cause.
Página 248 - ... for not less than three months nor more than one year, or by a fine of not less than one hundred dollars nor more than two hundred dollars, or both.
Página 248 - ... court shall also order that all such counterfeits or imitations in the possession or under the control of any defendant in such case be delivered to an officer of the court, or to the complainant to be destroyed . § 5.
Página 247 - ... or by a member or members of such association or union, it shall be unlawful to counterfeit or imitate such label, trade-mark, term, design, device or form of advertisement, or to use.
Página 249 - Commonwealth, shall provide suitable seats for the use of the females so employed, and shall permit the use of such seats by them when they are not necessarily engaged in the active duties for which they are employed.
Página 248 - Act may proceed by suit to enjoin the manufacture. use, display or sale of any counterfeits or imitations thereof and any court of competent jurisdiction may grant injunctions to restrain such manufacture, use, display or sale...
Página 254 - By the ist section of that act it was provided that "eight hours shall constitute a day's work for all laborers, workmen, mechanics, or other persons now employed, or who may hereafter be employed by or on behalf of the state of...
Página 249 - ... in any manufacturing establishment, factory, or mill in which is carried on the business of buffing, polishing or grinding metals, or any operations in which an excessive amount of dust is generated, that such...
Página 247 - ... any label, trade-mark, or form of advertisement announcing that goods to which such label, trade-mark, or form of advertisement shall be attached, were manufactured by such person or by a member or members of such association or union, it shall be unlawful for any person or corporation to counterfeit or imitate such label, trademark or form of advertisement.

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