Massachusetts Reports: Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, Volume 42

H.O. Houghton and Company, 1863

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Página 255 - ... of law and fact to be submitted to the jury under proper instructions from the court (Filklns v.
Página 199 - It is the common question every day at Guildhall, when one of two innocent persons must suffer by the fraud or negligence of a third, which of the two gave credit. Here it appears that the plaintiff trusted Thomas (the agent), and he must therefore take the consequences.
Página 198 - In the latter case, if the agent exceeds his special and limited authority conferred on him, the principal is not bound by his acts ; but they become mere nullities, so far as he is concerned ; unless, indeed, he has held him out as possessing a more enlarged authority.
Página 152 - Act are hereby repealed, said repeal to take effect on and after the passage of this Act, but the repeal of existing laws or modifications thereof embraced in this Act shall not affect any act done, or any right accruing or accrued, or any suit or proceeding had or commenced in any civil cause before...
Página 556 - The principle of public policy is this; ex dolo malo non oritur actio. No court will lend its aid to a man who founds his cause of action upon an immoral or an illegal act.
Página 609 - Persons who reside on lands purchased by or ceded to the United States for navy yards, forts and arsenals, and where there is no other reservation of jurisdiction to the State than that of a right to serve civil and criminal process on such lands, are not entitled to the benefits of the common schools for their children in the towns in which the lands are situated...
Página 288 - ... ev- (5607.) SEC. 12. When there shall be several issues in any 12 wend!, 2*8,0886, and a verdict shall be rendered for the plaintiff on one or more of them, and for the defendant on another, if the plaintiff obtain judgment upon the whole record, costs shall be awarded as follows : 1. When the substantial cause of action was the same in each issue, the plaintiff shall recover...
Página 157 - Assured, his or their factors, servants and assigns, to sue, labor and travel for, in and about the defense, safeguard and recovery of the said goods and...
Página 312 - The learned judge overruled the objection : and a verdict was found for the plaintiff on the first count, and for the defendant on the second.
Página 94 - But by an ancient ordinance, usually denominated the ordinance of 1641, § 3, it is declared, " that in all creeks, coves, and other places about and upon salt water, where the sea ebbs and flows, the proprietor of the land adjoining shall have propriety to the low-water mark, where the sea doth not ebb above a hundred rods, and not more wheresoever it ebbs further...

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