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tuin of the metropolis prog. Endfiel.i's Prayers for the use of nufticated, &c. design of, families ; account of, 370

with an extract, 469 English (character of the) by Dialogue (the), addressed to baron Bielfeld,

183 John Wilkes, esq. account Ep file to lord Holland ; acof, with an extract, 146 count of, with an extract, of the dead, bernixt

146 lord Eglinton and Mungo Esay on the East-India trade, Campbell; with an extract, and its importance to this

316 kingdom ; extract from, and Discourse (a) addrerred to the commendations 299

minority, by a primitive on the Epifle to the Rojew, 480 mans, part 11.

319 Dionæa Muscipula, described, Elays on the game laws now

470 existing in Great Britain, and Diotrephes admonited ; design remarks on their principal

of, and character, 477. defects ; account of, 234 Dove's Strictures on agricul- . Expediency of the free exporta.

ture; extract from, 127 tion of corn at this time, ib. Drama (ancient state of the) Explanation (a fort) of some

in Scotland, extracts from of the principal things conthe book of the universal tained in the Revelation of

kirk, relating to it, 3 St. John, Dubois's Theodora, a novel,

473 Fables for grown gentlemen, E.

for the year 1770 ; character Earnest address to all the great of, and specimen,

and rich within the British False alarm; account of, 54 dominions,

232 Fearne's answer to the doctrine Edwards's Dux differtationes, delivered in Junius's letter of in quarum priore probatur Dec. 19, 1769,

57 variantes lectiones & menda, Female friend ihip, or the inno. quæ in facram Script. irrep- cent sufferer, a moral novel; ferunt, non labefactare ejus character of,

148 auctoritatem in rebus, quæ Ferguson's (Dr.) Institutes of ad fidem & mores pertinent; moral philosophy ; its conin pofteriore vero prædiftina- tents and specimens, 381 riorum Paulinum ad Gentin

Ealy introduction to lium vocationem totam fpec. astronomy, for young gentle. tare; purport of, and recom- men and ladies ; extract from, mendacion,

459 Elegy on a most excellent man, Foori's Prologue detected ; cen74 sured,

479 on the death of John Mar: Ford (Mary) singular case of, tin Butt, M. D. ibid.

16 Ellis's Directions for bringing Fortunate blue-coat boy (the) ;

over seeds and plants from accoun: of, the East-Indies, &c. in a Four letters from John Philips

ftate of vegetation, 470 of Liverpool, to sir William Emersin's Elements rf optics ; Meredith,

character of, and extract Free Britons supplemental mefrom,









morial to the electors of the Histor, a dramatic poem ; acmembers of the Britih par. count of,

393 liament; commended, 58 Hill's (Dr.) Virtues of British Fruitless repentance. See Le herbs,


Historical extracts relating to Fugitive Political effays, &c. laws, customs, manners, &c. characterised,


translated from the new hirFurneaux's Dr.) Letters to Mr. tory of France by Velly, &c.

Justice Blackstone, concern account of, with extracts, ing his exposition of the act and commendation, 262 of toleration, &c. in his com. Hiftory of Miss Kitty Le Fever. mentaries on the laws of See Le F. ure. England ; substance of, with - of lady Lucy Layton. See extracts and obiervations, 375 Layton. G.

of Miss Harriot MontaGenuine copies of the love let gue ; specimen of, 149

ters and cards which have of duelling ; account of, pafled breween an illuftrious with an extract, 150 personage and a noble lady, of Charles Wentworth, during the course of a late esq. analysis of, 358 amour,

480 Horne's oration delivered at a Gerrard's poems characterised, meeting of the freeholders of

Middlcfex, at Mile-End, to Giblous's (Dr.) Account of a consider of an address, re

mott terrible fire on Sept. 8, montrance, and petition to 1727, at Burwell, Cam- ; his majetty, &c. 390 bridgethire,

240 Hymns (a collection of) adapted Got all in all, a letter to the to public worship, 477

Baptil church in Goodman's
Fields, under the care of Mr. Jansen's (fir Stephen Theo-

Abraham Booth, ibid. dore) letter to the right hon. Goldmiti's (Dr.) Deserted Vil. W. Beckford, lord-mayor,

lage; account of, with ani. and conservator of the river madversions, extracts, and Thames and waters of Med.

commendation, 435 way; design of, 311 Guadaloup?, description of some Importance of the British domi. of its produ&tions, 154 nion in India, compared with H.

that of America, 234 Happy discovery (the); plan tonian antiquities; account ot,

475 with copious extracts, 119 Hardy's Principal prophecies Ireland (account of the fate of)

of the Old and New Teta on archbishop Boulter's arri. ment compared and explain val there, ed ; design of, and charac

K. ter,

273 Kippis's (Dr.) Sermon on the Harrigate waters, Dr. Mon- ceath of the rev, Mr. Timo

ro's account of them, 269 thy Laugher, II. vhin's Charge to the grand Kirkland's Observations upon

jory of the county of Mid Mr. Pote's General remarks diuix, delivered, jan. 8, on fractures, &c. account of, 238 with extracts,



19 139

Kirkland's Remarks on the use of Letter to the proprietors of Eastoil of turpentine in wounds India flock,

69 of the tendons and ligaments, to the authors of the

188 Monthly Review, 74 L.

to the rev, Mr.

T y ; Labarum (account of the) ufed fubje&t of,

by the emperor Constantine -10 the authors of the Crie in his armies, as his itan tical Review, concerning the dard,

326 account given of Michaelis's Ladies New Dispensatory ; cha Dissertation on the influence racterised,


of opinions on language, &c. Lamentation of a mouse in a

ibid. trap,

115 - to Samuel Johnson, LL.D. Lathrop's Sermoa on the mur character of, with extracts,

der of Meff. Gray, Maverick, Caldwell, Attucks, &c. to the right hon. lord at Boston, March 5, 1770; North ; design of, 232. extract from, and character in a great peer, concernof, i

391 ing the earl of Eglintoun, Lavgier's History of the nego

237 ciations of the peace con -to the Biptist church in cluded, Sept. 18, 1739, be

Goodman's Fields, under the tween the emperor, Russia, care of Mr. Abraham Booth, and the Ottoman Porte ; ac.

240 count of, with extracts, 93 to Dr. Adams, occafioned Layton (history of lady Lucy); by the publication of his Sere

outlines of, and censure, 49 mon against the rev. Mr. RoLeafowes (description of the), maine, &c.

320 the seat of the late Mr. Shen- Letters written by Dr. Boulter,

ftone, in Shropshire, 430 lord primate of all Ireland, Le Beau's History of the Lower' to several minifiers of state

Empire, beginning from in England; account of, and Constantine the Great; ac extracts from,

18 count of, and recommenda. ----of baron Bielfeld, vol. III. tion,

321, 401 and IV, with extracis, 177 Le Fever (history of Miss Kits from Lothario to Penea

ty); analysis of, and cha. lope; condemned, 234 racter,

43 from Snowdon, with large Letter (the eighth) to the peo extracts,

241 ple of England; design of, between an English lady

49 and her friend at Paris ; ana. (a first) to the duke of lyfis of, and commendation, Grafton,

294 to the author of the De- (four) from John Philips fence of the proceedings of of Liverpool, to fir William the house of coinmons, &c. Meredith,

392 62 - to the ladies on the pre-to Dr, Blackstone, by the fervation of health and beauauthor of the Question stated; ty; specimen of, and com. account of, with fome ftric mendation,

472 tures,

· 65 Life, adveniures, and amours


of 0.

of fir

R P ; cha a prem ; argument of, witla racterised, 232 specimens,

393 Lionel and Clarissa, or a school Nigiri and Moment (the); chua for fathers, a comic opera ; racter of,

396 account of,

236 Noriicole's Marine practice of London practice of physic; ac physic and surgery ; account

count of, with large extracts, of, with copious extracts, and and commendation, 200 commendation,

191 Louis XIV. of France, charac. Norib i ales, account of the ter of him, 251 inhabitants of,

243 Lucas's (Dr.) Annotations on

the usage of holding parlia Obje£tion drawn from the act of

ments in Ireland, &c. 392 union against a review of the Lucilla, or the progress of vir Liturgy and other ecclefiafti

tue ; outlines of, with a cal forms, confidered ; acftricture,

366 count of, with extracts and approbation,

371 Macaulay's Observations on Orfervations on several acts of

Thoughts on the cause of parliament passed in the the present discontents ; sub- fourth, fixth, and seventh

stance of, and character, 386 years of his present majesty's Maid of quality, 49 reign,

142 Marriage ceremonies of the

upon the report made Welih described. 245 by the board of trade against Memoirs of Mrs. Williams, 294 the Granada laws, 234 Middlefix (the) election confi

on modern gardendered on the principles of ing; plan of, with extracts,

the constitution, 232 and commendation, 427 Millar's (Dr.) Observations on Ode to Palinurus, 233

the prevailing diseases in Ogden's (Dr.) Sermons on the Great Britain; with copious efñcacy of prayer and interextracts, animadversions, and cefsion ; with extracts and censure,

332, 408 character, Miscellaneous thoughts of a uni Ogilvie's Poems,

72 versal free-thinker; charac Old women weatherwise, an in

ter, and specimen of, 76 terlude, Monchys (Dr.) Remarks upon Orario anniversaria a Gul. Har

the mortality among the veio instituta in Theatro Col.

horned cattle, &c. 398 Med. Lond. habita festo S. Alonro's (Dr.) Treatise on mi. Lucæ, Oet. 18, 1769; ac

neral waters ; extracis from count of, with animadverand recommendation, 268 fions, and extracts, 155 N.

Orion's Religious Exercises; reNorrative (a short) of the maro commended, facre at Boston, March 5,

P. 1770; design of, 390 Polly of the lower limbs cured New Brighthelmftincdirectory; by warm-bathing, 15 Specimen of,

118 Palion (the), an cratorio, 480 Nzwion's Review of ecclefiafti- Fairiots of Jerusalem petition

cal history; character of, 318 ing Artaxerxes for a sedress Aicklin's Pride and Ignorance, of grievances, &c. 468





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