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And not to every one that comes,
Just as a Scotsman does his Plumbs.
Pray take them, Sir, -- Enough's a Feast :
“ Eat some, and pocket up the rest
What rob your Boys ? those pretty rogues !
“ No Sir, you'll leave them to the Hogs.
Thus Foals:with Compliments besiege ye,
Contriving never to oblige ye.
Scatter your Favours on a Fop,
Ingratitude ́s the certain crop;
And 'tis but juft, I'll tell you wherefore,

the things you never care for, med
A wise man always is.or should
Be mighty ready to do good ;
But makes a diff'rence in his thought
Betwixt a Guinea and a Groat..

Now this I'll say, you'll find in me
A safe Companion, and a free;



Tu me fecisfi locupletem : Vefcere fodes.

Jam fatis eft. * At tu quantum vis tolle. Benigne. Nón invisa feres pueris munuscula parvis. Tam teneor dono quam fi dimittar onuftus. Ut libet : hæc porcis hodie comedenda relinques. Prodigus & ftultus donat quee fpernit & odit : Har

jeges ingratos tulit, & feret omnibus annis. Vir bonus & fapiens dignis ait elle paratus ; Nec tamen ignorat quid diffent æra lupinis.

Dignum præftabo me etiam pro laude merentis.

[blocks in formation]

But if you'd have me always near
A word,



Honour's ear.
I hope it is your Resolution
To give me back my Constitution !
The sprightly Wit, the lively Eye,

Th'engaging Smile, the Gaiety,
That laugh'd dawn many a Summer's Sun,
And kept you up so oft till one ::
And all that voluntary Vein,
As when Belinda rais'd my Strain.

50 A Weasel once made thift to flink In at a Corn-loft thro? ai Chink ; But having amply stuffd his skin, Cou'd not get out as he got in : Which one belonging to the House.

55 ('Twas not a Man, it was a Mouse) Observing, cry'd, “You scape not so, « Lean as you came, Sir, you must go."

Sir, you may spare your Application, I'm no such Beast, nor his Relation ;

Quod si me noles ufquam discedere, reddes
Farte lates, nigros angufta fronte capillos ;
Reddes dulce loqui ; reddes ridere decorum, &
Inter vine fugam Cynara nærere proterva.

Forte per angufiam tenais nitedula rimam
Repserat in cumeram frumenti ; paftaque rurfus
Ire for as pleno tendebat corpore fruftra :
Cui muliela procul, Si vis, ait effugere iftine,
Macra cavum repetes ar &tum, quem macra fubisi.
Hac ego fi compellor imagine, cuncta refigno:




Nor one that Temperance advance,
Cramm'd to the throat with Ortolans :
Extremely ready to resign
All that

may make me none of mine.
South-sea Subscriptions take who please,
Leave me but Liberty and Ease.
'Twas what I said to Craggs and Child,
Who prais'd my Modesty, and smil'd.
Give me, I cry'd, (enough for me)
My Bread, and Independency !
So bought an Annual Rent or two.
And liv'd

- just as you see I do ;
Near fifty, and without a Wife,
I trust that sinking Fund, my Life.
Can I retrench : Yes, mighty well,
Shrink back to my Paternal Cell,
A little House, with Trees a-row,
And like its Master, very low,
There dy'd my Father, no man's Debtor,
And there I'll die, nor worse nor better,

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Nec fomnum plebis laudo, fatur altilium, nec
Otia divitiis Arabum liberrima muto.
Sæpe verecundum laudâsti ; rexque paterque
Audifti coram ; nec verbo parcius absens :
Inspice li polum donata reponere lætus.

Parvum parva decent: mihi jam non regia Roma,
Sed vacuum Tibur placet, aut imbelle Tarentum.


To set this matter full before

you, Our old Friend Swift will tell his Story.

“ Harley, the Nation's great Support," But you may read it, I stop thort.

Strennus & fortis rebus Philippus agendis, &c.

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Imitated in the Manner of Mr. Pope.

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