Sketches of Church History: Comprising a Regular Series of the Most Important and Interesting Events in the History of the Church, from the Birth of Christ to the Nineteenth Century

Presbyterian Board of Publication, 1840 - 324 páginas

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Página 222 - Peter, and to his successors the popes, who may open it at pleasure, and, by transferring a portion of this superabundant merit to any particular person for a sum of money, may convey to him either the pardon of his own sins, or a release for any one in whose happiness he is interested, from the pains of purgatory.
Página 33 - And on the day called Sunday, there is an assembling together of all who dwell in the cities and country ; and the Memoirs of the Apostles and the writings of the Prophets are read as long as circumstances permit.
Página 15 - For he shall grow up before him as a tender plant, And as a root out of a dry ground. He hath no form nor comeliness; And when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him.
Página 224 - Lo! the heavens are open ; if you enter not now, when will you enter? For twelve pence you may redeem the soul of your father out of purgatory; and are you so ungrateful, that you will not rescue your parent from torment ? If you had but one coat, you ought to strip yourself instantly, and sell it, in order to purchase such benefits, &c.
Página 291 - That Jesus Christ, by his sufferings and death, made an atonement for the sins of all mankind in general, and of every individual in particular; that however none but those who believe in him, can be partakers of divine benefits.
Página 223 - Mentz, and archbishop of Magdeburg, the benefit of the indulgences of Saxony, and the neighbouring parts, and farmed out those of other countries to the highest bidders : who, to make the best of their bargain, procured the ablest preachers to cry up the value of the ware. The form of these indulgences was as follows...
Página 288 - ... creed. — 2'. That the tenets and opinions which had been constantly received by the ancient doctors, during the first five centuries, were to be considered as of equal truth and authority with the express declarations and doctrines of Scripture.
Página 222 - Romish church, all the good works of the saints, over and above those whicn were necessary towards their own justification, are deposited, together with the infinite merits of Jesus Christ, in one inexhaustible treasury. The keys of this were committed to St. Peter, and to his successors, the popes, who may open it at pleasure ; and, by transferring a portion of this...
Página 185 - ... the manner in which the body and blood of Christ are present in the sacred supper.
Página 110 - Christ had made expiation for the sins of men, by his death and his blood; the latter seemed to inculcate, that the gates of heaven would be closed against none who should enrich the clergy or the church with their donations. The former were studious to maintain a holy simplicity, and to follow a pure and chaste piety; the latter placed the substance of religion in external rites and bodily exercises.

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