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What comfort may be brought to chear your age,
And heal your favage wrongs, shall be applied ;
For to your majesty we do resign
Your kingdom, save what part yourself conferr'd
On us in marriage.

Kent. Hear you that, my liege?
Cord. Then there are gods, and virtue is their

Lear. Is't possible ?
Let the spheres stop their course, the sun make halt,
The winds be hush'd, the feas and fountains reft ;
All nature pause, and listen to the change!
Where is my Kent, my Caius ?

Kent. Here, my liege.

Lear. Why I have news that will recall thy youth: Ha! didst thou hear't, or did th’inspiring gods Whisper to me alone ? Old Lear shall be A king again. Alb. Thy captive daughter too, the wife of

France, Unransom'd we enlarge, and shall, with speed, Give her safe convoy to her royal husband.

Lear. Cordelia then is Queen again. Mark that! Winds, catch the found, And bear it on your rosy wings to Heav'n! Cordelia’s still a Queen.


Re-enter Edgar with Glocester.
Alb. Look, Sir, where pious Edgar comes,
Leading his eyeless father.

Gloc. Where's my liege ?
Conduct me to his royal knees, to hail
His second birth of empire: my dear Edgar
Has with himself reveal'd the king's blest restaura-

Lear. My poor dark Glo'fter!
Gloc. Oh, let me kiss that once more scepter'd hand!
Lear. Speak, is not that the noble suff’ring Edgar?
Gloc. My pious son, more dear than my loft eyes.
Edgar. Your leave, my liege, for an unwelcome

message. Edmund (but that's a trifle) is expir’d. What more will touch you, your imperious daugh

Gonerill and haughty Regan, both are dead,
Each by the other poison'd, at a banquet:
This, dying, they confess’d.

Cord. Oh, fatal period of ill-govern'd life!

Lear. Ingrateful as they were, my heart feels yet A

pang of nature for their wretched fall. Gloc. Now,gentlegods, give Glo'sterhis discharge.

Lear. No, Glo'ster, thou hast business yet for life; Thou, Kent, and I, in sweet tranquility VOL. III.



Will gently pass the evening of our days;
Thus will we talk, and tell old tales, and laugh
At gilded butterflies: And our remains
Shall in an even courfe of thoughts be pass’d.
My child, Cordelia, all the gods can witness
How much thy truth to empire I prefer !
Thy bright example shall convince the world
(Whatever storms of fortune are decreed)
That truth and virtue shall at last succeed.

[Exeunt omnesa


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First acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane, on

the 13th of January, 1776.

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