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Your name, fair gentlewoman?

Gon. This admiration, Sir, is much o'th' favour
Of other your new humours. I beseech you
To understand my purposes aright.
You, as you're old and reverend, should be wife.
Here do you keep an hundred knights and squires,
Men so disorder'd, fo debauch'd and bold,
That this our court, infected with their manners,
Shews like a riotous inn. Be then desir'd
By her, that else will take the thing she begs,
Of fifty to disquantity your train;
And the remainders,
To be such men as may befort your age,
And know themselves and you.

Lear. Darkness and devils !
Saddle my horses, call my train together.---
Degen’rate viper ! I'll not trouble thee;
Yet have I left a daughter.
Gon. You strike my people, and your

Make servants of their betters.

To them, Enter Albany.
Lear. Woe! that too late repents-Oh, Sir,

Is it your will? speak, Sir. Prepare my horses.

are you

[To Alb.

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Ingratitude ! thou marble-hearted fiend,
More hideous when thou shew'ft thee in a child,
Than the sea-monfter.

Alb. Pray, Sir, be patient.

Lear. Detested kite! thou lieft. [To Gon, My train are men of choice and rarest parts, That all particulars of duty know. Oh, moft small fault! How ugly didst thou in Cordelia shew! Which, like an engine, wrencht my frame of riature From the fix'd place ; drew from my heart all

love, And added to the gall. Oh, Lear, Lear, Lear! Beat at this gate that let thy folly in,

[Striking his head. And thy dear judgment out.Go, go, my people. Alb. Now, gods that we adore, whereof comes

Gon. Never afflict yourself to know of it;
But let his disposition have that scope
That dotage gives it.

Lear. What, fifty of my followers at a clap?
Alb. What's the matter, Sir ?

Lear. I tell thee-life and death! I am asham'd That thou haft power to shake my manhood thus ;

[To Gon. That these hot tears, which break from me perforce,


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Should make thee worth them.-Blafts and fogs

upon thee!

Th’untented woundings of a father's curse
Pierce every sense about thee ! old fond eyes,
Beweep this cause again, I'll pluck ye out,
And cast you, with the waters that you lose,
To temper clay. "No, gorgon, thou shalt find,
That I'll resume the shape, which thou doft think
I have cast off for ever.

Alb. My lord, I'm guiltless, as I'm ignorant,
Of what hath mov'd you.

Lear. It may be fo, my lordHear, nature, hear; dear goddess, hear a father! If thou didit intend To make this creature fruitful, change thy purpose; Into her womb convey fterility, Dry up in her the organs of increase, And from her derogate body never spring A babe to honour her! If she must teem, Create her child of spleen, that it may live, And be a thwart disnatur'a torment to her; Let it stamp wrinkles in her brow of youth, With cadent tears fret channels in her cheeks; Turn all her mother's pains and benefits To laughter and contempt; that she may feel, How sharper than a ferpent's tooth it is, To have a thanklesschild !--Go, go,my people. [Exe.


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SCENE, an apartment in the castle belonging to the

earl of Glocefter.

Enter Edmund
THE duke be here to-night! the better ! best !

weaves itself perforce into my business,
Which I must act : briefness and fortune, work!
Brother, a word; descend; brother, I say !-
To him, enter Edgar.

My father watches; oh, Sir, fly this place,
Intelligence is giv’n where you are hid ;
You've now the good advantage of the night-
Have you not spoken'gainst the duke of Cornwall?
He's coming hither now i'th' night, i'th' haste,
And Regan with him; have you nothing said
Upon his party 'gainst the duke of Albany?
Advise yourself.

Edgar. I'm sure on't, not a word,
Edm. I hear my father coming. 'Tis not safe
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To tarry here. Fly, brother ! hence ! away.

[Exit Edgar. Glo'fter approaches. Now for a feigned fcuffle ! -Yield ! come before my father! lights, here,

lights! Some blood drawn on me, would beget opinion

[Wounds his arm. Of my more fierce encounter. I've seen drunkards Do more than this in sport. Father! father! Stop, stop, no help?

To him, enter Glocefter and servants with torches.
Gloc. Now, Edmund, where's the villain ?
Edm. Here ftood he in the dark; his fharp sword

out, Mumbling of wicked charms, conj'ring the moon To stand's auspicious mistress.

Gloc. But where is he?
Edm. Look, Sir, I bleed.
Gloc. Where is the villain, Edmund ?
Edm. Fled this way, Sir, when by no means he

could Gloc. Pursue him, ho! go after. By no means,

what? Edm. Persuade me to thie murder of your lord



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