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Victor Emanuel's Reception in Vienna

and Berlin


Possibilities in Spain, ....
The Uselessness of Abstract Preaching,
Mr. Ruskin on Ambition,
John Stuart Mill's Autobiography,
Caricatures of the Young and the Old, .

Insect Civilization,

The United States and Spain,


The Lessons of the American Monetary Crisis,

Prerequisites to the Resumption of Specie Payment,

The American Exchange on England, .

The Government and the Panic in America,

Saturday Review.

Progress of India,

The Old Catholic Congress at Constance,



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The Emotional Language of the Future, 631

Singularity, 637

Women at School 7°5

Self-Knowledge 821

Pall Mall Gazette.'

Indian and German Forests, ... 57

The Fourth of September, . . . 59

The Future of Labour 60

The Religious Embarrassments of Germany 380

Chambers' Journal.

Prophetic Days 444

Once A Week.

A Piece of Sponge 191

All The Year Round. Married Life in China, .... 634

Oriental. Field Sports in India, .... 63

Times Of India. The Towers of Silence, . . . -1*7


An Arctic Expedition in 1S74, . . 341

Abstract Preaching, The Uselessness of 446

Ambition, Mr. Ruskin on 498

America, Old, Legends of 761


Beaumarchais and his Times,
Bees in the Past and Present,.
Barbaro, Josafa
Birds, The, of New Zealand, .
Barn-, Madame du, and the Last

of Louis XV.,
Blanc, Mont, Sunset on .
Beethoven, Lives and Letters of
Brothers and Lovers,

Cruikshank, George, Works of
Carlos Don, Duke of Madrid,
Calderon's Sacred Dramas,
Charlie's, Prince, Escape,
Commonwealths, The Growth of
China, Married Life in .
Caricatures of the Young and the Old,
China's Future Place in Philology,

Dictionaries, English .

Encush Poetry, The State of

Epitaphs, ,

Edgar Wayne's Escape, .

Exchange on England, .

Emotional Language of the Future, The

English Dictionaries, . .

Forests, Indian and German

Fourth of September, The

Field Sports in India,

Foorriere, The ,

France, The Protestant Restoration in, in

the Last Century, .
French Press The .

Guman and Indian Forests •
fieorgia, Turkish ....
Germany, The Religious Embarrass

ments of ...
Growth and Decay of Mind, .
GraTelotte Revisited,

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Orleans, The Regent, and his Times • *33

Parisians, The . 17, 303, 563, 597, 809

Persian Town, A 62

Poetry, English, The State of . . 131
Protestant Restoration in France in the

Last Century, .... 195

Panic, Lessons of the .... 253

Paganism, The Monotheism of . . 259

Purgatory, The, of St. Patrick, . . 292

Petrarch : his Life, Times, and Works, 323, 407

Press, The French 387

Pictures, The Use of Looking at . . 439

Prophetic Days, 444

Preaching, Abstract, The Uselessness of 446

Panic, The. and the Government, . . 573

Plutarch's Essays, , 742

Philology, China's Future Place in . 757

Pope as a Moralist, .... 771

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