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fary bills having passed the house, and the advanced season requiring the attendance of the members in their several counties, the council and burgeffes jointly entreated the governor's presence to give his assent to them and finish the session. After mesfages to and fro, his lordship declined meeting them at the Capitol, though they pledged their honor and every thing facred for his security; but he informed them, that he would be ready to receive them at his present refidence. This answer put an end to all public correspondence between the governor and the colony. The burgeffes passed resolutions declaring, that the message requiring them to attend him on board a fhip of war, was a high breach of their rights and privileges; that they had reason to fear a dangerous attack might be meditated against the unhappy people of the colony, and that it was therefore their opinion, that they should prepare for the preservation of their property, and their inestimable rights and privileges. They then made strong professions of loyalty to the king, and amity to the mother country, and adjourned themselves to October.

A convention of delegates was appointed to fupply July the place of the house of burgefses, who, having an unlimited confidence reposed in them by the people, became accordingly poffefsed of an unlimited power in all public affairs. They also formed themselves into a committee to take into consideration the state of the colony; and the next day resolved, that a sufficient armed 19. force be immediately raised and imbodied, for its defence and protection.

Nothing more need be faid of the Delaware counties, than that they remain firm to the cause they have espoused,

26. - The Maryland convention met at Annapolis, and

unanimously resolved upon an association to be signed by the members, and by all other the freemen of the province. They said, “.We do unite as one band, and folemnly pledge ourselves to each other, and to America, that we will, to the utmost of our power, support the present opposition, carrying on, as well by arms as by the continental association, restraining our commerce.” : They also resolved, “ That there be forty companies of minute men enrolled as soon as may be; and that every

able-bodied effective freeman within the province, be: tween fixteen and fifty (clergymen of all denominations,

practising physicians, the houshold of the governor, minute and artillery men, and persons who from their re. ligious principles cannot bear arms in any case, except

ed) as soon as may be, and at furthest before the fifteenth of September, shall enroll himself in some company of militia." They established a council of safety consisting of fixteen perfons, who are to regulate the operations of the minute men and militia, and are also, during the recess, to do all other matters for securing the province, and for providing for its defence.

They ordered committees of observation and of correspondence to be chosen; and bills of credit to the amount of 266,666 dollars to be struck with all convenient speed for the service of the province.

The Pennsylvania assembly have established a military affociation through the colony, and ordered several battalions to be raised, clothed and armed. The whole colony is preparing for a vigorous defence. The change in the assembly from a moft pacific to a martial complexion, is owing to the times. The number of Quakers

returned to serve in it, was not so large as formerly; and some of them, being upon principle opposed to present measures, have resigned their seats, (which they have the privilege of doing) and left them to be filled by persons of a different judgment. :

The Philadelphians, with a view to the fafety of the " city, are also engaged in making huge machines to sink in the narrow part of the Delaware, and in completing a number of large galliots, carrying at their bows guns from 32 to 48 pounders, swivels, &c. The machines are formed of large heavy square pieces of timber. Two long ones, at a proper parallel distance from each other, form the horizontal base that is to rest on the bed of the river. Right over these are placed two others of similar size, rising from toward the ends of the horizontal base, in fuch an angular direction, as; with their elevated ends, fortified with strong iron points, to pierce any vessels which may fail against them. The degree of elevation is such as to give the greatest resistance with the least danger to the timbers. The four main pieces are joined to each other by many shorter ones. The whole machine is so contrived that, with its own weight, and what may be added to it when funk, it can neither be broken, nor forced backward, nor turned over. They have given the name of chevaux de Frise to these machines.

There is nothing in New Jersey which requires particular notice.

The New Yorkers were freed from the apprehensions they were under, through the expectation of troops from Europe, soon after their arrival. The second embarkation from Corke, consisting of four regiments, got

safe to Sandy Hook, where they received orders from general Gage to fail for Boston. They were wanted to strengthen the army, after the loss it had sustained, by Breed's-hill battle. The few troops that were stationed

at the barracks, about fifty, went on board the Asia June man of war, some time before, on the sixth of June;

so that the city of New York was wholly without re

gulars. 24. Governor Tryon arrived at New York from London.

He is in much esteem with a large number of the citi. zens and others; and if any one can succeed in drawing off that colony from the union, he will probably be the person. It is not to be thought, that he is limited by ministry either as to expences or promises; but may fuit himself to perfons and emergencies. There is apparently good policy in employing him to effect the recovery of New York to the side of administration. He was in hope of finding the province disunited from the

others. July The mayor, aldermen, and commonalty of the city,

presented him with a congratulatory address; complimented him upon the rectitude of his former adminiftration, and expressed their trust, in the aid of his intercession with his majesty, for a speedy termination of the hostile animosities of his contending subjects.

The governor in his answer confessed his disappointment at the change of circumstances in the province. To palliate the treatment, which the memorial and representation of the New York general assembly met with, and to conciliate the minds of as many as could confide in his expressions, he closed with saying, “ I am acquainted in a dispatch from the earl of Dartmouth, that the memorial and representation of the general' alsembly of this province, were unfortunately blended with expressions containing claims, which made it impossible for parliament, consistent with its justice and dignity to receive them; yet the petition to the king has been presented to his majesty, who was pleased to receive it with the most gracious expressions of regard and attention to the humble requests of his faithful subjects in New York; and I am authorized to say, that nothing can give greater satisfaction to the royal breast, than to see us again a happy and united people.”

The same day the address was presented, all the king's stores of various kinds were taken from Turtle Bay and carried clear off.

Connecticut and Rhode Island having had no occa- . lion to change their forms of government, proceed in their usual modes of business, to fulfil the engagements they are under, to the united colonies, in general, and the Massachusetts in particular, and Aag not in their ardor to support the cause of America:

Let us return to the Massachusetts. Political necefsity obliged the provincial congress to resolve, “ That June the notes and bills of the colony of Rhode Ifand, of 28. this and all the other colonies (except Nova Scotia and Canada) shall be taken and received, and accounted a . good and sufficient tender for the payment of all.debrs and damages arising upon the non-performance of any promises; and the committees of correspondence, inspection and safety, in the respektive towns, are to return the names of all persons who shall. contravene this refolye."

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