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change) to grow resty and stubborn ag' y' comands of y" present Govern". →

That proposalls won I make have generally so good successe in England, I cannot but attribute to y LP" kindnesse to me, and as I shall never offer any but such, as appear to me to be for y' publick good, so I doubt not of y" continuance of y' LP assistance in those things won I shall advise.

I am clearly of opinion that it were best a Parliam' did meet here before y' Farme of ye Revenue were absolutely sett, but y' LP knows yo sense his Matie hath how inconvenient it may be to have one sitting in England and another here “at yo same time. And a Parliam' here cannot well be called under five or six months preparaón, in regard of y" forms necessary thereunto, for yo Bills must be prepared and passe in Councell here, and transmitted into England and passed in Councell there, & remitted back hither ; all which will require some space of time. Therefore, if His Majestie have thoughts of a Parliam' before ye expiration of y" present Farme, we must prepare for it speedily, or otherwise it cannot be convened in due time.

I doe heartily wish his Matie may finde y good effects expected from y” proclamation lately issued, & that yo Parliam' in England may meet in good humor.

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Last night the King sent for me and commanded me to acquaint y; Exo that he is willing St George Hamilton should have five hundred recruites out of Ireland for his Regiment now in France. To give a publique order for it, he thinks noe wayes convenient, therefore chose to lay his commands upon me to acquaint your Exo privately with his mind. So George hath promised those he instructs there shall make their levyes and transport their men with Soe much care and privacy, that little or noe notice shall be taken of it—the lesser the better—for the Dutch Embassador, upon the news of any such thing, would loudly complayne. But y' Ex” manage. ment will, I am sure, prevent any noyse. >k >k >k >k >k



The humble Petičon of
FINEENs O'Donoughoe,

John O'HEAGERTY, - Whereas yo' pet", DoNoughoe, O'ConoR, JoHN CoNNELL, through many DisasJohn CORKERY. ters, Dearth of Cattle

& other Calamities were

brought so low that they

were not able to discharge their

Rents and Debts, soe that their Creditors

obtained Executions ag' them, and to avoid

being taken on them, and the fear of perishing in

Gaole if they should bee once taken on them, forced yo'

petico" to follow a very Loose Life, wo" they acknowledge to

bee ag' y' Law of both God and man, and are heartily sorry for it. CAMD, SOC. 2 R WOL .I.

They therefore presume to make their humble address to yo" Lop to Prescrible some way whereby yo' pet" may obtain safety and pardon for their Lives, and they will justify that they never were guilty of murther or in company with any that ever murthered. And yo' pet” will give sufficient Securityes for their future peaceable behaviour, & in case any Toryes shall rise in the Countrey hereafter, they will contribute their utmost endeavours even to yo hazard of their Lives to Suppress and have them taken & bee brought before ye Law, and will bee a meanes to detect divers who have concealed the Toryes robbd and stolne goods. And yo' pet" shall ever pray. DANIELL McSwyn Uy. John × CoNNELL,

his marke. John × CoRKERY, FINEENS x O'DonoughoE, his marke. his marke.

DONOGH x O'ConneR,
his marke. BALLERIUS X DoNoughoo,
his marke.
PATRICK x O'Donoughoe,
his marke.


Whereas certaine queres and proposalls in relation to the suppressing of Toreys, Murderers, Thieves, and Robers have beene directed unto us by the Worshipfull the Cofiissioners apoynted to that purpose by his Exelency the Lord Lift, And particularly instructed by the right honourable the Earle of Orrery, Major Generall of his Malies forces in Ierland, Wee, the undernamed parrish priests in the County of Kyery, have chearfully receaved the said proposalls, and doe undertake and faithfully promise by our preaching, teaching, and all other meanes belonging to oure function, to bestowe oure best endeavours towards furthering soe Cristian and nessesary a worke, and particularly as followeth : 1. That in our respective congregations wee shall publike and solemnly declare, and denounce, all toreys, murtherers, thieves & Robers out of our Cofiunion, never to be receaved untill due submission and satisfaction be made to the parteys offended and constant resolution by them made never to cofiitt such crimes againe. 2. That we shall use the same measure towards all persons of oure cofiunion that will assist, protect, or harbor any the said malefactors in theire crimes, or willingly receave, keepe, or conceal any goods by them unlawfully taken. 3. That wee will oblidge all such of our respective that shall chance to have certaine notice of the said malefactors, theire assistance or harbourers, to detect the same unto some of the said commissioners or some other honest responsable person that will undertake to doe the same for them, soe it may be done without truble or prajedice to the said enformers. 4. That each parrish prist shall in a booke write & enrole the nams and surnams of all the inhabitance of his parrish above the Age of twelve years, and mark such as will not come to the pascall communion, for such may deservedly be suspected. 5. That the said parrish priests shall not be urged particularly to enforme against any person or persons of the above Crimes or be questioned about any restitution by theire means, to be made how or by whome the same is done. 6. That according the desier of the said Commisioners, wee, the said parrish priests, will name and apoynte a zelous & able prist that will from time to time receave such further instructions as the said Commisioners shall be pleased to send us in relation to this work, and exact an Account from us of oure proceedings thereupon to be returned to the said Commisioners, who shall be empowered to assemble us or call before him us at any time he thinks requisit to that effect. 7. For the most effectually compassing this most laudable worke, and least what one shall doe another may undoe, that noe other prist may administer the Sacraments or exercise pastorall function in any parrish without the consent of the proper curat and aprobation of the overseers, otherwise such as by him rejected may be by another receaved and served. 8. Lastly, we will every of us in particular publish these oure resolves and undertakins the first Sunday of each munth, least any may pretend ignorance or thinke we should slaken therein & presse the same with more earnestness & confidence then heare to fore, hoping that as it hath pleased the secular power to make us of oure endeavours in this affaire, soe it will defend us from such violence as some of us were often in feare of & suffered some times by invoking & exclaiming ag' such malefactors. Yett not with standing all the endeavours by us to be in this matter bestowed which wee realy intend and faithfully promise, we feare will not be soe effectual as wished, unlesse some expedient course be taken in some things wee observed and humbly offer to your consideration. 1. Wee understand that towards every Assizes the goals and prisons are full of malefactors or suspected for such, and yett seldome any correction, butt that those persons enlarged become worse than before as cofionly wee heare bruited, and sure stealths & roberies are dayly comitted in every corner of the county. 2. That, whereas these Malefactors fall upon the poore & weaker sort, as widows, orphans, & such as are of few Abilitys, such persons and perhaps others of greater consideration when they can discover the Malefactors will sooner receave some satisfaction from them then publish the matter, or bring them to the law, for soe they expect to save some thing, and if they informe against them they shall be bound over to prosequte ag' the Malefactor and per

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