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Feb. 15", The Trinity Guild, not St John Totty, Kn', 1673. signed, but brought Natha: Philpott, in by— Will" Gressingham, wo. }Wardens. March 4" The Corporačán of Matthew Nulty, Master. Taylors, Will" Crawford, - John Kennedy, March 5th The Corpora&n of Will" Wemersley, Master.



Glovers, signed, Will" Miles, Willin Metcalfe, }Wardens. March 5* . The Corporačán of Forster, Master. Brick Layers, not signed. March 16" The Corporačán of Nich: Banks, Master. Smiths, Borland, G }Wardens. eorge 2

March 16" The Corporaón of

Painters & Stayners,

not signed. March 19. The Corpora&n of Will" Lingar, Master.

Sheermen, signed & John Prue,

brought o James Carr, Warden. March 19th The Corporaðn of

Shoemakers under

their Seale.

March 19th The Corporačán of John Walker, Master. Weavers, signed. Tho: Mitchell, }Wardens. Daniell y

March 19th The Corporaćn of Richard Long, Master. Goldsmiths, under * their seale.


MAY IT PLEASE Y” ExCeLLENCY, 24 March, 1673. I gave you an Account by the last post at large of what I had donne in pursuance of y' Directions, since wo" yesterday, after y” King's Dinner, I went with my Lord Arlington to reade y' Excellencie's Report to his Ma's about yo Mills of Kilmanham, who was pleased to heare it w" patience & Attention, saying y' he had now gratifyed St Maurice" by hearing what were his pretension, but y' you should now goe on to Recover his Right by Lawe, & bid my Lo Arlington & my self signifye his pleasure to yo Excellency accordingly; his Mao was very well satisfyed woo yo Account you had given, & said my L' of Essex is a man y may be believed blindfold; whereupon I tooke yo liberty to saye, y' I was extreamly glade to finde his Ma's satisfied woo yo Goverment; he answered, not only satisfyed, but abundantly satisfyed. I further told his Mao, that yo Voyce of y" Towne was y' you were to be Recalled; his answer was, y' they wo" said so were Rogues, & bid me Laye a Wager of it, & y' he would goe my halves.

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MAY IT PLEASE Y” ExcellENCY, 28 March, 74.
I receaved yesterday yo of y' 11" instant, & according to y;

Excellencie's Directions I have comunicated ye Contents of it to So

Henry Capell, & woo him discoursed ye same w” my L'Arlington, who gave me a sight of those 2 y' Excellency wrott to him upon the undertaking & yo seditious petition. I gave you my weake opinion by yo last post as to y proceeding upon y” first, & how cautiously y' matter is to be handled; but I finde my Lord Arlington resolved to show y Letter upon y' subject to his Ma's by y' very first opportunity, so y' you will quickly finde what Impression y' thoughts make upon his Ma'; thereupon. I can not well judge, I confess, of any thing Ranelagh saith, finding him a very bold affirmer of things & as forward to sweare as to speake of y"; but I know 'tis his Interest to keepe Essea in his place, & I feare that Ormond is not of y' minde as to his particular, nor 82," who is Extreamly Sick of yo Gout & not out of great danger, as likewise is Treasurer, I can not tell whether yo latter will dye; but he will not last long, labouring under greater difficulties then I feare he will ever master. The other day, discoursing w” Ranelagh upon ye generall opinion how unable he would be to goe through wo his undertaking, he said y by his Mao” orders he could quickly discharge himself, & if . . . . would dispose of y" money any way 'twas all one to him, & y' he could produce orders for what he had donne, & prayed you to dispatch his account, & y if he thought himself in any danger he could quickly gett himself d charged. Pray saye nothing of this, for I make good use of these things here to doe you service, I assure y' Excellency, & I hope y' Excellency wilbe no looser by my being here. The other day, walking in yo Mall w” King y' I might discover whether Ormond was tampering, w" yo assistance of Duke, to give Essee his place, being informed that Carlingford had bin imploy'd to Duke for y' purpose, I asked King whether it was pleasing to him y' removeing of y" Troops; he said Yea. I asked him whether he thought it not best to remove some of y" Companies of y" guards upon duty toyo Frontiers of y" Irish He said Yeas, by all means, for y' he heard many of y" were Tapsters, Hostlers, & Shopkeepers, wo" would be easily seen. Then I proposed to him y Removing 4 Companies at first, won he Exceedingly aproved off, & bid me tell you so. I had some particular reasons for this, wo"I will give you at my comming over, & by divers other discourses of y' kinde I finde that King will never heare of Ormond's his pretensions y' way.

* Sir Maurice Eustace, formerly Lord Chancellor.

* Orrery.

I have by yo Tuesday post to give y' Excellency an Answer about yo Friars, &c., & if not y' day by yo next of y" other affaires, & to see y' promoters of y' petition put into y' Hands y' owne way after a long & chargeable journey..

I will not stirr till I receave y' leave for y' purpose, but most readely doe you all yo service in my power, either here or there.

S. Maurice Eustace hath been woh me, & desires y Excellency not to take any ill Impression of him, but y' he willingly will submitt yo Mills to you; however, I advise y' Excellency to goe on & Seize yo into his Ma" hands. Arlington had a Cruel dispute wo Anglesey yesterday, & told him y' he was a Knave, wo" is too true. His Ma's went this day to Hampton Court, & Returns to night. Next Thursday he intends to Newmarkett for 20 dayes, & Ll Arlington promiseth to give his resolution about y' petitioners before his departure. I dout not but y' his Mao will stick to yo Excellency" & bring y" to reason, to their shame. This is all at present from, &c.

Charles R.

Right Trusty and Right Welbeloved Cousin and Councellour, Wee greet you well. Whereas Wee have been informed of certaine disorders fomenting in Our Citty of Dublin to create disturbances upon yo account of y" late Rules for regulating that and the other Corporations of Our Kingdome of Ireland. And Whereas the procuring of hands to a Petition against a Law is in it self an Act of Sedition, especially when prepared to be addressed to such a Power as cannot change the Law, though never soe greivous. Wee having taken the same into Our consideration, and that the said Rules, as farre as wee can take notice of them, are extreamely usefull to Government in many respects, and that if Wee should think fit to give way against any complaints, though they may seem very specious, might yet in the consequence disturbe Our whole Government there. And that the said Rules are of equall credit and Authority with the Act of Settlement, the attempt of breaking any part whereof Wee look upon as very dangerous and prejudiciall to Our Service. Wee have, therefore, thought fit to direct and require you, as Wee doe by these Presents, to use such means as you shall think fit for the effectuall suppressing all Preparations to such a Disorder in the same manner as you would doe any other Sedition, and that you give Order to Our Atturney or Sollicitor Generall there to proceed by information against the Principall movers in this businesse, if you should think it for Our Service. Neverthelesse, Our pleasure is, that you enquire and certify unto Us, with what convenient speed you may, what Numbers there are of persons living in any of the Corporations of that Our Kingdome within the benefit of the words [and others] in the second Rule, that may give occasion of offence, to the End that Wee may be informed whether there may be any seeming grounds for these complaints. And for soe, doing this shall be your Warrant. And soe Wee bid you heartily farewell. Given at Our Court at Whitehall the 31* day of March, 1674, in the Six & Twentieth yeare of Our Reigne.

* Confirmed by letter from Arlington, of March 31.

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