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Presbytery thought it necessary, would read the sanctuary above and follow the Lamb for them. They were very good, and showed ever and ever. There still remain for both that Mr. Elliot had been a diligent and congregations the perfecting and the consuccessful student. It afforded him the solidating of each. Let, then, the past very greatest pleasure read them, goodness and the present promises of the and they filled him with hope that Mr. Great Head of the Church be an incentive Elliot would one day be an able, learned, and an encouragement to both congregations and efficient minister in our Church. The to future prayerful and harmonious action ; other members of committee concurred in and as ye have lived well together, and have what Mr. Moore had said as to Mr. Elliot's now divided by reason of the very abundscholarship, and those of them who had ance of God's goodness on you, see that examined his discourses gave a highly now ye fall not out by the way,” but still gratifying account of their merits. After be partakers in each other's joys and fellowsolemn admonition and prayer by the Mode labourers in your common Master's vineyard, rator, he was licensed to preach the Gospel. that as the past has been so may the future We understand Mr. Elliot is to supply for be-success and prosperity by the good hand two or three Sabbaths St. Peter's, Liverpool, of God' upon you.

He then stated that he vacant by the transference of Mr. James had been requested to make the following Paterson to Everton Valley Church. The statement with respect to finan.cial matters Presbytery thereafter assembled in this in connection with the building :-Contract church, which was filled with an intelligent for building, say £5,014; sundry furnishings, and interested congregation. The Rev. J. architect's commission, &c., £393; debt on M. Ross began the service with praise and St. Peter's Church to be cleared off, £1,000; prayer. He then, in name of the Presbytery, total to be raised, £6,407. Payments : intimated that Mr. James Paterson was now Contractors, &c., £4,350 ; St. Peter's debt, the minister of this church, and that he £1,000; cash in bank, £77; cash with and the elders formerly of St. Peter's, ad- treasurer, £20 ; subscriptions promised, hering to him, were its session. He said : £150; leaving a balance to be raised of £810. It now, brethren, falls to me, as Moderator Subscribed by the members of St. Peter s, of the Presbytery for the time being £1,001; subscribed by friends, paid, £2,900; officially to announce to you that the Pres- unpaid, £150; net proceeds of bazaar, bytery, in compliance with the prayer of the £740; contributed by the Church Extensession of St. Peter's English Presbyterian sion and Debt Extinction Fund, £750. congregation in Great Oxford-street, agree The Moderator concluded by stating that to transfer the Rev. James Paterson, he need hardly say the Presbytery sincerely minister of St. Peter's, and those of desired that the amount still required might the session and those of the congregation be speedily raised, and their sincere prayer adhering to him, to be the minister, the was that they might go on untramelled in session, and congregation of this Everton the good work which had been so well Valley Church. The Presbytery further begun. An excellent sermon was afterwards appoint the Rev. R. H. Lundie to moderate preached by the Rev. Robert Buchan-n, in the session and congregation remaining D.D., College Church, Glasgow, who in St. Peter's Church until another pastor be selected as his text St. John's Gospel, appointed for that congregation. While xvii. 3. A collection was made at the making this announcement, the Presbytery close of the service in aid of the Building would embrace this opportunity of expressing Fund. The opening services are to be con. to you the extreme gratification with which tinued on Sunday next, when the Rev. W. they have witnessed the success which has, Arnot, of the Free High Church, Edin. under God, attended the ministrations and burgh, and the Rev. H. S. Brown will labours of their esteemed brother Mr. James preach. The members of Presbytery ex. Paterson, and the success which has attended pressed themselves extremely gratified by the efforts of the congregation to extend the success of this effort at church extenthe church in this locality, and which have sion, and the auspicious beginning of a new resulted in the erection of this spacious enterprise. edifice-thus filling one church so that it PRESBYTERY OF NEWCASTLE.

This has overflown and become two congregations Presbytery met at North Shields on the 17th -thereby setting an example in church ex- of May, and was duly constituted by the tension which it would be well that many Rev. J. G. Murray, Moderator pro tem. should follow. Our prayer is that the Present, the Revs. J. G. Murray, Moderator blessing of the Most High may descend pro tem., J. T. Paterson, D.D, J. Jeffrey, J. upon this place, and that the glory of the Black, S. M. McLelland, J. Brown, W. A. Lord may rest upon it; that many, from P. Johnman, G. Wallace, and J. Reid (minis. generation to generation, may be gathered ters); Messrs. J. A. Davison, J. Hedley, into it, and be, by the Spirit of the Lord, in sen., J. B. Bushell, J. Hedley, jun., and it born again, that thus they may taste of J. P. Saybourne (elders). The minute of

last ineeting was read and sustained. The tions of Mr. T. W. Brown's paper read at Clerk stated that the Rev. T. W. Brown was last meeting. The members having stated absent attending the United Presbyterian their sentiments in regard to the several Synod as one of the deputies appointed by points raised in said paper, it was moved and the Synod. An elders' commission, in the agreed that the following be appointed a usual form, from the Kirk Session of Lay- committee to consider the best means of gate, in favour of Mr. Thomas L. McGregor, carrying out the various suggestions, and appointing him to represent said Ses-ion in report :-yiz., Messrs. T. W. Brown, Mur. this Presbytery during the current year, was ray, Jeffrey, McLelland, and Black (minis. laid on the table, read, and sustained, and ters); Messrs. Bushell, Hedley, sen., and his name was added to the roll. The Rev. aybourne (elder-) ; Mr. Brown, Convener. Mr. Scott, of Berwick, being present was Mr. Murray then submitted a report from associated, and took his seat accordingly the Committee on Evangelistic Work, to The edict appointing Mr. Stewart's induc- the effect that it was found impossible to tion to this church to take place this day, obtain the services of a sufficient number of was returned duly served and attested. Ob- ministers for carrying out the movement jections having been called for, and none on the extensive scale contemplated by the offered, it was moved and agreed that the Synod, and that they were shut up to recominduction services do now proceed. Where- mend that either the work should be abanupon Mr. Murray ascended the pulpit, and doned for the present year,

or carried conducted divine worship, preaching an able forward on a scale commensurate with the and appropriate serion from Mark iii. 14. agency at command. The report was reAt the close, having narrated the steps ceived, and, after full consideration of the taken to fill up the vacancy in this church, subject, it was agreed to recommend the resulting in the orderly election and call of committee to carry on the work with such the Rev. John Stewart, he called on Mr. agency as they can secure.

Mr. Hedley Stewart, and put to him the usual questions, then moved, according to notice, that the to all of which he returned satisfactory an- Presbytery appoint a committee to conswers, and was then by solemn prayer in- sider what steps should be taken to producted into the pastoral charge of this mote church extension within the bounds. church and congregation, with all the rights This motion having been seconded by Mr. and privileges thereto appertaining, and re- Bushell, the following uere appointed a ceived the right hand of fellowship from the committee in terms of the motion, viz. :brethren. Thereafter a solerin charge was Messrs. T. W. Brown, Jeffrey, McLelland, addressed to him by the Rev. J. Brown; and and Stewart (ministers); Messrs. Hedley, Mr. Black having delivered a suitable address sen., McGregor, and Brewis (elders); Mr. to the people, the services were brought to a Hedley, Convener. A letter from Mr. Paterclose by praise and the benediction, and son, of Manchester, requesting the Presby. Mr. Stewart received the usual welcome tery to arrange for the visit of a deputation from the people as they retired from the to advocate the cause of the Home Mission church. He then signed the confession of within the bounds, was laid on the table and faith and formula, and his name was added read, and it was agreed to receive the deputo the roll. The meeting closed with tation on the second Tuesday in September. prayer. The Presbytery met for ordinary Messrs. T. W. Brown, Reid, and Davison business in the John Knox Church, New- were appointed to arrange for the visits of castle, on the 12th of June, and was duly the deputies to the several congregations, constituted by the Rev. J. Brown, who, in Mr. Brown, Convener.

The Clerk gave the necessary absence of Mr. Wieson, was notice that at next ordinary meeting he called to the chair pro tem. Present, the would call the attention of the Presbytery to Revs. J. Brown, Moderator pro tem., J. the proposed College regulations, and move Jeffrey, J. Biack, T. W. Brown, J. G. Mur- in reference to the same. At the request of ray, S. M. McLelland, W. A. P. Johnman, Mr. Johnman, the Presbytery gave leave to J. Stewart, and J. Reid (ministers); Messrs. elect and ordain elders at Darlington. Next Davison, Hedley, sen., Brewis, Hedley, ordinary meeting was appointed to be held jun., Bushell, Burnop, McGregor, and Say in this place on the second Tuesday in bourne (elders). The minute of last meet. August, at ten a.m. The meeting was ing was read and sustained. The edict closed with prayer. declaring Falstone vacant was returned, duly STAFFORD ENGLISH PRESBYTERIAN served and attested. The Session Re- CHURCH.-The annual soirée and public cords and Communion Rolls of Seaton meeting in connection with this church were Delaval, John Knox, Laygate, and North held on Tuesday, the 29th of May, the Shields were sub'nitted, examined, and former in the Market Hall, where tea was ordered to be attested. The Presbytery then provided for a large party, and the latter in proceeded to consider the subject of Presby- the church, which was completely filled terial work in connection with the sugges. I with a large and very attentive audience.


The Rev. P. R. Crole, pastor of the congre- languages used, as the Greek and Latin gation, presided, and excellent addresses Churches. Although the prelates of each were delivered by Revs. J. Thorn, of Wor- were equally dogmatical and ambitiou“, no cester, George Lewis, of Dudley, S. B. breach occurred between them until after Handley, George Swann, J. C. Blake, and the first seven centuries, when a S. Walker, of Stafford ; and votes of thanks troversy respecting the use of images were proposed and seconded by Messrs. ensued, followed by another respecting the B. P. Wright, Wilcocks, Whitehead, Bento procession of the H ly Ghost-the conley, R. Adams, and H. Livingstone, mem- troversy becom ng so bitter that, after long bers of the church and congregation. Mr. and angry dispuiation, they finally sepaW. Bagnall, precentor, and the choir, ren- rated and have ever since remained apart. dered some anthems and other sacred pieces 'The doctrines of the Geek Church and inost admirably. The pastor was much also its services were succintly detailed ; & congratulated on the success with which number and variety of incidents conec ed the Lord had been pleased to crown his with the lecturer's lengthened residence in labours in Stafford, the result being an Corfu, one of the Ionisu Islands, were likeincrease of church members from nine to wise narra ed. In cnclusion Mr. Charteris one hundred and two; schools successfully expressed his opinion !hat the Greek Church conducted, and numerously attended; and a would partake of the salutary influences Band of Hope, for the purpose of training arising from the future outpouring of the up youth in the practice of temperance. Holy Spirit, and, freeing itself from the BRIGHTON

ENGLISH PRESBYTERIAN corruption and mere tor.cali'y for which it CHURCH.— The a nual meeting of this is at present notorious, exert an influence congregation was held a few days ago. The for good in common with the regenerated report stated that twenty-one years have Christian world. The collection amounted passed since the little band of Presby- to £6. terians in Brighton took the lease of Han- We consider it very creditable to the over Chapel. The chapel was built in Guernsey congregation, it-elf now in a 1826 ; and leased to the congregation in p:omis ng state, under the able and earnest 1815. Ch. Rev. A. J. Ross wes inducted its ministry of Dr. Stewart, that the members first minister in 1847 ; this tie was broken of it and their friends gave such a subin 1852. In 1855 the Rev. J. R. M'Dougall stantial token of their sympathy for the was ordained ; his pastorate ended in the little fork in Alderney. We shall publish year following. In May, 1858, the prese in next month the sun collected by the minis'er, Mr. Maclaren, after supplying worthy Surgeant Burnett when at the last ordinances for nearly the year preceding, meeting of Synod. The amount contriwas inducted. Since that date nothing re- buted is still far below what is required for quiring notice occurred till the present the completion of the church ; and as the year, when the hearty efforts of the con- Rev. Mr. Charteris has had ample oppor. gregation, and the liberal help of its frien is, tunities, during a residence of nineteen enabled the congregation to com plete the years, of thoroughly inform ng himself as purchase of the church. In all other par- to the bistory, doctrines, superstitions, ticulars, the past year has been like the ceremonies, &c., of the Greek Church, it past seven, one of slow &'d constant pro- might be well were some of our stronger gress. The attendance upon God's or- co gregations to invite Mr. C. to lecture dinances has been advancing steadily. on a subject which is not well-known, but From the financial sta'ement we learn that which has been lately exciting much the congregation's regular income during interest among the ultra High Courch the past year was £610, and that there was party in the “Church of England.” We a balanca in hand of £3. Besides this, understand Mr. C. expects olso to lecture eum, are raised for local objects. The pur- in Jersey. cause of the church aniounted to £2,020. PRESBYTERIAN BAZAAR, LEWES.— The

THE GREEK CHORCH.-On Friday, June baza+r in aid of the erection of a new 15:h, in the Presbyterian Church, North English Presbyterian Church, which has Clifton, the Rev. W.Charteris, of Al 'erney, fur eome time past been looked forward to delivered a lecture on “ The Greek Church : by the congregation of the present place its Past, Present, and Future," the object of worship with much interest, came off on of the lecture being to obtain funds for the 29th and 30 h of May, at the County the completion of the Presbyterian Church Hall, Lewes, under very distinguished at A dern-y. Prayer was offered up by patronage. The attendance on each day the Rev. Dr. Senart. The lec:urer first was far above the expectations of the prosketched the rise of Christianity in moters of the bazaar, and the sales realized Palestine and its diffusion throughout the a very substantial amount, which will be Roman empire, where it formed two power- appropriated to the building fund. ful suctions, known from the respective ENGLISH PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Evan


GELISTIC SERVICES.— The eervi es which a lurze extent on the amount of pecuniary were carried on last year on Tyneside, and support which the committee may receive, which are referred to in the Report of the it is earnestly hoped that all who take an Committee on the State of Religion, pre- interest in this work will at once send in sented to the last Synod, are again about their contributions to Mr. William to be resumed. This year it is purposed to Ferguson, the treasurer to the committee, commence them earlier, and to carry them 21, Water-street, Liverpool, who begs to on longer than was done last season, as is acknowledge the following donations, paid recommended in the report, and approved or promised :-W. Mu'er, £10; Thomas and authorized by the Synod. Arrange Matheson, £5; James E. Mathie:on, ments are now being made by the com- £2 28. ; John Graham, £1; Robert Lockmittee for this end, and as these depend to hart, £3 ; Alexander Gillespie, £5.

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Donation-Mr. D. MacLagan

£10 00 Berwick-on-Tweed

£1 18 0 Ancroft Moor

1 0 0

JAMES E, MATKIESON, Brampton 1 0 0

Joint Treasurer, Horncliffe

1 17 6 77, Lombard Street, E.C. Lowick

2 12 10 Warrenford

1 5 0


4 13 0 Douglas, Isle of Man


. 10 10

0 Rockferry

21 0 0 Hampstead, London, per Mr. W. Liverpool, Canning Street

42 10 3

15 18 2 Fairfield

20 5 0

North Bridge Street, Sunderland, per
8t. George's

10 6 0
Mr. W. Egglestone

5 0 0
St. Peter's
10 0 0 Felton, per Mr. A. Brown

1 12 11 Manchester, St. Andrew's (additional

Grosvenor Sq., Manchester, Juvenile making in all, £38 78. 4d.)


Missionary Association, per Mr.

6 10 0
Thomas Aitken.

. 25 0 0 Bournemouth

4 10 0 Guernsey

4 10 0 Brighton


33 0 Woolwich


12 00 Chatham

0 6 0 COLLECTIONS Tottenham

3 7 2 London, Belgrave


5 0 St. Clement's, Aberdeen, per Mr. Jas.

22 8 0

1 196
22 14 7

1 Alves, Elgin, per Nr. J. Robertson

6 2 Hampstead

92 11 0

Collected by Mr. Bates, Perth, per Sabbath School Collection-Woolwich 3 0 0

Rev. W. McCaw

0 17 6

Collected by Rev. T. Dymsell, Perth, ASSOCIATIONS

per Rev. W. McCaw.

0 5 0 London, Belgrave

0 15 0 Dalston

1 3 0

Harrow Road

17 13 8 Thomas Greig Esq., Glencarse, Perth-
8 17 4 sbire, per Rev. W. McCaw

10 0 0

James Watson, Esq., Ediubargh, per DONATIONS

Rev. Dr. Hamilton

5 0 0 Bournemouth, Proceeds of Fancy

A Friend, Aberdeen, per Ýr. James Work, Mrs. Cart-r 4 0

0 5 0 0

London, Mr. George Arhuthnot:

2 0 0
Rev. Joseph Burns


0 0
Mr. John Cuthbertson
10 0 0

Mr. D. Mac Lagan

10 0 0 Oriel Chambers, Water Street, Liverpool

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MR. STEVENSON has been long honourably, a man and his graces as a Christian secured known in connection with ih' Presbyterian for him a wide circle of friends, and a still Churches of this country. His virtuos as wider circle of sincere admirers. And,


although he has been called away somewhat owed its origin to his sagacity and generous unexpectedly, it is satisfaction to think enterprise. There could not be a nobler that he had reached a good old age, done a exemplification of the enlightened philangood life's work, and, when the summons throphy which he had learned from the came, was waiting for “ the rest that author of 'The Christian and Civic Economy remains.” The change is great “gain” 10 of Towns,' than the system of beneficent him, and it has been so happily ordered that operations which he at once set a-going, neither the Church nor ihe world will suffer and of which schools and church, and a by it: for not only had he done his allotted community of thriving operatives, are the work, but he has left behind him like-minded appropriate and lasting memorial. children, who will follow in the path which "By the Presbyterian Church in England he struck vut, and noble institutions of a Mr. Stevenson will be held in grateful religious and educational character which remembrance. For several years, as will perpetuate his memory in an ever representative elder, he was an assiduous accumulating fruitage. The following brief and interested member of Synod, and to all sketches by competent pens will be read its undertakings he was a liberal contribut it. with deep interest.

Even after his removal to Edinburgh, like One who is entitled to be heard writes the late General Anderson, he was in the thus:

northern capital a firm and faithful ally; and “Mr. Stevenson was a native of Paisley, the last occasion on which we saw his where his father, a silk manufacturer, was bright and kindly countenance was attending a much esteemed and influential citizen, and a mee'ing on behalf of its mission, held last one of the magistrates. Coming early to March in Newcastle, under the presidency Glasgow, and entering on a life of business of his like-minded son, Mr. J.C. Stevenson. there, the son was brought under the ministry Entirely to his zeal; and almost entirely to of Dr. Chalmers, and shared the mighty his munificence, do we owe the Church of impulse then given to all susceptible spirits which Messrs. Trail, Saphir, and M'Clelland in the western capital. When Edward have been the successive ministers. Irving came to be assistant in St. John's he “Rich in friends and in the love of a large and Mr. Stevenson were greatly drawn to and united family circle, Mr. Stevenson was one another. The spring and expansiveness permitted to number four-score years, and of his mind gave the latter a wide range of did not find them labour and sorrow. His sympathies, enabling him often to enjoy faculties were still fresh, and he had not what more limited natures could barely lost his enjoyment of earthly existence when tolerate ; on the other hand, with the fluc- there took place his gentle translation to a tuations of an almost poetic temperament, better." by turns pensi.e and gay, but always delicate The North and South Shields Gazette and tender and true, to the fervid and many-|(which owes its existence to the enterprise sided young minister it was a joy to find of the deceased), of June 14th, contains the in the man of business a companion both following:Christian and congenial. They took some “In our impression to-day we have to delightful walks together along that Scottish record the death of a gentleman well-known Border which Irving loved so well. Every and greatly respected by the inhabitants of cairn or castle brought up its legend or its South Shields - Mr. James Stevenson, forballad, and loud were the tones in which merly managing partner of the Jarrow the tall Covenanter lilted the olden lay, and Chemical Works. The sad event took trem-ndous the steps with which, in the place yesterday at his house in Edinburgh, frenzy of health and freedom, he trod the where he had lived since his retirement from heather. To the last Mr. Stevenson care active life, some twelve years ago. About fully cherished a keepsake of his illustrious the year 1844 his attention was drawn to friend -a copy of the 'Orations, inscribed, the manufacture of chemicals on the Tyne, To James Stevenson, whom the author and in that year he came to South Shields loves for his generous heart, and the un- as the managing partner of the present bosomed confidence which he reposed in Jarrow Chemical Company. The works himself.'

were previously in the occupation of Messrs. “It was the year 1844 which brought him Cookson, and were only of moderate extent; to Laygate, South Shields, and during the but the activity, energy, and business tact of ten years of his residence as managing the manager of the new company speedily partner of the Jarrow Chemical Company, gave a great impetus to the works, and they it is delightful to think how much he accom- began to extend rapidly, until now they rank pli-hed for the elevation of the working amongst the largest establishments of the people, and for the improvement of the kind in the kingdom. While thus diligent

For details we must refer to the fol- in business, Mr. Stevenson was ever alive to lowing extract from our excellent contem- the wants of the town in which he had taken porary, the Shields Gazette, a paper which up his abode, and it was characteris'ic of the



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