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Darcy of Nevill.
Grey of Wilton.
Dacres of the South.

Salisbury. Lincolne. Bangor. Worcester. Ely. Hardford. Landaff. Chichester. Winchester. Durham. London.


Wiscount Bindon. Viscount Montague.

Lincolne. Sussex.
Essex. Cumberland.
Leicester. Rutland.
Herford. Worcester.
Pembrook. Darby.
Bedford. Kent.
Southampton. Shrewsbury.
Warwick and Bath. Oxford.
Huntington. Arundell.

Marques of Winchester.
Marques of Northampton.


The K’s Secretarye, beinge a Baron, to be placed above all Barons so placed in Parlt.

L. Chamberlayne.
L. Steward of the Howse.
L. Admirall of England.
L. Marshall of England.
L. Constable of England.
L. Chamberlayne of England.

These sixe great Officers to be placed before the L. Privie Seale according to their estates, viz. if any of them be a Duke, then above all Dukes being not of the blood royall: yf he be a Marques, above all Marqueses: if he be an Earle, above all Earles : yf Vicount, above all Vicounts: a Baron, above all Barons.

L. Privie Seale.
L. President of the Counsell.
L. Threr of England.
L. Chancellor of England.

Theis fower, beinge the degree of a Baron or above, shall sett and preceed all above all Dukes beinge not of the blood royall, viz. the K’s brother, unckle or nephewe.


[This list is inserted in a folio volume, bound in vellum, containing various documents, apparently copied from the originals. The dates range from the commencement to the end of the reign of Elizabeth, and that which belongs to the ensuing enumeration of religious fugitives is Jan. 29th, 1576, when probably their names were “certified into the Exchequer” as absent from the kingdom contrary to the statute passed five years before. They are placed under counties, but without any other arrangement, and many of the names will be familiar to the ear of the reader. The first that occurs must have been the grandson of the Henry Parker, Lord Morley, who, besides other works, translated The Triumphs of Petrarch, which he presented to Henry VIII., and which was printed by John Cawood. The “John Heywood, Gent.” mentioned as of Kent, was no doubt the old Poet and Dramatist, who had fled the when Elizabeth came to the throne, and who is stated by Anthony Wood (Ath. Oxon. i. 349, edit. 1813,) to have died “about 1565.” If this list were of living fugitives, Heywood survived the date assigned by Anthony Wood about eleven years, and he is known to have been alive in 1570; but it is possible that when the return was made out Heywood was dead, though no account of his death might have been received in England. In Strype's Annals, II. App. to Book ii. No. 1, is a list of fugitives with the same date : it mainly corresponds with what is inserted below, but it omits some names and varies with respect to others. It seems likely that the two lists were made out from the same original J

The names of all such as are certified into theschequer to be

fugitives over the seas, contrary to the statut of A". 13 E. Re”.

Essex. Henry Parker, L. Morley.
Charles Parker, Gent.
Edward Parker, Gent.






South H.

Miche, D. of Lawe.
Thomas Clement, Gent.
Margaret Clement, Widdowe.
John Clement, D. of Phisike.
John Griffin.
Richard Norton, late of Norton, in Com. Eborn. Ar.
John Twinge, Gent.
Anthony Langdale, Gent.
John Brown, Gent.
Frauncis Moore, Gent.
John Sacheverell, Ar.
Henry Babington, Gent.
Humfrey Shelton, Gent.
Hugh Charnock, Gent.
Anthony Wilkinson, Parson of Melford.
Nichas Wendon, D. of Lawe, Archdecon, ibm.
Walter Gerningham, Gent.
Robert Stepes, Parson of Hackstede.
Edmond Smart, Gent.
Richard Sely, Gent.
Henry Drury, Gent.

Walter Ellis.

William Soane, Gent.
John Watson, Miller.
Anthony Goldingham, Clerk.
Anthony Noller.
Thomas Laurence, Junr.
John Watson, Miller, 2.
Thomas Copley, Ar.
John Prestall, Gent.
Anthony Standon, Gent.
Thomas Shelley, Gent.
Anthony Willnison, Gent.
John Flower, Clerk.
Willm Smith, Clerk.

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John Heywood, Gent.
Robert Gyles, Gent.
John Leedes, Ar.
James Shelley, Ar.
Willm Stapleton, Gent.
Thomas, his sonne.
Thomas Houghton, Ar.
Evan Leydock, Gent.
Richard Hopkins.
Roger James, Clerk.
Robert Rowt, Clerk.
Tho. Hanadine, Clerk.
Robert Chaunty, Gent.
Richard Shelley, Miles, unus confratrum nup Hos-
pitalis Sti Johis Jerim.
Henry Joliff, Clerk.
John Pott, Scholm".
John Bowcer, late Abbot of Leic.
Willm Daie, retorned,
Frauncis Englefield, Knight.
James Bosgrave.
Willm Phelps.
James Fitsjames, Clerk.
Gilbert Barford, Clerk.
Edward Crockford, Clerk.
Willm Good, Scholm".
Gyles Capell, Clerk.
John Bustard, Gent.
John Hart, Yoman.
Margaret Hart.
Elizabeth Hart.
Edmund Cussen, Clerk.

CAMD. SOC. 12. R

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