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[This document contains a curious enumeration of then existing records belonging to the Court of Chancery, placed by the Master of the Rolls in the custody of the Clerk of the Tower. It is dated 7th October, 14 Henry VII. (1499), and in 1502 William Warham was elevated from the office of Master of the Rolls to that of Lord Keeper, and subsequently made Lord High Chancellor. It is a copy from the original preserved in the “Office of the Rolls,” and it was made at the time when Lord Ellesmere was appointed Master of the Rolls by Queen Elizabeth.]

This Indenture, made the viith daye of October the xiiij" yere of the Raigne of our Soverayne Lorde Kinge Henrye the vij" Betwene Maister William Warham, Maister of the Rolles, on the one partie, and Thomas Everard, Clerke of the Tower, on the oder partie, Witnesseth that the said Thomas hath recey'ved of the saide Maister of the Rolles, the daye and yeare abovesaide, all suche bookes as were used and made in the Courte of Chauncery of Kinge Edwarde the iiijte from the firste daye of his raigne vnto the laste daye of the xth yere of the same his raigne. To be hadde to the Tower of London, and in a place within the saide Tower of olde tyme accustomed, there by the said Thomas safelye and suerlye to be kepte to thuse of our said Soveraigne Lorde and his heires, Kinges of England. The Inventorie of which bookes hereafter followeth.

CAMD. soc. 12. B

First iiij rolles of iiij Parliamentes, wch Parliamtes were holden the first yere, the iijde yere, the iiijth yere, and the viijth yere of his raigne. Also xxiiij patent rolles, that is to saye 6 roles in the first yere, ij roles in the ijle yere, ij roles in the iijle yere, ij roles in the iiijte yere, ij roles in the vie yere, ij roles in the vite yere, iij roles in the vijth yere, iij roles in the viijth yere, ij roles in the ixth yere, and j role in the xth yere. Also x closse roles, that is to saye, in every of the said x yeres j role. Also xj Confirmation roles, that is to saye, is roles in the first yere, iiij roles in the ijle yere, jrole in the iijde yere, is roles in the iiijth yere, 1 role in the vih yere, and one role in the vith yere. Item, v charter roles, that is to say, the same v roles conteyninge the saide x yeres. Also x fyne roles, that is to saye, in every of the saide x yeres j role. Also x Fraunce roles, that is to saye, in every of the saide x yeres j role. Also jScotland role, contayninge the said x yeres. Also iij pardon roles in the saide x yeres. Also all bundles of billes endorsed, that is to saye, 1 bundel in the first yere, 1 bundel in the ijde and the iijle yeres, 1 bundell for the iiijth yere, j bundell for the von and vith yeres, jbundell for the vijth and viiji yeres, j bundel for the ixth and xth yeres. Also all bundles of Privey seales, that is to saye, iij bundles in the jyere, j bundle in the ij" yere, j bundele in the iijle yere, j bundle in the iiijth yere, j bundle in the voh yere, j bundle in the with yere, jbundle in the vijoh yere, is bundles in the viijh yere, and one bundle for the ixth and xth yeres. Also ix bundles of Escheators, that is to saye, for viij yeares vii; bundles, and for the ixth and xth yeres j bundle. Also xix bundles of subpena billes, answered and unanswered, in the said x yeres.

Also v bundles of Subpena Wryttes of the saide x yeres. Also all bundles of Supersedias, that is to saye, for every yere a bundle. Also all bundles of Corpus cum Causa wryttes, that is to say, in every yere a bundell. Also vi bundles of Corpus cum Causa billes, contayninge the said x yeres. Also all bundles of protections of all the yeres. Also all bundles of Recordes vppon outlaries of all the yeares. Also vibundles of Tresorers billes of all the saide tene yeres. Also all bundles of dedimus potestatem for all the yeres. Also ij bundles for all the said x yeres, called Thexéðicates bundles. Also ij bundles for all the x yeres, called the horne bundles. Also iiijbundles for all the saide x yeares, called non sunt inventi. In Witnes of all the premisses, either of the said parties to this presente wrytinge enterchaungeablye hathe sette theire seale and signe manuell the daye and yere abovesaide.


[The subsequent is the copy of a Commission issued by Henry VIII. to certain persons therein named, authorising them to collect monies by anticipation for more effectually carrying on the war in France. It applies only to the county of Kent, but at the end is a schedule of counties and places to which probably similar authority was to be sent. It bears date 2nd November, 1524, and it recites the successes of the Duke of Suffolk in France during the summer, and refers also to the revolt of Charles Duke of Bourbon from Francis I. Notwithstanding the expectation held out in this document that the English troops would not be “impeched or withstand” until they reached Paris, the Duke of Suffolk, not long afterwards, was obliged to break up his army, and returned to England by the end of December. The subsidy intended to be anticipated by virtue of this Commission had been unwillingly granted to Henry VIII. in the Parliament which terminated on the 14th August preceding. It was most likely at this date that Wolsey claimed a voluntary contribution from the city of London.—Wide Burgon's

Ilife of Gresham, i. 23.]
Indorsed by Lord Ellesmere “Anticipation,” and in a different hand, “Anno 15°

H. 8, for Spedie Collection of Moneys, Commissio.”

HENRIE the Eight, by the grace of God King of England and of Fraunce, Defender of the faith, and Lord of Ireland. To the most reverend Fadre in God our right trustie and right welbeloved Chauncellor the Archbishopp of Canterbury, and to our right trustie and right welbeloved the Lord Cobham, and to our trustie and right welbeloved St Thomas Boleyn, St John Wilsheire, Sr Willm Scott, and Sr Richard Waldon, Knights, and to our welbeloved George Guldeford, greeting. Where wee of late have byn advertized from our right trustie Cousin the Duke of Suffolk, to our right great comfort and honor of this our Realme, that hee with our armie, being passed all Picardie without resistance, after the towne of Ancre and diverse other places wonne by dedition, and the towne of Bray gotten by force and assault, with divers strong passages over the River of Soome, valyauntly woone against Capitayne Pontireunx, accompanied with a great number both of horsemen and footemen, of whome some were taken, maney slayne and drownned, and the residue put to flight, ys now proceeding with our said armye towards the citie of Parys, not likely to be impeched or withstand by our Enemyes: And semblablie our right welbeloved Cousyn the Duke of Burbone, being one of the greatest Princes of Fraunce, now become our servant, and for divers urgent causes declared Enemye unto the French King, accompanyed with Tenn Thousand Almaynes at our charge and enterteignement, besides a great number of horsemen and other footemen, to whome also resortith dayle for his assistance diverse and many noblemen and captaynes of Fraunce, with their bandys, taking our partie, doo likewise marche searching and pursuying our auncyent Enemye the said French King in and to whate place he shall directe, myndyng and determyned to yeve him battaill wheresoever they shall finde hym. Wee therefore, syns it hath pleased Almighty God to send unto us this good successe, wherein there is great towardnes and apparance of notable victorie to ensue, by the advyse of our counsail be mynded and determined to follow the same with all effect. And in asmuch as the premisses cannot conveniently and to our honor and suertie be doon without aswell new reforcment of a great nomber of men to be sent unto our said armye, as also the contynewall entierteignement of our said armyes by all this wintertyme within the said Realme of Fraunce, for the charges whereof great and notable somes of mony be necessarily requisite to be hadd, have by theis presentes auctoryzed you, and twoe of you at the least, to practise with all and singuler our lovyng subiects of our countie of Kent, having in goods or lands xli and above, parte of whose names, with the estimate of their substances, be contayned in a cedule or booke hereunto annexed, for Anticipation speedy and prompt payment furthwith ymediately and without delay of soch somes of mony as by vertue of the graunte and Acte of subsydie made unto us in our last Parlyment, by theym due unto us for and after the first sessing of the said subsedie. In the anticipation and avancyng whereof beforehand they shall adminster unto us singuler pleasure, yevyng us cause to think that they have in there good remembrance our honour, welth, suertie, and the good proceeding and successes of our affayres, with the honour and reputation of this our Realme, that is likely thereof to succede and followe. And as touching soch somes of mony as by anticipation shalbe paied as is aforesaid; Wee woll, and by vertue of theis presentes auctoryse you the said Sr Wllm Scott and George Guldeford from tyme to tyme particularly to receyve the same, according to such bill and bills as by you our said other Joynt Comissioners with you, or twoe of the same, as is before said, at the lest, shalbe orderyd, made and delyvered to you the said Sr Willm Scott and George Guldeford; and that the bill and bills signed with the hand of the said Sr Willm Scott and George Guldeford, specyfying and mentioning the receipt and

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