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Chamberlain, Thomas, his letter to Lord
Ellesmere respecting Recusants and
the Oath of Allegiance, 453.
Champernown, Sir Richard, the King's
interference in his suit, 483.
Chancery, Masters in, their petition to
Lord Ellesmere, 214.
— Sir C. Hatton's
order regarding, 125.
money borrowed by the King

from persons belonging to the Court
of, 445.

Records, fees to the Keepers
of, 91.

Records deposited in the

Tower, 1, 91.

reform of the fees of, by Lord
Ellesmere and Sir J. Puckering, 208,

the King's interference in the
proceedings in, 463, 483.
the Lord Keeper authorised
to hear causes in, 29.
Charities, Commissioners of, for the
North Riding of Yorkshire, 160.
Charities, Trustees for, 228.
Charter for Canterbury, documents re-
specting the grant of a new one, 424.

Cherry, Francis, narrative of his voyage,
&c. to Russia, 292.
Cheshire, Chamberlain of, Lord Burgh-
ley's letter regarding the, 192.
Vice-Chamberlain of, Privy
Seal regarding the, 193.
Church of Ireland, Articles for the re-
form of the, 7.
Cinque Ports, the Earl of Northampton,
Lord Warden of the, 426.
Clerkship of the Star-Chamber given in
reversion to Lord Bacon, 266.

Clinton, Lord, writ of Summons to Par-
liament for, 441.
Cloth, exportation of, the Earl of Cum-
berland's letter on his Patent for the,
Cobham, Lord, order for his execution,
Serjeant Hele's loan
to, 391.
Coinage, project for improving the, 180.
Coining of Crown Gold, Lord Burghley's
letter regarding the, 179.
Coke, Sir Edward, Baron Altham's and
Justice Williams' opinion of, 448.
his conduct on the
trial of Mrs. Turner, 472.
his letter abandoning
his intended purchase of Cressingham
in Norfolk, 462.

his signature to a
declaration respecting the tenure of
royal manors, 303.
his singularity of
opinion respecting the burning of two
heretics, 447, 448.
Colchester Corporation, grant of cer-
tain lands to, 102.
Collier, J. Payne, his History of Dra-
matic Poetry and the Stage, 127.
Commission to concealers revoked, 88.
to inquire into Charities in
the North Riding of Yorkshire, 160.
Commissioners appointed to settle affairs
of the Borders, 224, 229.
for the sale of Crown
lands, Queen Elizabeth's instructions
to, 285.
— instructions to, for raising
money for knighting Prince Henry,
436, 437.

Commonwealth, notes for the redress of
the, 11.
Companies of London and concealers, 28.
Concealed lands, letter from Sir Chris-
topher Hatton respecting, 87, 88.
Concealers and the Companies of Lon-
don, 88.
Conference, heads of a, on the projected
marriage of Queen Elizabeth, 78.
Constable of Scarborough Castle, 103.
Cordell, Sir William, Master of the
Rolls, 91.
——— his Hospital at
Long Melford, 159.
Coronation, order of precedence at a, 59.
Cotes, Alexander, his letters respecting
the Exchequer at Chester, 206, 213.
Cottrell, Clement, made Muster-Master
of Bucks, 484.
Cowley, his account of expenses on the
visit of Queen Elizabeth to Harefield,
Cox, Sir Richard, punished for slander
against the Earl of Northampton, 457.
Cranfield, Sir Lionel, mention of, 460,
Cressingham, Norfolk, Sir Edward
Coke's intended purchase of the
Manor of, 462.
Cross, St. Mastership of, given to the
Rev. Arthur Lake, 369.
Crown Lands, on the entail of, 396.
— instructions to the Com-

missioners for the sale of, 285.
Cumberland, Earl of, Commission to,

for fitting out ships of war, 263.
his letter regard-

ing his patent for the exportation of
cloth, 335.
cAMD. soc. 12.

Dale, Dr. Valentine, his right of pre-
sentation to Sherburne Hospital, Dur-
ham, 113.

Daniel, John, his sentence in the Star-
Chamber for forging and embezzling
the letters of Robert Earl of Essex,

petitions of, to Sir Tho-
mas Egerton and the Privy Council,
357, 358. -
Danvers, Sir Charles, letter for the exe-
cution of, 318.
Darcy, Sir Edward, his possession of
Durham House, 377.
Davys, Sir John, fac-simile of his hand-
writing, 416.
his letter to Lord El-
lesmere on the affairs of Ireland, 410.
his poem of “Orches-
tra,” 1596, 188.
Declaration respecting the treaty be-
tween England and France, 450.
Decree of the Privy Council in 1559 on
the subject of apparel, 247.
Denmark and Sweden, peace between,
confirmed under the Great Seal, 458.
Derby, Alice, Countess Dowager of, her
marriage with Lord Ellesmere, 205.
Derby, Earldom of, evidence relating to,
deposited with Lord Ellesmere, 205.
Ferdinando Earl of, his death
and the dispute regarding the lord-
ship of the Isle of Man, 133.
Henry Earl of, fac-simile of his

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`Ellesmere, Lord, his letter to Lord
Northampton, 361.
his letter to Lord Salis-
bury respecting the rewards to former
Lords Chancellor, 408.
his letter to Sir John

Egerton, 393.
his letter to Sir Thomas
Chaloner, 359.

his marriage to Alice,

Countess Dowager of Derby, 205.
imputation of haughti-

mess against, 360, 364.
letter to from Lord
Dunfermline, 406.
letter to from Lord
Erskine, 400.
reply of Sir T. Chaloner
to his letter, 363.
Serjeant Hele's loan of

£400 to, 315.
the Queen's visit to
him at Harefield, expenses of, 340.
when knighted, 179.
England and France, treaty between, 450.
England and Spain, peace between, 395.
England under Edw. Vs. and Mary, by
Mr. P. F. Tytler, 25.
Entail of the Crown Lands, 396.
Erskine, Lord, fac-simile of his hand-
writing, 400.
Lord Ellesmere's letter

to, 401.
Essex, Robert Earl of, embezzlement

of his letters by John Daniel, 321.
fac-simile of his hand-

writing, 304.
his execution, 318.

Essex, Robert, Earl of, his friends, Sir
Charles Danvers and Christopher
Blount, ordered for execution, 318.
——— his letter to Lord Elles-
mere on the death of Thomas Egerton,
his sudden employment
on the appearance of the Spanish Fleet
in the channel, 274.
patent for the, 269.
Essex, Lady, extortion of money from
by John Daniel for the Earl of Essex's
letters, 321.
Essex, Earl of, and Henry Howard, the
duel between, 463.
Essex, Sir Michael Hickes, appointed
Receiver of, 374.
Eure, Ralph Lord, his letter to Lord
Ellesmere on the Court of the Welch
Marches, 417.
Examinership of Wales, stay of the grant
of the, 375.
Exchange, Warden of the, Lord Kny-
vett's claim to the office, 432.
Exchequer, Court of at Chester, letters
regarding, 206, 213.
Expedition against Spain, commission to
the Earl of Essex for, 239.

Faryngton, Mr., his law-suit with Dean
Nowell, 135.

Fees of Mr. John Parker's office,

of the Clerk of the Star-Chamber,
Lord Bacon's letter on the proposed
reduction of, 271.

— of the Court of Chancery, reform
of the, 208, 214.

Fees to the Keeper of the Books of the
Rolls, 197.
Felons, commission empowering certain
persons to send them to the galleys,
Fitzwilliam, Sir William, his patent for
Fotheringay, 381.
Fleetwood, Recorder of London, his
letters regarding criminals, 116.
Florence, intelligencefrom, sent by Henry
Tweedy, 420.
Foreman, Dr., his concern in the murder
of Sir T. Overbury, 471.
Forester, James, his examination, 178.
Fotheringay, conflicting claims of the
Earl of Devonshire and Sir William
Fitzwilliam regarding, 381.
Franklin, account of the execution of, for
his concern in Sir T. Overbury's
murder, 473.
French Wines, customs on, Sir John
Swinerton's letter to Lord Ellesmere
regarding, 459.
—— the dispute regarding re-
ferred to Lord Ellesmere and the Earl
of Northampton, 460.
Fugitives, Roman Catholic, list of, 63.

Galleys, commission for sending prison-
ers to the, 116.
Game of Swans, commission regarding,
Games, unlawful, discouraged, 217.
Gate, Sir Henry, his son Edward ap-
pointed Constable of Scarborough

Castle, 103.
Gerrard, Sir Gilbert, his letter on the

fees due to the Keepers of Chancery
Records, 91.

Gerrard, Sir Gilbert, on the oath of the
Marshal of the Court of Chancery, 194.
Goldsmiths' Company, their petition
against the Warden of the Exchange,
Goodman, Bishop, Court of King James
I. by Brewer, 100, 120, 134, 487.
Goodrich, Thomas, punished for slander
against the Earl of Northampton,
Grafton, Keeper of the Parks at, Lord
Warwick appointed, 124.
Gray, Lord, order for his execution,
Great Seal, warrant for the alteration
of the, 402.
Greenwood, John, his examination, 171,
Gresham, Sir T., Mr. Burgon's Life of,
4, 180, 191.
Grindall, Archbishop, his foundation of
St. Bees, 98.
Gulick, siege of, letter from George
Shute regarding,443.

Halifax, market and fair, a patent for
establishing, 107, 115.
Hans Towns, extension of time to the
merchants of the, 273.
Harefield, Queen Elizabeth's visit to the
Lord Keeper at, 340.
Harleston, Henry, annuity to, 99.
Hatton, Sir Christopher, fac-simile of
his handwriting, 89.
— letter respecting
the right of Dr. V. Dale to the pre-
sentation of Sherburne Hospital, 113.
his order to

Masters in Chancery, 125.

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