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ΝΟΥ 16 1911

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Action will remove the doubt which theory cannot solve.

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Concerning Respectability-An

OCIETY is in process of evolution.
We are still barbarians--children,
if you please, and man is yet prim-
itive. All that has gone before is a
preparation for better things to

come, but we are moving rapidly,
and I believe, securely toward nobler things.
Among the savage tribes the chief place of
honor is given to those who can kill most.
The business of the savage tribe is: First, to
get enough to eat; second, to protect itself from
foes, either men or wild beasts. The man who
can kill most is King by divine right. So the
mighty hunter becomes Chief or the great war-
rior is King. Those who dispute the title are
apt to die suddenly.
Low down in the scale, the tribe eat the ene-
mies they kill-either human or beast-brute.
Later, they eat the beast-brute alone, and take
the human enemies captive for slaves. Genuine
savages, however, never seek to capture males
-they kill these and save the women.

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