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ited from engag.

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may be sentenced

SEC. 8. No officer of the institution shall employ the labor of When officers any inmate upon work in which he or any other officer shall be per interested.

SEC. 9. Neither the warden, nor any other officer appointed by Officers prohib. the warden and managers, except the treasurer, chaplain, and ing in privule physician, shall be employed in any business for private emolument, business. or which does not pertain to the duties of his office.

Sec. 10. All the officers and necessary attendants shall be, while Officers exempt in the employ of the State as such, exempt from military and jury and jury duties. duties.

SEC. 11. It shall be the duty of the warden and other officers Managers to be when requested, to admit the managers, or cither of them, into

O C her O hem, Inbo part of institu. every part of the institution, to exhibit to them or either of them tion. on demand, all the books, papers, accounts, and writings pertaining to the institution, or to the business, government, and discipline thereof, and to render them every facility to discharge their duties under this act.

Sec. 12. From and after the time when the State House of Cor- What persons rection shall have been opened for the reception of offenders, all to institution. courts having criminal jurisdiction in Michigan may, in their discretion, sentence all male persons duly convicted of a felony before them, and who shall be at the time of sentence of the full age of sixteen years and not more than twenty-five years of age, and also all persons duly convicted before them of a misdemeanor, where the imprisonment shall not be less than ninety days, to the said House of Correction: Provided only, That they shall sentence to Proviso–certain the State Prison at Jackson any male convicts within the ages of per sixteen and twenty-five years whom they shall sentence for life or for crimes involving that penalty according to law, and such others within the ages above limited convicted of a felony, as in their discretion they shall deem best.

MANAGERS. Sec. 13. The managers shall meet at the institution as often as Meetings of once in each month, and oftener if proper control and management Manager shall require. A majority of members shall constitute a quorum Quorum. for business. All orders, proceedings, and resolutions of the board Journal. shall be entered in full on its journal. At the first meeting after a full board shall have been appointed, the members shall choose one of their number as president, who shall hold the office for one year, or until his successor is elected. The clerk of the institution shall attend their meetings, and keep minutes of their proceedings and of all rules and regulations adopted by them, which shall be recorded in full in a book provided for that purpose, signed by the managers present, and kept in the office of the institution.

SEC. 14. It shall be the duty of the managers to make and adopt Rules for gov. general rules for the government and discipline of the institution, tution and offi. and of the officers thereof, as shall be necessary and not incon- cors. sistent with the provisions of the statute, and from time to time to change and amend them as circumstances may require. In making such rules they shall, so far as practicable and consistent with the

persons excepted. be furnished offi.

ernment of insti.


examine into


allegations against officers.

food, clothing, etc.

discipline of the institution, adopt such as shall appear to best con

duce to the reformation of the inmates. A printed copy of the Copy of rules to rules and regulations shall be furnished to every officer and guard cers, guards, and at the time he is appointed and sworn, and so much thereof as

relates to the duties and obligations of the inmates, shall be hung up in the shops, cells, and other conspicuous places, as the managers shall direct, and printed in other languages besides the

English if it shall be so ordered by the managers. The managers Managers at reg. shall, at their regular meeting, examine all the different departular meetings to ments of the institution, and inquire into all matters concerning management of them, the government, discipline, and police, the punishments and

employments of inmates, the books and accounts of the warden, treasurer, and clerk, the money concerns and contracts, the purchases and sales, and whether the inmates are well clothed and fed,

and have such educational advantages as shall have been provided To inquire into for. They shall also inquire into any allegations against the warden

or other officers, and for that purpose may issue subpænas to compel attendance of witnesses and production of papers and writings before them, subject to the same penalties for disobedience as in cases of trial before justices of the peace, and may examine any witness produced before them under oath, the oath to be administered by the president of the board, or by any other member in his

absence. Regulations as to Sec. 15. The managers shall make such regulations in regard to

5 food, clothing, and bedding of the inmates as the health and cir

cumstances of each may require; but all rations, clothing, and bedding shall be plain, of good quality, and in sufficient quantity

for the sustenance and well being of the inmates. Reports of off. Sec. 16. The managers shall annually, and as much oftener as

they shall deem necessary, require reports from the warden and other officers of the institution in relation to all matters connected with the business, discipline, moneys, and property of the institu

tion, and with the conduct and employment of the inmates, and Annual report of they shall, on or before the thirtieth day of November in each year,

transmit to the Governor a report, made up to the close of the current fiscal year, showing the condition of the institution, with a detailed statement of its receipts and expenditures, estimates for expenses for buildings, repairs, and all other purposes for the next succeeding year, the number of officers, with their several salaries, the contracts for the employment of inmates during the year, the name of each contractor, the number of inmates employed by him, the price paid for their labor, the whole number of inmates in the institution, and the whole number received during the year, with names of the counties from whence they came, and the crimes of which they were convicted ; the number discharged, died, escaped, or pardoned, with such other facts and suggestions as may fully

exhibit the entire workings of the institution during the year. Annual invento. Sec. 17. The managers shall cause a full inventory of all the property. machinery, fixtures, goods, and property of every description be

longing to the State in and about the institution to be made in each year at the time of making their annual report, and said property

cers to managers.

managers to Governor.

within House of Correction.

shall be appraised on oath by two disinterested and competent appraisers, to be appointed for that purpose by said managers, and a copy of such inventory and appraisal, and the annual reports of the warden and treasurer as hereinafter provided, shall be appended to the annual report of the managers.

SEC. 18. The managers shall be allowed for their services Pay of managers, respectively three dollars for each and every day actually and necessarily occupied in the inspection and management of the institution, and their actual traveling expenses in going to and from the institution, to be verified on oath, and paid by the State Treasurer on the warrant of the Auditor General.

SEC. 19. The warden and all other officers and keepers of the officers to board institution, except the treasurer, shall reside or board within the ca said House of Correction, in apartments to be assigned them by the managers, and subject to such regulations as they shall provide and establish ; but the managers may in special cases make exceptions to this requirement, which must not include the warden or deputy warden.

WARDEN. SEC. 20. The warden shall be in constant attendance at the insti. To be in contution except when absent on necessary duty, in which case his stant attendance. duty during his absence shall be performed by the deputy, and in no case shall the warden and deputy warden be absent from the institution at the same time. Before enteriny upon his duties the Bond. warden shall execute to the people of this State a bond, with two or more sufficient sureties, in the penal sum of twenty thousand dollars, conditioned that he shall faithfully account for all money and property that may come into his hands by virtue of his office, and perform all duties incumbent upon him as such warden according to law; which bond shall be approved by the managers and filed in the office of the Auditor General.

SEC. 21. The warden shall also keep a daily journal of proceed- To keep daily ings of the institution, in which he shall note every infraction of journal. rules by any officer or guard thereof which shall come to his knowledge; and make memorandum of every complaint made by any inmate of cruel or unjust treatment from his overseer or other officer of the institution, or from a contractor or employé of a contractor, or a want of good and sufficient food or clothing, and also every infraction of rules by any inmate, naming him and specifying the offense, and also what punishment and the extent thereof was awarded, which journal shall be laid before the managers at every stated meeting, and at every special meeting when demanded.

SEC. 22. It shall be the duty of the warden, under the rules Duty under rules adopted by the board of managers for the government of the insti- of institution. tution,

First, To exercise a general superintendence over the govern- General superment, discipline, and police of the institution, and to superintend "" all the business concerns thereof;

for government


ferior officers,

tution, etc.



and personal estate.


account of all business transactions,

Directions to ia. Second, To give directions to all the inferior officers, keepers,

Se and guards, and to examine whether they have been careful and

vigilant in their respective duties; Health of insti. Third, To examine into the state of the institution and the

health, conduct, and safe-keeping of the inmates; Employment of Fourth, To use every proper means to furnish employment to

the inmates, most beneficial to the State, and best suited to their

several capacities; Superintend Fifth, To superintend any manufacturing mechanical business

that may be carried on by the State pursuant to laws within the institution, to receive the articles manufactured, and to sell and

dispose of them for the benefit of the State; Charge of real Sixth, To take charge of the real and personal estate attached

al to the institution ; Complaints of Seventh, To inquire into the justice of any complaints made by

inmates relative to their provisions, clothing, or treatment; General charge Eighth, And generally to have charge of all the departments of

the institution and its officers, 'as its executive head. And he shall

have power to administer any oath required by this act to be made. To keep accurato Sec. 23. The warden shall, under the direction of the managers,

and in proper books furnished for that purpose, cause to be kept in his office a full and accurate account of all business transactions of the institution, including an account with the treasurer; and he shall pay over to the treasurer all nioneys of the institution which

may come into his hands from any source. Monthly state.

Sec. 24. The warden shall make out and render to the managers for each month a full and accurate statement and account of all moneys received by him from every source by virtue of his office, including all moneys taken from inmates, or received as the procecds of property taken from them, and [of] all sums paid to the treasurer by him, with the vouchers therefor, and stating also the

balance in his hands at the time of rendering such account. Yearly report.

Sec. 25. The warden shall on the thirtieth day of September, or within twenty days thereafter, in every year, make and deliver to the managers of the prison a report exhibiting a complete and comprehensive view of the transactions of the institution during the preceding year, stating the number of inmates confined therein, their various occupations, the number employed in each branch of labor, and the profit or loss if any arising to the State therefrom, also a full and true account of all moneys received by him or charged to the treasurer on account of the institution, and of all orders or warrants drawn upon the treasurer of the institution together with such other particulars as the managers shall require.

TREASURER. Sec. 26. The treasurer shall not enter upon the duties of his office until the managers shall have approved a bond executed by him as principal, and with two or more sureties, in the penal sum of twenty thousand dollars, conditioned upon the faithful accounting for all money or other property that may come into his hands



eys of the insti. tution,


kept open to

by virtue of his office. Such bond when approved shall be filed in the office of the Auditor General.

SEC. 27. The treasurer, under the direction of the managers, Duties as to monshall be the only custodian of all moneys of the institution. He shall neither receive nor expend money on account of the institution except on properly accredited vouchers. He shall keep full and accurate accounts of the receipts and disbursements, in the manner directed by the managers, and such other accounts as they may prescribe. Ho shall make for the managers a monthly Monthly ab. abstract of receipts and expenditures, which shall be compared * with his books and vouchers and verified by the books and papers in the warden's office; and at the close of each fiscal year he shall Yearly report. report in full the transactions of his office during the preceding twelve months. He shall further render an account of the state of his accounts, and of the funds and other property in his custody whenever required to do so by the managers.

SEC. 28. The treasurer shall be provided with proper books in Accounts to be which to keep his accounts, which shall at all times be open to the inspection. inspection of the managers, Governor, and all other officers who may be authorized to examine the accounts or business of the institution, or who may be designated by the Governor or managers for such examination.

CLERK, Sec. 29. The clerk of the prison, before entering on his duties, Bond. shall execute a bond to the people of the State, with sufficient surcties to be approved by the managers, in the penal sum of ten thousand dollars, conditioned that he will keep a true and honest record of the accounts of the institution and pay over to the warden all moneys belonging to the same that may come into his hands as such clerk, and will faithfully discharge all the duties of his office as prescribed by law and the regulations of the institution, which bond shall be filed in the office of the Auditor General.

SEC. 30. It shall be the duty of the clerk of the house of cor- Duties. rection :

First, To attend at the institution daily during the proper busi- Daily attendness hours, unless by the direction of the manager or the warden anca if he is otherwise engaged in business on account of the institution, or granted leave of absence by the warden;

Second, To keep the books and accounts of the institution in Keep books and such a manner as to exhibit clearly all the financial transactions accounts relating to it; to also keep a register of the inmates, in which shall Register of be entered in the order in which they are received the name of each, the crime of which convicted, the date of conviction, the date of the receipt at the institution, term of sentence, from what county, and by what court sentenced, place of nativity, age, occupation, complexion, stature, number of previous convictions, and whether previously confined in a prison in this or any other State, together with when and how discharged. The managers may require such additional facts to be stated on the register as they deem proper;

inmates, etc.

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