Poems on Affairs of State from the Time of Oliver Cromwell to the Abdication of K. James the Second [continued to 1707, Volume 4


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Página 226 - By this, poor Wat, far off upon a hill, Stands on his hinder legs with listening ear, To hearken if his foes pursue him still ; Anon their loud alarums he doth hear -• And now his grief may be compared well To one sore sick that hears the passingbell.
Página 189 - Achilles' image stood his spear Grip'd in an armed hand; himself behind Was left unseen, save to the eye of mind: A hand, a foot, a face, a leg, a head, Stood for the whole to be imagined.
Página 372 - And as the Indies were not found, before Those rich perfumes, which, from the happy shore. The winds upon their balmy wings convey...
Página 230 - With this he breaketh from the sweet embrace Of those fair arms which bound him to her breast, And homeward through the dark laund runs apace; Leaves Love upon her back, deeply distress'd. Look how a bright star shooteth from the sky, So glides he in the night from Venus...
Página 373 - Peace is not freed from labour, but from noise ; And war more force, but not more pains employs...
Página 50 - Mov'd in the orb, pleas'd with the chimes, The foolish creature thinks he climbs: But here or there, turn wood or wire, He never gets two inches higher. So fares it with those merry blades, That frisk it under Pindus' shades. In noble songs, and lofty odes, They tread on stars, and talk with gods; Still dancing in an airy round, Still pleas'd with their own verses' sound ; Brought back, how fast soe'er they go, Always aspiring, always low.
Página 371 - So in this hemifphere our utmoft view Is only bounded by our king and you : Our fight is limited where you are join'd, And beyond that no farther heaven can find.
Página 190 - Why should the private pleasure of some one Become the public plague of many moe? Let sin, alone committed, light alone Upon his head that hath transgressed so...

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